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Survey: Green burials
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green burials

O, death, where is thy ecological concern?  

Should Catholics be more concerned about environmentally friendly funerals? Read this month's Sounding Board, and give us your feedback.

August 2011
August 2011 

Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
August 2, 2011

Fast learning       


Catholic-Muslim dialogue Could you get through an entire day with no food or water? Could you get through a whole month without food during the day? Ramadan begins this week, when Muslims celebrate the writing of the Qu'ran with reflection, worship, and daily fasting. Before September 11, most Catholics knew next to nothing about this important season, but much has changed in a decade and our awareness has grown for the better.

If you're still not feeling up to snuff in your own interreligious education, we've got just what you need in our special section on Muslim-Catholic dialogue, where we have interviews with prominent Catholic and Muslim scholars on Islam, essays on women in Islam, and a reflection from a Catholic who chose to fast during Ramadan with her Muslim friends.

This week on     

Culture: Preferential option for the Pentagon?        

As the debt ceiling debate stumbles toward resolution, this May 2005 column by Kevin Clarke about the 2006 federal budget shows how little things have changed when it comes to our priorities.    


Life: Fast friends    

Sue Stanton explains how she learned to get the most out of an interreligious fast: Take it slow.


Church: Rerum roots      

Though the Catholic contribution to the labor movement has gotten little press in the current union debate, Baltimore Cardinal James Gibbons' support for the Knights of Labor in the late 19th century helped lay the groundwork for Pope Leo XIII's groundbreaking encyclical Rerum Novarum, reports Kristen Hannum. blogs


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The Examined Life: Conscientious objectors? Birth control, marriage, and Catholic agencies  

Conscience clauses look to be the next legal battleground for the Catholic church in its quarrel with federal and state governments over such issues as same-gender marriage or legal unions, with mandatory coverage of birth control under the federal health care reform law joining the already contentious debate.


The Examined Life: Is Call to Action passe? Depends on who you ask.

The New York Times ran a story today on Chicago-based Call to Action, presumably the largest left-leaning church reform organization in the United State (maybe the world?). With 25,000 members, it is pretty big.


Margin Notes: Debt ceiling falls on the poor?  

There are congratulations all around tonight in Washington as President Obama, Senate leaders Reid and McConnell, and House Speaker Boehner appear to have come to an agreement that could raise the national debt ceiling next week and avoid a perilous and unprecedented U.S. default.      


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The week in Catholic news
Vatican editor says media coverage of abuse promoted purification

Cardinal criticizes contraceptive mandate, calls exemption too narrow

Mexican diocese's gay ministry comes under Vatican scrutiny


U.S. Catholic review


Movie: Buck        

Directed by Cindy Meehl (Sundance Selects, 2011)