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Survey: Domestic violence
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domestic violence

Trouble at home 

How should parishes respond to domestic violence? Read this month's Sounding Board, and give us your feedback.

July 2011
Current Issue: July 2011

 Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
July 12, 2011

Money troubles       

Money troublesThe high-stakes negotiations between Capitol Hill and the White House are getting ever more intense as the U.S. debt ceiling begins to show major cracks. But with cuts to the social safety net on the table, who is looking out for the poor?

John Gehring writes on that society's most vulnerable won't find any friends among the libertarian disciples of Ayn Rand in Congress, while Bryan Cones wonders why raising taxes on wealthy people has suddenly become a mortal sin. Do you have a solution to our national debt dilemma? Comment on the stories with your ideas.  

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Culture: The Gospel of Ayn Rand: What's informing budget policy 

The rhetoric of radical individualism is difficult to harmonize with the voice of Catholic social teaching, says John Gehring. The nation's budget priorities should be in the key of the common good.


Church: To change or not to change    

American Catholics who aren't exactly thrilled about the changes to the Mass have limited options, reports Jeff Parrot.   


Life: One tweet too many?  

If social media seems like it's taking over your life, it probably is, writes Roxane B. Salonen. Going on a fast can help you can gain perspective. blogs


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The Examined Life: Lifting the debt ceiling on the backs of the poor   

As "negotiations" to resolve the debt ceiling question continue, I am a bit mystified that no one seems to care that the major savings everyone is looking for are coming from Medicaid, Medicare, and other "entitlements" that keep the sick and the old out of poverty.


The Examined Life: Bon voyage, Atlantis. Tell me if you see God.

One thing on my "bucket list" that I'm sure will never get crossed off is a trip into space. I've always been a space nerd, and so I got a little misty this morning as I watch the Space Shuttle Atlantis begin the final mission of the space shuttle program.

Catholic Tastes: Mister Burns       

At about ten in the morning on my first day as an assistant editor at U.S. Catholic magazine, then housed very nearly under the elevated train tracks in downtown Chicago, I was summoned to the august sanctum of the Executive Editor of the Magazine, one Robert E. Burns, known to one and all as Mister Burns.  

Margin Notes: Immigration tide receds  

While the rhetorical fires raging around the issue of illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico remain fairly well stoked (it is almost another election season after all) what has actually begun to dramatically burn out is the phenomenon itself.


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Film: Midnight in Paris   

Directed by Woody Allen (Sony Pictures, 2011)


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