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Where were you on 9/11? 

How did the terrorist attacks affect your life, your faith, and your country? Help U.S. Catholic commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in our September 2011 issue by taking our reader survey today.

July 2011
Current Issue: July 2011

 Weekly Bulletin Archive 

Weekly Bulletin
June 28, 2011

God and country     

The American church has long been a leader in the global church in pushing issues like religious freedom and social justice. It's no wonder, too: the Declaration of Independence, the signing of which marked the official beginning of our country's history, names life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as guiding principles. The preamble to the Constitution says that establishing justice is the first intention of the law of our land.

The Americanists, Catholics in our country's early history who had no trouble fusing their American and Catholic identities, even thought that Catholicism could be best expressed here, where this new type of government was taking shape.

Last year around this time, U.S. Catholic editors reflected on why they're proud to be American Catholics. This year, in honor of our nation's birthday, we want to hear from our readers. Submit your reflections (200-500 words) to our guest blog by emailing by Wednesday, July 6, and tell us what you think is unique about being an American Catholic.
Over the course of the next week, we'll select the best submissions and post them to our blog.

Happy Independence Day!    

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parish that worksChurch: The parish that works

Faith communities need balance sheets and bar graphs like any nonprofit, consultants say. Kristen Hannum charts the results of parish efforts to apply the best practices of business.


Culture: Women and children last    

Bryan Cones ponders if we would so willingly cut programs for the poor if we knew them by name.   


Life: Take no chances     

Put down that bingo card, says Beth Haile in Sounding Board, arguing that games of chance are a bad way to balance the parish budget. blogs


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Margin Notes: The $1 trillion "war of choice" 

While most of the nation's attention is properly fixed on how best to commemorate the upcoming 10th anniversary of the attacks in New York, Washington, and in the air over Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001 that claimed more than 2,700 lives, the nation passed another kind of milestone recently related to that event.


The Examined Life: Identity politics in the Catholic Church     

I stumbled across an interesting blog at the Washington Post by Anthony Stevens-Arroyo about the war over "Catholic identity" and how it should be defined. I'm often intrigued by Stevens-Arroyo because he's not a part of the Catholic press echo-chamber (of which U.S. Catholic is a member, along with other Catholic publications and commentators from left to right).  

Margin Notes: Does bringing home the troops mean peace? 

A question came to mind reading reaction to President Obama's announcement that he'd bring 33,000 troops home from Afghanistan by next year: Are we pro-peace or are we pro-isolationism?

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