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Where were you on 9/11? 

How did the terrorist attacks affect your life, your faith, and your country? Help U.S. Catholic commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in our September 2011 issue by taking our reader survey today.

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June 2011

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Weekly Bulletin
May 31, 2011

Do this in memory  

Catholics are good at remembering--we do it every Sunday at Mass when we celebrate the Eucharist in memory of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. While we celebrate Memorial Day with a day off and cook outs that signal the beginning of the summer season, we also pause to remember the lives and deaths of soldiers who served this country.

After 10 year of fighting the War on Terror (see our 9/11 survey), it's important to remember that soldiers continue to give their lives--even if they do not die in battle. In his column this month, Patrick McCormick explores what it means to send our young men and women to war. As with the Eucharist, Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to offer our thanks, honor soldiers' lives, and strive to be a better country.

ExorcismThis week on


Church: They're baaack! What's behind the return of the exorcist   

Priests who drive out demons are becoming as common in Hoboken as they have been in Hollywood, thanks to new interest in this medieval ministry, reports Daniel Burke.  


LifeShould Catholics go away? A survey on travel   

U.S. Catholic readers say summer travel is good for body and soul, reports Assistant Editor Meghan Murphy-Gill in this Reader Survey, but they say you can't broaden your horizon if you spend your vacation just staring at it.


Culture: Morally wounded  

Bullets and bombs maim and kill the bodies of soldiers, but the unseen damage to mind and heart can be far more difficult to heal, writes Patrick McCormick. blogs


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The Examined Life: Bishop caves to blogger bullies     

Ecumenism took another blow, this time across the Pond in England, where the Catholic bishop of Liverpool withdrew an invitation to the city's Methodists to hold an ordination in the metropolitan cathedral.


The Examined Life: Joe Feuerherd, publisher of the National Catholic Reporter, dies     

Sad news about a colleague in the Catholic press (press release follows): Joseph A. Feuerherd, whose journalism career began as a college intern in the Washington Bureau of the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) and concluded with his service as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of that award-winning publication, died Thursday morning (May 26) at Casey House, a hospice facility in Rockville, Maryland.

Margin Notes:  We can build it      

Improvement in the manufacturing sector has been one of the emerging and rare bright spots in the struggling U.S. economy as it continues a recovery that has built new fortunes on Wall Street even if it hasn't done much to get the foreclosed homes sold off of Main Street.

Catholic Tastes: Say goodbye to Oprah--and cynicism 

Upon reading a recap of the taping of the second- and third-to-last Oprah Winfrey Show, a coworker commented, "I guess Jesus was already booked or else he would have been there too."


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Music: Jane Eyre   

Directed by Cary Fukunaga (Focus Features, 2011)

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