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Kids at Mass

And lead us not into temper tantrums

Parishioners should help parents and their children feel welcome at Mass, argues Heidi Schlumpf in this month's Sounding Board. Tell us whether you think kids at Mass are pests or blessings by taking our survey for the August 2011 issue of U.S. Catholic.

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June 2011

 Weekly Bulletin Archive

Weekly Bulletin
May 24, 2011

New developments in the clergy sex abuse scandal 

It's been a good news/bad news week for the Catholic Church, with major stories about the clergy sex abuse scandal on worldwide, national, and local levels. The week started with the Vatican's letter telling national bishops' conferences to develop guidelines for responding to accusations of abuse within the next year. Meanwhile, the head of the archdiocesan review board accused Philadelphia bishops of not following U.S. guidelines.
Next, the highly anticipated release of the John Jay report on the "causes and context" of clergy sexual abuse created a great deal of conversation and analysis, not all of it positive. And then in the wake of that discussion, the bishop of Kansas City, Missouri admitted that for five months he didn't tell police about a priest who had child pornography.
In U.S. Catholic's special section the sex abuse crisis, you'll be able to find coverage of the John Jay study as well as the past 10 years of our coverage of the scandal. Listen to survivors' tragic stories, learn about the context of the scandal, consider the perspective of two chairs of the National Review Board, and pray for both the victims and the church.
Rick StevesThis week on


Life: Rick Steves' 5 most spiritual places in Europe 

Rick Steves is well known for his tips on how to save a few bucks and blend in among the locals in Europe, but in his interview with U.S. Catholic, he also shares some tips on how to have a religious experience on the road.

Church: The scandal continues: Clergy sex abuse crisis  

Despite the steps taken to protect children in recent years, Justice Anne Burke says that recent development suggest little has changed for the hierarchy. 


Culture: Muslim on Main Street 

There is more to Islam than what you see on the evening news, says Ambassador Akbar Ahmed in Expert Witness. Real dialogue begins with the Muslim next door. blogs


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Catholic Tastes: Who cares? The world is ending! Update: It didn't   

UPDATE: We're all still here! But I do feel bad about all the people who really thought they wouldn't be here today.

Margin Notes: The U.S. wealth gap: A moral scandal     

Greater economic equality is good for the poor and good for all of us, argues one Catholic.


Margin Notes: Prophetic voices: Dolan and Ryan versus the professors and Boehner   

Last week we had a letter to Catholic Speaker Boehner calling him out for his bad record on the poor and this week, Archbishop Dolan writes a letter Catholic Rep. Paul Ryan seemingly praising him.


The Examined Life: Why church teaching on women's ordination isn't infallible   

There's good reason the pope hasn't declared the ban on women's ordination infallible: He can't. 

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Music: KMAG YOYO  

By Hayes Carll (Lost High, 2011)

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