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Take no chances: Stop gambling

Bingo at church is as bad for society as card games at casinos, argues Beth Haile in this month's Sounding Board. Tell us whether your parish could do without wagers by taking our survey for the July 2011 issue of U.S. Catholic.

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Weekly Bulletin
April 12, 2011

BingoWhat would you bet?


From bingo night to church raffles, Catholics are guilty of gambling, even as some church leaders warn against its ills both for individuals and society. In this month's Sounding Board survey, "Take no chances," Beth Haile argues that bingo in a church basement is as bad for society as card games at casinos. What are the odds on your parish giving up on gambling for good? Tell us whether your parish could do without wagers by taking our survey. Results will be published in the July 2011 issue of U.S. Catholic. Subscribe today!


Upon this empty lotThis week on


Church: Upon this empty lot

Building a house is a big job, but making a place for the people of God is a task of biblical proportions, reports Judith Dupré.


Life: Via dolorosa

Though her cross came with a drip bag and her nails were needles, Janine Denomme saw in the stations of Jesus' suffering and death her way of sorrow.


Culture: Sporting faith at the movies

As a crossover film, Soul Surfer offers inspiration for both athletes and people of faith, Megan Sweas writes. blogs


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Margin Notes: Securing communities from what?

One of my favorite TV programs, The Good Wife, had a story this week of a middle-aged undocumented Mexican arrested as a suspect only because he was near the site of a burglary.


Lent: A burdensome Lenten journey 

Even Jesus didn't want to take the journey he had to take before reaching Easter Sunday


Margin Notes: Father Roy Bourgeois: Women can be priests

In the midst of the School of America's Watch push to cut funding, SOAW founder Father Roy Bourgeois is dealing with another issue: women's ordination.


My Generation: Bombs in Israel

Violence hits very close to home for our young adult guest blogger in Israel.


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Book: Fragments of Your Ancient Name

By Joyce Rupp (Sorin Books, 2011)


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