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Welcome to the 2012 summer edition of the Smart Soccer newsletter I hope all are well and staying relatively cool in this often challenging heat.

At the moment I am encompassed (is that a word?) in the dual challenges of conducting the 2012 Smart Soccer Camps and preparing for the upcoming fall season. Hopefully we will see quite a few of the players we coach in the fall at the Smart Soccer Camps, those extra touches always help and we will make it FUN!


Although the Olympics soccer cannot touch EURO 2012 in terms of anticipation and expectation nevertheless we should see some good games.   

The GB men are in a group with UAE, Uruguay and Senegal while the women face Cameroon, New Zealand and Brazil. The US women face France, Colombia and North Korea, the US men, sadly, failed to qualify. Actually 'talking' about this is getting me quite excited about watching the games Looks like it all kicks off July 25 (women) and July 26 (men). A nice prelude to The Premiership that begins mid-August!

Fall Soccer
girls netCan't wait for August and a chance to get the parent-coaches out and help them prepare to run a great season of soccer for their players. Coaching youth soccer players effectively always looks easier than it actually is so if you have volunteered your time to coach this fall please attend any clinics that are offered they can be very helpful. It is equally important to see experienced coaches at the clinics sharing their thoughts and ideas with the newer coaches.

The perennial, and very valid, questions from coaches will once again need to be addressed such as:
  • How can I organize a fun and effective practice?
  • How can I learn game rules?
  • When do we teach positions?
  • Why are small sided games so imperative in the development of young soccer players?
Actually that last question is rarely asked but it should be!

Anyway looking forward to seeing lots of coaches in August!


Summertime...........and the soccer is easy      

4 kidsI have posted my July blog. Please take a moment to peruse...

I've spent the past month riveted to EURO 2012 where England provided the odd thrill and a fine social time among friends. That being said come the final the two deserving teams emerged with Spain crowned as the true and rightful Champions.

The Spaniards have certainly set the bar at the International level the big question now becomes can anybody knock them off their perch at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil - will be intriguing to find out. In general a lot more attacking play was evident at EURO 2012 than the 2010 World Cup here's hoping that trend continues.

Read more here...
2012 Smart Soccer Camps

Summer Camp Schedule is posted online!   


Have you seen our 2011 camp video?

Neil and kidsOur summer camp schedule and online registration form is posted on the website. You can submit the form so we are aware of your intent to attend a camp (or camps) and then send in the check separately to absolutely confirm your child's place on the camp. Please remember there is no guarantee of a place on camp if you just show up, it will all depend on numbers.
A summary of weeks and locations:

Week  / Locationboys ball

July 9-13 / Philadelphia Sports Club, Chalfont
July 16-20 / Philadelphia Sports Club, Chalfont
July 23-27 / CBAA, Herbst Field
July 30-August 3 / Avalon Recreation, NJ
August 6-10 / CBAA, Herbst Field
August 13-17 / Horsham Soccer, Kohler Field
August 20-24 / Sea Isle City Recreation, NJ
August 27-31 / Avalon Recreation, NJ
August 27-31 (evening) / Solebury Soccer Club

Travel Team Coaches contact us about the possibility of professional training for your whole team this summer!

Please contact us with any questions.

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Coaching Corner

Every practice should include shooting!


If you coach youth soccer you know that all kids like to shoot! In soccer every player can potentially score a goal (well okay only the goalkeeper if he comes up for an 89th minute corner!) so make sure all of your players get shooting practice. Spend say 15 minutes on uncontested shooting then add defensive pressure to increase the challenge. You can even create fun competitions between your players, for example who can score the most goals in a set time limit during a particular shooting activity.


The opportunities to teach and coach shooting are ball and goalendless and, depending on the age and level of your team, you can focus on the following, for example, during any given practice:
  • Shooting when facing the goal
  • Turning and shooting
  • Power versus accuracy
  • Chipping the keeper
  • Volleys and half volleys
Remember to reinforce to your players that most shots are not goals! Concentrate on hitting the target, develop the technique and hopefully they will start hitting the back of the net more frequently. Another tip is to use the shooting activity as a 'reward' if the players are attentive and engaged during the skill teaching section of your practice. It's all about motivation!!

Hope to see you on the field soon.

Cheerio for now!