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Farewell to Fall Training!fall soccer

As the fall season training winds down we would like to take this opportunity to thank all clubs and coaches for their partnership and cooperation. Most of all though the kids for some great fun on the field as we were teaching them skills and helping them learn the game.

This is the time of year when we transition from fall to indoor soccer. Given the extremely wet fall weather perhaps it's not a moment too soon!

Our traditional Saturdays skills clinics will begin at Philadelphia Sports Club (Chalfont) in January. We are also offering 2 mini camps during the evenings at the end of November / beginning of December. All details at the above link.

All of the above are individual registration programs, however, there are also opportunities for travel team training. Coaches, please contact us directly for team training options.

Keep on kicking!

kids yellowBlog

The Hunt for Dry October  

It's been a while hope all are doing well. I so wanted to complete a blog this month just to get the title in - all my own work! Sean Connery eat your heart out!

Time has fairly whizzed by since my last blog, during which time we completed the fun and very successful 24th Smart Soccer Camp Season and are now on the back end of fall training. The biggest challenge has been the crazy and unpredictable weather - hence the blog title!

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2011 Smart Soccer Campsgirls panorama

Camp Memories  


Yet another camp season is consigned to the memory book.

A big thank you to all of our campers and their families. Hoping to see you in 2012!
group 6-29-11
We hope to post a full camp photo gallery at our website sometime in August.summer movie 2011

In the meantime please view our summer camp video from the 2011 Solebury Smart Soccer camp. A special thank-you to Mr. Bob Heath Sr. (Christopher's pop pop!) for creating this video.
Coaching Corner

Indoor Soccer 


As old man winter slowly emerges in the coming weeks and months players are forced indoors which begs the question:


How beneficial is the indoor game to the outdoor player?


Certainly they are 'chalk and cheese' as the saying goes but I think there are aspects of indoor soccer that can help a player develop effectiveness for when they move back to the larger outdoor playing fields. Chief among these is that the often faster paced indoor game 'forces' players to make decisions quicker and move the ball faster. Allied to this the smaller playing area and fewer players means less time on the ball, a situation that certainly can help develop a more effective 'first touch'. These are all great skills to refine indoors and then implement outdoors.   


soccer snow ballOf course the onus is on the coach to create environments where such learning and development can take place otherwise things can degenerate quite quickly into an aimless game of 'kick and run'. Not that there's anything wrong with a good old fashioned game of kick and run every now and then!

Hoping to see many players at our upcoming indoor clinics. Until then keep kicking!

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