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Hello Soccer Fans!

Enough of these April showers lets hope that very soon the real spring begins! We have had some decent weather (it has been nice to get out on the field and kick the ball around with kids and coaches) we just need more!  

2011 Smart Soccer Camps! 


Time to think about having fun! at soccer camp!

We have 3 types of summer camps and look forward to seeing your young soccer player at one or more of these this summer!
  • Spotlight on PSC!
We offer 2 weeks of full day and 1 week of evening camp at Philadelphia Sports Club (Chalfont). The full day soccer camp includes a daily swim! 
  • Spotlight on The Shore!
We offer 3 weeks of camp in an idyllic Jersey Shore setting. Camp in the morning sea and sun the rest of the day!
  • Spotlight on Community Soccer camps!
Hosted by our youth soccer club partners we also train these club players year round!
Please visit our registration page to review more information and to sign up for camp!
Please read on  - our blog and more information below.


Footie on the telly (contact me for a translation!)   

I hope everybody out in the world of soccer is well and looking forward to the spring season - rain rain go away and all that! I would like to welcome you all to my second blog. I should be an expert by now right? Well not quite but I did enjoy writing the first one hope you enjoyed reading it. By the way I have not been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Facebook and Twitter yet so here on the website is the best way to say hello.
I mention my home town of Barrow-in-Furness more than once on this website and for good reason. Read the rest


2011 Smart Soccer Camps

Closing in on 25 years!   


I feel a celebration coming on!

We will shortly be posting a 'special discount offer' for a camp equipment package on the web store as follows.

If you register for a soccer camp and purchase the equipment package by May 31 you will receive a $10 discount on the equipment package. The package comprises a ball, shin-guards, water bottle and knapsack priced at $40 but due to this special offer you will pay $30. Full details to be posted shortly however if you register for camp in the meantime simply enclose an additional $30 for the equipment and write discount code 'SSEQUIP2011' on your check. 


April and may are busy months for camp registration we look forward to seeing your child at a Smart Soccer camp this summer!
Training Tips


If you are a coach one of your top priorities should be running effective practice sessions for your players. It helps to have a consistent structure to your practices your players will absolutely benefit from this approach.

A suggested practice format is as follows:
  • Fun warm-up with the ball - lots of turns, touches and reaction games!
  • Skill teaching! Spend some part of every practice teaching a specific skill
  • Shooting! All kids love to shoot include some shooting at every practice.
  • Game! Conditioned, small sided or regular the kids love to play!
    Tip: Use neutral players in games to help develop the art of possession

If you as the coach are also a proficient player join in the games - no tackling though! Your players will benefit from your experience as you help them to find space and show them how to pass effectively to feet / space. Give them a 'star point' every time they play a great pass to coach! 



TAKE $10


Thank you for taking the time to read the SMART SOCCER newsletter!


$10 OFF equipment package if you register for camp and purchase equipment at the same time before May 31.  More details here soon.  

Discount Code SSEQUIP2011. Write on check 

     Offer Expires: 5-31-11