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2nd October 2012
This week's survey

(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)

Last week's survey
Would you prefer our trade shows to include a weekend?

The organisers have said many times that they have tried to get a weekend but to date, have not been able to.
Peter Harper, GM of VISA has advised that next year's Sydney show will run from Thursday to Saturday, September 12-14th.


  • Yes
  • Yes, After attending this show customers and other exhibtors said the same thing go back to Thursday, Friday, Saturday this allows for Interstate customers to travel on thursday night or friday and this is an easy Option it allows time for the show and time in the locallity of the event to get a break.Also as an Exhibitor the costs involved whith weekend setups and charges by freight companies and overtime bills adds to the already very high costs of the stands.
  • Thurs, Fri, Sat seems to be the best formula
  • Most definitely! It's too difficult to get away from the business including travel to & from the show
  • YES!!!! At least a Saturday. And outside school holidays too.
  • yes - weekeends are good. some of us have difficulty in getting away from the shop on a weekeday.
  • For sure would be less stress for a lot of self emplayed people and also could combine with a weekend away. ALSO the Sydney show was right on the first day of school holidays, You could tell! lots of people had no choice but to bring kids along.
  • Yes I would like weekends (as they used to be). For Local and Interstate shows, one advantage is that partness can attend as we are sometimes talking big investments. It also takes the pressure off having to answer work calls while talking to sales people. It also allows those time poor to still see it on a weekend. It can be more relaxing to make a decision on a weekend.
  • Yes.It takes me away from the business for 2 days when they are held on weekdays only.
  • Yes, at least Saturday....I do not think Sunday should be included, Thursday, Friday, Saturday would seem to be the better choice.
  • Yes, it would give country folk a chance to view new technology without stressing business
  • Yes, Thursdsy to Saturday would be the preferred days to attend and to bring staff. 
  • YES!!!
  • We would have liked to go to the Sydney show because there are so many more exhibitors than at the Qld show but can't afford the down time to travel to Sydney in the middle of the week.
  • Not a weekend but as they used to be where they were open late at least one of the days. Everyone is busy and in this economic client need to keep the work going when its there so for a small business its hard to get there during normal business hours.
  • Yes or at least run into the evening. The current exhibition hours are gentlemans hours and bear little realtionship to the time demands of the average sign company. If I was a supplier I would be pretty pissed off with the limited opening hours that my potential customers could come to the show and surprised that as a group they didn't demand longer hours.
  • YES as we are only 2 person team i cannot attend this years show as it falls in our busy time of the year. Go back to when it was on Thursday, Friday & Saturday so the little operators can attend and talk to our suppliers and see new equipment.
  • Definitely
  • no
  • Is it way to hard to figure out that small businesses with 1-3 people can't take a full day off to visit these shows, or is just set up for the big companies to go to, if there were at least 1 or 2 days on a weekend, we would not hesitate to go, local or interstate. What I figure out is it cost the show organisers much more money to stage the event over a week-end, and I would still go even if there was an entry fee to get in. So wake up organisers please!!!!
  • obviously! when you have your own business and work for yourself - if you don't work you don't get paid. You can't always afford to take a day from your business to travel interstate to a trade show.
  • Yes,Yes,Yes small operators cannot afford to close up shop for a couple of days.
  • Yes as we all working during the week days and weekend is the better option for us to visit the trade shows
  • Yes!!
  • Yes
  • Yes possibly Thur, Fri and Sat. This minimises the impact on the working week and allows Sunday for travel for those from out of Town. Also if visiting Sydney for example it allows you to experience more of what is on offer as not much happening on weekdays.
  • yes, and definitely NOT in school holidays (that's probably more important to us)
  • DEFINITELY. As a family owned and run business it is impossible to close during the week to attend these shows and they are the best opportunity to see new machines and innovations. It is also a great opportunity to learn of new or pending trends. Exhibitors need to be aware that this is the only opportunity many of us get to attend these shows and not to be half packed up ready for closing on the weekend day if it is the last day.
  • YES! Just like they used to be. We have provided feedback to the show organisers each year stating why we would not be attending. We could include a weekend on the Mon, Tues, Wed shows, but the Thurs, Friday, Sat shows were definitely a lot better. We travel from regional South Australia, so it does add extra days travel. With the weekend shows,(Sydney) we used to arrive on Friday morning, spend the whole day at the show to check out as much as we could, and then go back on the Saturday morning to meet/liaise with specific suppliers. We could make a weekend of it and be back at work for Monday morning effectively only having one day away from work. Bring 'em back!
  • I think it should at least include a Saturday, so small operators can get there. Also it should be out of School Holidays so we country folk can get better air fares to attend.
  • Yes at least a Saturday.
  • No
  • I think it would make it easier on the smaller companies to attend as sometimes urgent jobs come up on a weekday that need to be taken care of urgently. It also allows for the staff to go if they would like to.
  • yes
  • definitely.. Most sign companies in Aussie are small owner operated and not being open during the week isnt a good thing for our businesses. Lets face it, they are trade shows to show and sell to us, so isnt the customer king?
  • Yes I would when you are busy you just can't make it during the week. 

Our survey questions are sent in by readers. If you have an idea for a future survey please

send an email to Your suggestion may be on the minds of many others.
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(NSW, Bella Vista) 1x L25500 HP latex. comes with 4yrs warranty remaining.
machine in as new condition. Contact Rahul 0414631390 20k ono.
(POsted 28th September 2012)

(QLD, Dalby) FOR SALE - Mimaki JV-3 130 SPII, with takeup roller, rasterlink and dongel. Has been regularly serviced by AGS Brisbane, please call AGS for service details. Please note it has a faulty yellow head, replacement cost estimate $1500. Item Location Dalby SW QLD. 07 4662 1162 no reasonable offer refused.
(Posted 26th September 2012)

(NSW, Brookvale) Film printer for CMYK and spot colour positives. Tel 0418609698
(Posted 26th September 2012)

(QLD, Rockhampton) 1 x  Mimaki JV5  $5,000.00 includes GST
Tel: 0417618924
(Posted 26th September 2012)

(QLD, Southside) Roland SP-540V 54" Print and Cut machine.  Printing perfect condition. $9,500 including delivery & training. Please call Brenton- 0411 22 000 6
(Posted 24th September 2012)


(WA, Ocean Beach) ~$10,000 worth free!  

BRAND NEW Seiko v64s Solvent Printer, Take-up, Blower/Dryer, RIP and Fast 8core Print Server.
Please help, Paul 0430 477 024

(Posted 22nd September 2012)  


(VIC, Melbourne) Mimaki Original HS1 ink @ 440 mls cartridges

. X2 Black UNOPENED, X2 black @ 30%, X2 CYAN @ 60% & X2 yellow @ 90%. Have converter to ES3 inks, surplus. Dates expire from 5/6/12 - 26/9/12 $300 the LOT!
Tel: 0451922922
(Posted 22nd September 2012)


(NSW, Caringbah) For Sale:Roland SC540-Print-Cut
,Titan 165,catenaSRA3,7800epsom,4900epsom ,SRA3 Guillotine, citoborma111, call Neil 0418970148
(Posted 20th September 2012)


(SA, Old Reynella) Mimaki Printhead for JV33/CJV
Genuine OEM with green connector. Brand new in box never used. Bought recently but now surplus to our requirements. $1450. Phone 0400 318 320
(Posted 19th September 2012)


(VIC, Tullermarine) MUTOH print and cut package
- Mutoh VJ1204 Digital Printer, Mutoh SC1400D Plotter/Cutter, Dell Desktop Computer & Monitor, ErgoSoft Posterprint RIP Software with Cut Option, Automatic Print Take Up and 5-6 Ink Cartridges included. Currently in use, selling due to change in business. Replacement cost $37k+. Pick up in Tullamarine, VIC. $16,900 ono. Email or Ph: 0407 329 637
(Posted 19th September 2012)


(VIC, Seaford) HP Z2100 44" designje
t purchased 2008 for personal use only. Rarely used however requires new formatter which I have repair quote for ($2,200) which is too much for me to afford. Will sell for $2,800 as is. 0422693537
(Posted 19th September 2012)


(QLD, Gold Coast)  DTG VIPER
$16,000 ono. Comes with Platens, Ink, and blank tees. Please email for any questions
(Posted 18th September 2012)


(NSW, Barden Ridge) Applikator 4R Plus
- 1,360mm Wide Cold Pressure Sensitive Laminator. Includes stand, takeup roller, spare parts and left over stock. Need the room. $1,500.00 ONO. Contact Glen on 0418 271 742.
(Posted 18th September 2012)


(WA, Ocean Beach) BRAND NEW:  Seiko v64s Solvent Printer
, Shiraz RIP, 8core Print Server,
Graphtec FC8000-160 Cutter and Vivid Easymount 1600 Cold Laminator / Blockmounter.
 Contex XD2490 Scanner, New Rolls of Material etc.
Various other equipment
Bundle worth $75,000, offers over $60,000 (ex gst)
 May consider providing Printer/RIP/Server separately to bundle.
Please help, Paul  0430 477 024
(Posted 17th September 2012)


(NSW, Chatswood) 1 x HP Designjet L25500 Latex
2 X HP Designjet Z6200 $22,999 Each
1 x Seal 62 Base Laminator $13,500
Konica Minolta BIZHub Pro 6500 20 mths remaining with service contract, $550 per month
Krug and Priester Guillotine E551LT $15,999
 Cello machine "Catena 35" $999
All as new condition.
 Please call Craig, 0420310661

(Posted 17th September 2012)


(QLD. Brisbane) Binding closer table for plastic comb

binds brilliant for ease of use as table both sides for start and finish and a foot pedal to open and close. One tooth is missing but to the side which does not interfere with binding the A4 books. Sell for $100 Copy Cat printing, Brisbane 101 Wickham Tce Spring Hill call 0433178111 or 0738314766
(Posted 14th September 2012)


(NSW, Sydney) VIPER Direct to Garment Printer
for White and Dark T-shirts. Twin Print Pallets each of 285 x 440mm. Fully reconditioned and works as new. Comes with parts warranty and training and technical support.  02 9482 4999
(Posted 12th September 2012)


(NSW, Caringbah) ROLAND VersaArt RS-640 Wide Format printer
setup for dye-sublimation printing. 1600mm wide. 4-ink cartridges CMYK - using water-based inks. 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution. 21.4m2/hr maximum print speed. Includes Ergosoft Texprint program with license to run two printers (valued at $8000) Includes takeup and "Posdry" heater with lamps (valued at $1500) Fully maintained regularly. XJ-640 also available. $15 000 negotiable. 0285448552
(Posted 11th September 2012)


(NSW, Wollongong) Mimaki CG 75-FX cutter
with manual & software good condition. $1600.00 ono.
3 x L25500 hp 789 printheads, one of each $300.00 ono EXP DATE Feb 2013
(Posted 11th September 2012)


(NSW, Wyong) Roland Aj1000 2600mm wide printer
ONLY 210 PRINT HOURS serviced regularly. Print speeds of up to 90 sq m/hr $55,000. Tel: 0243533036
(Posted 11th September 2012)


(NSW, Artarmon) Air Compressor, Fracks 3 Phase
, free air delivery 365 Ltrs per Min. Excellent condition. $950.00
(Posted 11th September 2012)


(VIC, Dandenong) Mimarki JV5-160S 64" Print and Cut High Speed Printer
. Running ES3 inks. Had two heads replaced and full service completed 3 weeks ago. Printing excetionally well.
Call for a demo. Ernest- 0428180407
(Posted 10th September 2012)


(NSW, Granville) seiko ip 4500 mkII
for sale...make an offer
ph : 0449014441
(Posted 10th September 2012)


(QLD, Underwood) Roland SP-540V 54" Print and Cut machine
. Only used fro 1250 hours. Scan motor and servo board replaced 1 month ago, head replaced in the past 6 months. Printing in great condition. $8,500 including training and installation.
Please come in for a demo at 21 Darnick Street, Underwood QLD or call Daniel- 0448888128
(Posted 10th September 2012)


(VIC, Dandenong) Mimarki JV5-160S 1600mm Print and Cut High Speed Printer
. Running ES3 inks. 2 Heads replaced and full service carried out 3 weeks ago.
Printing exceptionally. $15,000. Come in and see it at 113-119 Williams Road, Dandenong VIC or call Ernest- 0428180407

(Posted 10th September 2012)  


(QLD, Hawthorne) Brand New HP 8000s Solvent Print head

(Konica Minolta) Q6670-60001 part number.
Never Used still in shrink wrapped package and box. Tel: 0400 098 654

(Posted 10th September 2012)  


(NSW, Kingsgrove) MEDIA SALE
15 x 440gsm x 50m GLOSS frontlit banner rolls
15 x 440gsm x 50m MATTE frontlit banner rolls
15 x 510gsm 50m GLOSS frontlit banner rolls
15 x 610gsm x 50m GLOSS double sided banner rolls
12 x 140gsm 1372mm x 30m paper rolls
8 x 140gsm 1524mm x 30m paper rolls
8 x 900gsm 2000mm x 25m printable carpet rolls
All offers considered for 1 roll or the lot. Call 0414 437 077

(Posted 9th September 2012)

(SA, Salisbury)1600mm wide Laminator
with take up. Also available a 1440 wide Applikator

2 electric laminator with heat assist.
Laminator $4,000 ono
1440 Laminator: $3,800 ono
Details please email: Call: 0433324600

(Posted 7th September 2012) 

(NSW, Sydney West) Roland SJ745ex plus SJ645ex

both in excellent condition business closing $25,000 for both Meyer (German)Flatbed heat press $25,000
phone Bruce 041 061 9920 or

(Posted 6th September 2012)

Worth $210, 000 will sell for  


000. FIRST TO SEE WILL BUY. 2 years old - Hardly been used - Cheap on ink ($1.2 to $2.2 per meter), Prints up to 79SQM outdoors & 34SQM indoor  - Takes 100 meter rolls. - Prints at 1200 x 1200 dpi - Prints overnight. Call Justin on 0431 000 330

(Posted 6th September 2012) 



(QLD Brisbane) HP L25500 Latex printer

2 years old has been great work horse upgrading to new model includes installation, training and delivery in Brisbane $15500+gst ono Jim-0427080851

(Posted 5th September 2012)

(VIC, Kilsyth) Jeti 2030 UV Digital flatbed 

Prints 2M x 3M. Purchased start of 2011 fully refurbished from Agfa with 48 new Spectra SM heads
Price $150,000 ONO. Contact Andrew Woodhouse on 0418 331 421

(Posted 4th September 2012)
(VIC, Melbourne). Wanted - Roland SP540 or VP540

print & cut in good condition. Prefer in Melbourne location with service history. Would be great to see working. Ph:  .

(Posted 3rd September 2012)

6 COLOUR FLATBED PRINTER, anapurna_classified_ad


(Posted 3rd September 2012)  



(Moorebank, NSW) Roland BN-20 VersaSTUDIO 20"

Print and Cut Machine with warranty until November 2012. Practically brand new machine only 9 months old and hardly used. $7,000 including installation and training. Come in for a Demo at 5/33 Heathcote Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170. Dan- 0448888128

(Posted 31st August 2012)

(WA, Canning Vale) Roland VS-540 Double CMYK

54" Print and Cut Machine with Take Up Unit. Still covered by Roland Warranty for 12 months. $21,000 including installation and training. Come in for a demo at Unit 2/23 Mordaunt Circuit, Canning Vale WA 6155. Gerry- 0428900324

(Posted 31st August 2012)

(NSW, Moorebank) Roland VP-540 Take Up Unit,

CMYK 54" Print and Cut Machine. Printing in fantastic condition. $12,000 including Installation and Training. Come into 5/33 Heathcote Rd, Moorebank NSW 2170 for a Demo. Dan- 0448888128

(Posted 31st August 2012) 


(QLD, Brisbane) Epson GX6000

Digital Printer. Media size=1580mm wide. 8 colour solvent cartridge system. (Ink incl)Only 12 months old. Excellent condition. Take up roll, ripple bar & heat bed.  $20,000.  0423 220 297

(Posted 29th August 2012)

(NSW, Lidcombe) Used HP 9000s
64" Eco-solvent machine,with some media and Inks to go with Age: 2008 - Current Production refurbisment. No room at the inn must sell by October 2012. 0414278882

(NSW, Lidcombe) Used HP designjet 5500

60". Light use and ready to start printing

Age: 2008 - Current Production refurbisment. No room at the inn must sell by October 2012. Tel: 0414278882   



Year make 2011. 12 needle. Comes with all frames,accessories and computor. More info please call us on (02)43572663 M:0408267693. Located 2259 Central Coast NSW. $16,000

(Posted 23rd August 2012)


(QLD, CLeveland) FOR SALE - 2006 Vutek 320

UV roll to roll/flatbed printer in working order complete with spare parts/ink. Inexpensive entry level machine @ $45,000ono.
Ph: 0738217244

(Posted 22nd August 2012)


(QLD, Meadowbrook) Seiko Colour Span 64

with roll to roll fitted , selling machine for spare parts $400  Call 0411373301

(Posted 21st August 2012)


(NSW, Merrylands) Roland SC 545ex pro 2 Soljet

6 colour printer, includes inks, some media and a cold mounted laminator. Urgent sale $10,000 neg.
0403 544 133

(Posted 20th August 2012)


(SA, Adelaide) SEIKO 100s solvent printer

2500mm. Used daily, perfectly maintained, still prints like new. Includes full width Seiko I.R. dryer. All heads and all nozzles firing perfectly. Complete new docking station assembly.

$11,900 plus gst. Ph Nick 08 8231 4455

(NSW, Canterbury)2010 Seiko H-104s Printer, 2.5m.

Suitable for rebuild, parts or refit. Removable Mesh Kit. Software supplied. Surplus to requirements. Offers. 0418617488.

(Posted 16th August 2012)

(QLD, Windsor) Neolt Vertical
Foam Board Trim Pl
us 160.

Substrate trimmer on stand. Great condition, very light use (a few scratches). $1500 + GST ono. Windsor Qld. John 07-3866-9600.

(Posted 16th August 2012)

(QLD, Windsor) Oce TDS600 Plan Printer.

Good condition, under maintenance contract with Oce. $7000 + GST ono. Windsor Qld. John 07-3866-9600.
(Posted 16th August 2012)


(QLD, Windsor) Titan 165 Hot/Cold Laminator
. 1600MM wide, capable of mounting upto 15mm thick substrate. Great condition. $5000 + GST ono. Includes Roll of Mounting Film. Windsor Qld. John 07-3866-9600.
(Posted 16th August 2012)


(QLD, Windsor) Oce CS4142S Full Colour Scanner
- 42 inch wide & capable of 9600DPI Scans. VERY light use. great condition. $5000 + GST ono. Includes calibration chart. Windsor Qld. John 07-3866-9600
(Posted 16th August 2012)


(QLD, Windsor) Canon ImagePROGRAF IPFW8400
44 inch (1117mm) wide 8 colour printer. Very light use & in great condition. $1600 + GST ono. Includes some media & ink. Windsor Qld. John 07-3866-9600.
(Posted 16th August 2012)


(QLD, Windsor) Canon ImagePROGRAF IPF8000
44 inch (1117mm) wide 12 colour printer. Very light use & in great condition. $1900 + GST ono. Includes some media & ink. Windsor Qld. John 07-3866-9600.

(Posted 16th August 2012) 



(QLD, Windsor) Roland SJ-745EX 74inch Printer
with automatic TakeUp Reel. Very good condition. 2008 model. Surplus to our needs. Some media/ink included. Windsor Qld. $10,000+ ONO
(Posted 16th August 2012)
(QLD, Windsor) Roland SP540V Printer/Cutter
with automatic TakeUp Reel. Very good condition. New BK/C Head early 2012, One owner & low volume machine from new. Some media/ink included. Windsor Qld. $10,000+ ONO
(Posted 16th August 2012)
(VIC, Melbourne) 7 months old Roland VS-420
.42" Print/Cut Inkjet. Very little use, kept in home office. Includes full set of 220ml Genuine Eco-sol MAX ink cartridges. Still under warranty 29 months left), Upgrading to bigger machine.$18,000 Phone 0414 933 088
(Posted 16th August 2012)
(NSW, Blaxland) CE shrink wrap machine
new never used $2600 Save $1000 Sealing area 420 x 550mm. Minipack shrink wrap machine used good condition $1200 Sealing area 430 x 550. Pick up Blaxland 0412 743929
(Posted 16th August 2012)
(VIC, Narre Warren) Roland SJ-645EX
, Excellent condition, Very Low Hours, New Print Heads, Includes genuine Roland Take-up unit
Roland Versaworks Software Rip, Set of 12 Genuine Roland Eco-Sol MAX 220ml Ink Cartridges (Partially Used) $7500.00, Joanne 0410 444 668
(Posted 14th August 2012)
(WA, Malaga) HP Designjet L25500
Latex printer excellent condition only 2 years old and has not done much work at all. $20,000 ONO 0418 918 099
(Posted 13th August 2012)
(VIC, Tullamarine) Mimaki CF2 Flat Bed Cutter
. 1215 model, cutting area 1200mm H x 1470mm W. Purchased brand new Feb 2010, paid $60k+. In perfect working condition, selling due to change in business. Demo Available. Prefer local pick up, but can crate if price is right. $36,500.00 Negotiable. Email for photos and more information - - Ph: 0407 329 637
(Posted 8th August 2012)
(VIC, Ringwood) WANTED!!
NORITSU, FUJI , AGFA ... ,we can pay and pickup your machin(s) quickly ; info:
(Posted 5th August 2012)
(NSW, Marrickville) HP 9000 Printer + Extraction Unit + Heater - Needs Print Heads
NO RESERVE, Has been kept in GOOD CONDITION, Great for parts!
*Local Pick-Up or Delivery to be Discussed (Location: Marrickville, Sydney 2204)*
Tel: 02 9519 7444
(Posted 1st August 2012)

(VIC, Braeside) Roland Soljet Pro V11 545 EX
print and cut machine, regularly serviced comes with 13 new ink cartridges, take up roller system, in very good condition, has been an excellent machine. Perfect for vehicle wraps, etc. Selling due to upgrade to new machine, well priced at $7,500.00. Tel: 03 9587 6643
(Posted 1st August 2012)

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Photos can be added at $12.00 + GST, Send the photo (125 pixels wide) to
(VIC, Melbourne) Customer Service - Sunshine (Melbourne)
This is an ideal position for a person who wants to join the best in the business.  Spandex Asia Pacific's reputation is built on providing excellent customer service.
Responsibilities include:
*    Processing inbound phone and fax orders
*    Outbound call sales support
*    Customer support
*    Invoicing
Personal attributes:
*    Team player
*    Excellent phone manner
*    Basic computer literacy with the ability to learn
*    Attention to detail and accuracy
Full training in company products and procedures will be provided, however, experience using SAP would be an advantage.  This is a full time position. A highly competitive salary and incentive program is offered with career advancement opportunities within the company.
To apply, please send your resume stating the identification code CS/M to Head Office.
Spandex Asia Pacific
PO Box 575
Fax: (02) 9472 8001

(VIC, Melbourne) Customer Service/Internal Sales
* Great Company Culture
*  Part-time or Full-Time
Brand Print Australia P/L looking for a person to help with everyday tasks of the office and assist sales staff. This will suit someone that enjoys talking to customers and suppliers, builds report and can handle multi tasking.
Specific roles of this position:
*    Answering calls
*    Basic quotes
*    Job entering and follow up
*    Invoicing and ordering
*    Phone and email marketing
*    Manage marketing activities
To be successful in this role you will have:
*    Excellent organisation skills and the ability to use a computerised client management system
*    Confidence to build rapport with customers both over the phone and in person
*    Can do attitude and work independently
*    Be part of a team
An attractive salary package commensurate with experience will be offered to the successful candidate.
If you have a strong desire to contribute to our long term growth plans, and believe this is the role you have been waiting for please contact David Dvorak 0409183176 or email your resume to All enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence
(Posted 6th September 2012)

(VIC, Melbourne) Business Development Manager- Large Format Printing
* Great Growing business
* Melbourne based
Brand Print Australia P/L looking for the right person to be part of our journey. We have large number of existing clients as well as target of large corporate customers. Our main target is exhibition and retails market and rather then experience are looking for the right person with the right attitude, imagination, ability to work with large corporate customer and think on their own feet. You will be responsible for establishing and building on relationships with new and existing customers , identifying and developing new business opportunities, in addition to meeting sales objectives and territorial budgets.
To be successful in this role you will have:
* Experience in selling/business development
* A proven track record of working independently
* Exceptional communication skills and unlimited motivation
* Excellent organisation skills and the ability to use a computerised client management system
* Confidence to build rapport with customers both over the phone and in person
* The ability to identify and follow through on new sales opportunities and generate sales accordingly
An attractive salary package commensurate with experience will be offered to the successful candidate.
If you have a strong desire to contribute to our long term growth plans, and believe this is the role you have been waiting for please contact David Dvorak 0409183176 or email your resume to All enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence
(Posted 6th September 2012)

(QLD, Burleigh Heads) Qualified signwriter required, sub contract, part time immediately and full time from 1 Nov to Christmas. Gold Coast. Email resume
(Posted 4th September 2012)

(NSW, Sydney) Sign Maker/Installer required for Signarama Artarmon.The successful candidate will ideally have a sign making qualification or a minimum of 2 years experience in sign making and possess the following attributes:
Vinyl application expertise
Be able to do small scale installations (such as shop fronts, fascias,vehicles, lightboxes etc)
A keen eye for detail and takes pride in their work
Drivers License
We are after a organised and proactive individual with a positive "can do" attitude who is capable of working in a fast paced environment. Contact Tony 0419 481311 or email
(Posted 3rd September 2012) 

(QLD, Brisbane) DES, Brisbane - Business Development Manager (Sign & Display)
DES looks to increase its presence within the Queensland sign & display market with the addition of an experienced sales professional. Representing globally recognised brands; including: Epson, EFI, Vutek/Rastek, Canon, MACtac, X-Rite and Pantone to name a selected few, your success will be backed with one of the strongest portfolios in the industry.
Reporting to the Queensland Branch Manager your key responsibilities will include:
*    Building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers
*    Achieving assigned hardware and consumables budgets
*    Hunting out new business with a particular focus on the sign and display industry
*    Maintaining existing customer accounts though an uncompromising level of customer service
*    Preparation and presentation of client proposals and product demonstrations
*    CRM maintenance and participation with market reconnaissance activities  
To be successful in this role, we are looking for a candidate with a solid background in both account management and business development roles. Whilst experience in the sign and display industry would be advantageous, we are happy to consider applications from top performers within a B2B environment.
Essentially you are a clear and strategic thinker capable of making sound judgments. You are also an exceptional communicator who pays attention to detail, and a positive, confident team player who has a hungry appetite to succeed in a competitive market place.
If you meet these requirements, and enjoy working in a fast paced environment that rewards you with a positive workplace culture and a competitive salary package in line with your experience, then send your résumé to
(Posted 7th August 2012)

(VIC, Melbourne) Estimator Planner - Display Sign Industry
POS and Large Format Digital Print
Flatbed and Reel to Reel
Cutting, Laminating, Finishing
This Company is one of the leaders in Wide Format Digital Printing utilising the latest technology for printing, forme cutting, laminating and finishing.
Their success and rapid growth provides an opportunity for an additional Estimator to join their team. You will be working in a fast-paced environment, with a close knit group of enthusiastic "can-do" professionals.
The role encompasses estimating and quoting using an Excel system and pricing templates, planning for maximum efficiency and utilisation of materials (i.e. corflute and panels come in standard sizes) and when required, communicating with clients and their on-line tendering systems.
Your knowledge and experience will ideally come from a Screen Printing or Wide Format Digital Printing background and in addition to the basics of printing and finishing, you will also understand the other important aspects of working with delicate signage (often in excess of 2 metres) i.e. delivery considerations, and installation.
Some of the products you may have previously quoted will include posters; backlit signs; POS standees; Window and Floor decals; Vinyl banners and more.
To be eligible for this position you must be an experienced Printing Estimator, with proven attention to detail and excellent customer communication skills.
This is a Monday to Friday salaried position, and can be reasonably flexible with start time.  When required due to workload and deadlines, the ability to be flexible with finishing time is a consideration.
The Company is located in Melbourne's inner Suburbs, with easy access using public transport. Unrestricted parking is available close by.
A salary above industry average is offered, commensurate with the responsibilities of the role and your experience.
If this sounds like you, APPLY NOW including your cover letter and resume (Word or Text only - no PDF files, or email to
Ref. JDA V2229
(Posted 6th August 2012) 


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(VIC, Melbourne) Long established signage business for sale located in busy Glen Iris shopping strip.
All equipment including Roland VP-540i Eco Solvent Printer and Roland Camm
Pro Vinyl cutter,3 computers, latest Flexi & Corel software, stock, furniture all included.
Retail front with showroom, workshop at rear with heating and cooling,
long lease, 3 staff car parks.
$180K - Walk in Walk out.
All Enquiries call Mark 0417 00 44 04
(Posted 10th September 2012)

All offers considered for one or both.
Please call 0414437 077
(Posted 30th August 2012)
(NSW, Sydney) FOR SALE Dye-Sublimation Business - DIGITAL FABRIC PRINT
Profitable small business with large customer base. Fully established and equipped. Regrettable sale due to owner moving overseas. $30000 Negotiable. Please call Amy on 0401 906 660 or 8544 8552.
(Posted 26th August 2012)
(NZ, South Taranaki) Small Country Print Shop New Zealand. Covers a wide range of printing, screen printing, General Printing- Letterpress, Offset and Digital the only manufacturer of Rubber Stamps outside the major centres.
first Contact: marsbar@slingshot,co,nz
(Posted 21st August 2012)

(QLD, Brisbane) Sign & Digital Print Business, Brisbane S.E. Queensland
Established 1964, a fully operational Sign/Print production and install company. In a quality Lease and option secured workshop in the trade coast industrial precinct servicing Brisbane metropolitan and S.E. Queensland. A fully equipped workshop with sales office, graphics & design station areas and facilities. Pre-press and RIPS for solvent printers DGI 3200mm, DGI 2600mm, Gerber Edge and the expected sign workshop equipment, tools and two light trucks for service to our long standing client base and pre committed works.
Full production from all past files, artworks, logos, templates and references along with listed operating stock included. Immediate production/sales can continue from a handover or training period as negotiable. Figures and Inventory available to overview this sign business opportunity, ready for the next generation. Information and details contact, Warwick 0418 712278 or
(Posted 30th July 2012)

(Posted 10th July 2012)


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