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4th June 2012


Last week's survey

In the last week's survey , we asked - Do you think (overseas) printers operating in Australia with low, low pricing are legitimate players or are they not part of the free enterprise system?


An emotive issue for many of our readers and we expected emotional responses - we certainly received plenty.


Not part of the free enterprise system    52%

Legitimate player   29%
Not sure  19%  


  •  No I do not see them as legitamate players in the Australian Market. They undercut every local sign company and every local distributor to the point where local sign companies cannot make any profit from display items. Bodies such as VISA and its affiliates should not allow them to advertise in their E-News Letters. The Banner Shop have single handedly destroyed the Roll-up Banner market for all other sign companies. These overseas printers flood the market using every publication as sell direct to clients all the time. How can independant sign companies survive?
  • At the moment the people I speak to that are charging a premium (getting what the job is actually worth to get a profit) are mostly flat out and have been for a while now - the people trying to compete against the price gougers are mostly quiet with low profit jobs - there has to be something in this -
    I think the "low, low price" operators do have a place in the market - to look after the customer on a small budget. The budget buyer is the first one to hold onto his money when times get tough and when he does spend his money they will always go for the cheapest price - let them look after the low profit / tyre kickers and go chase some clients that can see the value in dealing with someone with years of industry experience and use good quality, long lasting substrates that will give the end user the best value for their dollar - when you get them, service the hell out of them and they will come back - maybe not every time but they will when the cheap supplier lets them down.
  • As you know I hate em but have no choice. Govt must hate us or is in thier pocket. Weve seen the shoe,clothing,computer, automotive...ALL manufacturing industries demise as they are DUMPING cheap crap. When they have beaten us and we no longer have a manufacturing industry , thats when the prices go up..These people dont have workplace safety ,defined wages OR freedom of speech, certainly NO holidays NO 8 hour day fed a grain of rice a week and sleep under the workbench. We cannot compete with Communists who may shoot thier staff if they do not perform. All we can do is offer quality and service and know-how. Personally I cant understand why anyone would use them, as when a mistake is made with inferior product and knowledge base they will not give a refund. You must pay upfront so you loose your money. I tell all I meet not to use them as you will do your dough.... You have to be a rich man to buy cheap, cheep, as you pay more trying to rectify the problem because you tried to save a buck. Quality & service will never beat cheep cheep.
  • The Bannershops of the world traget the trade and enable the trade to purchase relatively low cost print so that it can be onsold to the consumers in such a way that the tradie makes a good mark up, what's wrong with that. I have used them and I'm smiling, so are my customers. I don't try and compete with them, I have my own niche markets 
  • No come back No customer service no Australian standards to stick to. No Quality, Jo public thinks signs are all the same and we are ripping them off.
  • Unfortunately our industry is the same as every other industry within this country. Because of the internet and free trade we are impacted by the cheap overseas players - so deal with it!
  • I think its become more global, but personally i will always use local companies for outsourcing (australian owned) as its putting it back into our economy and I'd like to think others would do the same to not only help their own future, but try to hold back to continuing devaluation of our industry. Too many people think of profit or trying to secure business by using inferior products and selling it cheaply.
  • It's a free world when it comes to trade and we are subject to our government's policies so i dont see any problem with it. It may well damage the local industry but why should we be treated any differently to any other industry in Australia.
  • Simple economics suggest they are not an equal player in our marketplace. Our free enterprise approach has left us open to outside attack from these foreign players. Lower wages, no company tax, etc. etc. Add to this the misleading mass advertising campaigns they continually run that create an inaccurate view of our industry from the clients. E.G. $80 Banner & Stand within 24 hours. No artwork costs etc. What rubbish, many clients of mine have made the mistake of believing their flyers at their own peril and added cost.
  • Such is the global economy I guess, but our sign industry was serious they would adopt a 'produced in Austraia' campaign or something. But that will never happen without an effective association and loyal membership.
  • It is a reality that we have to accept that it is happening and here to stay. We can not compete. I am sure this is happening in other manufacturing industries also... How sad it is that we are out of the market because of this. Years of Skill means nothing people looking for that cheap job...Remember 'ŻOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!'.....
  • I wonder about the real motives of some of the offshore print suppliers. Recently we lost a $90,000 digital print and supply quote to a Chinese competitor. Nothing unusual in that, except that they quoted $8,000 landed in NSW, or less than 10% of our price. Our direct material costs before labour/ink/machine costs/overhead/profit etc on this quote were $24,000. In any other industry this would be seen as "Dumping" and it is illegal.
  • I wonder about the real motives of some of the offshore print suppliers. Recently we lost a $90,000 digital print and supply quote to a Chinese competitor. Nothing unusual in that, except that they quoted $8,000 landed in NSW, or less than 10% of our price. Our direct material costs before labour/ink/machine costs/overhead/profit etc on this quote were $24,000. In any other industry this would be seen as "Dumping" and it is illegal.
  • Anyone that enters into any business is really a free player to charge whatever pricing they see is relevant and that is within the law. The Chinese mentality is so very different to the Western ways hence so many low prices as they do not have the laws and regulations and taxes in China that we have to deal with here. The printers and hardware suppliers would not have survived here in Australia if they were not supported by signwriters and companies that just want to put out crap and because of this they have grown in numbers and the industry has to wear it.
  • Whether we like it or not, and unless legislation changes, imports from overseas countries like China and even India will play a much bigger roll. I have lost work because customers themselves are importing jobs are prices I could never match, and if done right they are getting a very high quality, and this only seems to be increasing. In our business we also do general printing and some web stuff. Its the same issue for those areas too, and the only way we will survive is to focus on the areas we do best, doesn't compete directly with cheap imports (eg fast turn arounds, custom work) and gives us the best returns. I think the next few years will be a rough ride for many print and signage companies.

(These survey questions are sent in by our readers. Please spend a minute to give your answer to this week's survey as one or possibly more of your industry peers thinks this question is important and wishes to see your point of view as well as others in the industry.)


If you have a subject that you would like us to survey, please send your subject to Thanks.)


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MACHINERY FOR SALE (Scroll down for Machinery wanted)  


(QLD, Ferny Hills) Gerber Edge Printer and GS15plus Cutter $10,000
Various Foils and Vinyls all colors and sizes $4000 Tel: 0458158628
(Posted 1st June 2012)

(VIC, Geelong) Taimes Seiko 6 Colour 1806D
Eco Solvent Wide Format Printer. Near new demo 1800mm banner printer indoor/outdoor, includes stock (18 rolls), 43 bottles ink, solvent plus PC and software. $6990 Tel: 0418109292
(Posted 31st May 2012)

(NSW, Hornsby) Ezy Taper for Sale,
Very Good Condition, Hardly been used.
1530mm Wide $2,300 Including GST. Located in Hornsby, NSW
Please contact Garry 02-94775122
(Posted 30th May 2012)

(NSW, Sydney) Shrink wrap machine mini pack good condition.
$1200 Located Sydney Call tony 0412 743 929
(Posted 30th May 2012)

(NSW, Sydney)Backlit solvent/ecosol film
1270mm x 30m I have about 15 rolls that we no longer need $100 individually or $75 ea the lot locate Sydney call tony 0412 743929
(Posted 30th May 2012)

(VIC, Melbourne) Apollo HVLP Turbine Spray Gun Model 725
- Only 1 owner, works as it did when first purchased. Paid over $1200, selling for $600. Contact Sarah 0421595852 or
(Posted 29th May 2012)

 (VIC, Melbourne) Epson 9880
44" Large Format Printer- only 3 years old perfect condition, 1 owner. $3,900. Please email 0421 595 852
(Posted 29th May 2012)

 (VIC, Strathewen) Roland vinyl trimmer
1800mm cut , 12 months old no longer required bought larger trimmer . excellent condition $700.00. Tel: 03 9714 8647
(Posted 28th May 2012)

(NSW, Mid North Coast). Lamkote 2R60 laminator.
Rubber rollers near new. Comes with foot control (machine is 240 volt). Rubber wheels are 1360mm wide. Machine in good working order. $750.00. Hafco Woodmaster panel saw. 3 Phase moter, cuts 2400 x 1200mm sheets. Set up for cutting acrylic. Comes with dust extractor wood blades. $700.00 PH 0423370899.
(Posted 28th May 2012)


(TAS, Hobart) Roland CM300 Signwriting Cutter + Stock - MUST GO THIS WEEK - $3400
Good Condition, Reliable, Had since new.
Materials include vinyls Callon II, Avery, Metallics, TShirt, Window Frosting, Plaster Wall, Pounce Paper, etc., small/medium/large amounts of different colours accumulated over many years, 3 aframes. An excellent starter.
A fair price will not be refused as it will simply save me moving it interstate. Have a look, no reasonable offer will be refused, MUST GO
(Posted 25th May 2012)

(QLD, Yeerongpilly) Oce TDS800 wide format toner printer.
High metreage, but a lot of life left in the old girl yet. 2 drawer multi roll, with mono scanner, motorised collection tray. Serviced by Oce since purchase.
Open to offers. Phone 0437 437 280 (Brisbane)
(Postd 23rd May 2012)

(NSW, Windsor) Equipment for sale,
please see attached picture.
location Windsor NSW 2756. Shop 9 / 192 George Street.
Click here to see photo and prices of equipment
(Posted 23rd May 2012)


(VIC, Melbourne) For sale Mimaki JV3-160SP. Been de-commissioned as business is going a different route. Comes with x8 75% 3rd party cartridges. Will help with interstate buyers. Last used, Magenta starting to show banding - may require a head. Must be re-commissioned by tech. Comes with Laptop, roll of PP and all cables (NO-RIP). Giveaway @ $4500. (receipt upon request) Please ring 0451 922 922 or email
(Posted 22nd May 2012)

(QLD, Sunshine Coast) Mimaki Jv3 160s
with photo print v5.0 RIP just needs one head stil prints fine, comes with new dampers take up reel bulk ink system still using the machine and need it gone as new printer coming.
$4000  Tel:0408887298
(Posted 21st May 2012)

(QLD, Sunshine Coast) Graphtec CE5000 120 cutter
has the laser locating eye for printing and cutting applications, brand new used only to cut one job. $3000. Tel: 0408887298
(Posted 21st May 2012)

(NSW, Mid North Coast) Optima 1318 CNC Flatbed router.
Bed size 1300mm x 2200mm (cut area 1300 x 1800mm). Machine is in good condition, comes with dust extractor and various router bits. PH: 0423370899. $7,000.00.
(Posted 21st May 2012)


(QLD, Meadowbrook) Mimaki JV3-160 SPT digital printer, full service history, HS ink, Excellent condition. $3500.00
PC, tower, powerful set up to run Autodesk 3D imaging, with programme installed excellent condition, $2000.00
Ezy Taper, deluxe model, 1600 wide, up to 30mm substrates, Excellent condition, $3000.00. Ezy Taper inform me they will overhaul for $500.00 if so required. 
Bench Drill Press, $40.00
Bench Sander $40.00
Mobile work benches x 8, from 2400mm x 1200mm to 3700mm x 1800mm, from $50.00 each.
Metal drop saw, on metal bench with fold out arms, mobile, $80.00
Aluminium composite panels, 2440 x 1220 x 3mm. 0.3 alum both sides, 60 sheets, excellent for cutting & folding, does not snap, $30.00 each one lot sale
Vertical Wall Saw, 5000mm long x 2300mm high, excellent condition, approx 200 hours use, 3 phase, accurate cutting over 4000mm to +- 2mm, cutting blade & ACM folding blade, $5000.00
Extractor for either vertical saw or router, 3 phase, Excellent condition, $500.00
Office furniture, 4 desks, HP printer scanner, photocopier, price neg.
Spray booth, outside 8000mm x 4200mm, with an internal height of 2400mm. Back light signbox 6500 x 1600 wired, huge fan 4500 litres per second extraction, enough flue for a 6000 ceiling, sliding door opening 3500mm x 2400mm, 3 phase, 2 compressors, all tubes, air guns, masks, paints, thinners, new owner to move, $5000.00
All prices exclude GST.
Contact or 0412 028 600
(Posted 18th May 2012)

(VIC, Cheltenham) Allwin 3200mm wide printer.
Model A3216A. With CMYK inks, good condition, includes Main Top rip software. Cheltenham Vic. $2500.00 OBO. Needs to go. call 0412 010 893 for info.
(Posted 18th May 2012)

(VIC, Fitzroy) HP Designjet Z2100 24" printer.
Suitable for refurbishment or parts.
$350.00 Tel:  0407766110
(Posted 17th May 2012)

(NSW, Surry Hills) EPSON STYLUS PRO 9880
For sale, great condition, $3000 O.N.O. SYDNEY, SURRY HILLS,
(Posted 16th May 2012)

(QLD, Noosaville) Screenprinting Carousel 6 colour 4 rotating bases.
Holds perfect rego,Platern suitabe for flash cure printing.
need room for new machine, $1800 & Freight.
(Posted 14th May 2012)

(QLD, Noosaville) Double sliding based air operated heat press
240volt 15 amp
Platens 500 x 400mm. brand new still in shipping box.
$2500.00 + freight
(Posted 14th May 2012)

(NSW, Pennant Hills) Mutoh RJ-900C Dye Sublimation Printer
42" (Thornleigh) - Includes Motorised Take-Up Reel, Bulk Ink System, 4 x Rolls of Transjet 1070mm x 120m paper, 4 x CMYK 1 litre bottles of ink, 1 x Wastepad set, 3 x Portable Infrared Heaters, ONYX RIP Dongle. PLUS LOTUS LTS 500 Electromagnetic Heat Press - 650 x 950mm pressing area. PLUS EPSON 7600 with some rolls of paper. Surplus to our needs. Printer has Low Use and in excellent condition. The lot for $10,000.00 inc GST pick up only. Phone Ian on 0419 264 975, email:
(Posted 10th May 2012)


(NSW, Pennant Hills) Mutoh RJ-900C Dye Sublimation Printer 42" (Thornleigh) - Includes Motorised Take-Up Reel, Bulk Ink System, 4 x Rolls of Transjet 1070mm x 120m paper, 4 x CMYK 1 litre bottles of ink, 1 x Wastepad set, 3 x Portable Infrared Heaters, ONYX RIP Dongle. PLUS LOTUS LTS 500 Electromagnetic Heat Press - 650 x 950mm pressing area. PLUS EPSON 7600 with some rolls of paper. Surplus to our needs. Printer has Low Use and in excellent condition. The lot for $10,000.00 inc GST pick up only. Phone Ian on 0419 264 975, email:
(Posted 10th May 2012)  


(QLD, Wondai) ROLAND Sol Jet SC-500...Nice piece of equipement..Excellent working order..Print n Cut...Very affordable in running cost and parts.Little hours on clock...See it working...$9000 firm Phone Colleen 0431100431
(Posted 4th May 2012)  


This is only a partial list of 2nd hand machinery available. For the biggest and most up to date list of 2nd Hand machines available in our region, please go to

The weekly Classified Ad Mailer   

If you would like to run a 2nd hand machinery, staff vacancy

or any other ad in these sections in the next two broadcasts to our database of +/-8000 sign, print and wide format print industry professionals,

(All ads in this section are repeated in the free classifieds in Wide Format Online.)



(QLD, Brisbane) Full Time Printing Specialist to Digital Photocopier Machines. - Some knowledge of Creative Suite and Adobe Products, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign
- Ability in designing new artwork, editing existing files and preparing files for both digital and offset printing
- Assisting with printing and finishing products such as binding, laminating, trimming etc.
- Must have knowledge of MS Office products and email programs
- All training on printing machines and equipment for the position will be provided.
- All training on MYOB Retail Manager Software will be provided.
Tel: 0738314766
(Posted 1st June 2012)

(NSW, Wahroonga)  Sales/New Business Development
- Progressive large format print company located in Sydney requires a dynamic and sales driven person with experience within the industry to build sales as well as develop and maintain new business. The applicant must have a sales background, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a passion for the industry and proven ability to meet targets. Excellent remuneration and opportunities for the right applicant.
To apply please forward your resume to:
(Posted 28th May 2012)


(NSW, Chullora) Sales Executive - Sign Screen & Display Given the projected growth for the Sign Screen & Display segment in NSW for the next Financial Year, we will be adding another team member to the existing external sales team based in Chullora, NSW.
Therefore, an exciting opportunity now exists for a dynamic and sales driven individual who enjoys a challenge to be based in Chullora, NSW. You will be responsible for maximising sales and gross profit performance as well as developing new business opportunities.
The ideal candidate will be sales oriented, be passionate about selling and meeting targets and possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
As a part of this global organisation, there is the potential for exciting career development opportunities for the right person.
To apply for this role, please forward your cover letter and resume to:
Nicole Trosky, HR Business Partner, Spicers Australia, Email: Ph: 03 9765 0810
(Posted 22nd May 2012)

(NSW, Tweed Heads) Wanted full time experienced signwriter
or person within sign industry for car wrapping, vinyl application and sign installation. Please email CV to
(Posted 21st May 2012)


(WA, O'Conner) Digital Large Format Printer & Finisher: Award winning large format print bureau specialising in exhibition displays and signage is currently seeking to fill a key full time position in our O'Connor office. Experience as a digital printer and finisher is essential to the role.
The ideal candidate will have experience in the following:
*    Artwork preparation using Adobe CS5 suite - Mac and PC
*    Dealing directly with clients regarding artwork matters
*    Working with Onyx RIP
*    Operating HP Latex, Dye Sub and Roland machines
*    Operating laminator and mounting machines
*    Exhibition graphic preparation
*    Vehicle wrapping and signage installation.
The successful candidate will report directly to the Production Manager.
Please forward your CV including a cover application letter by email or post explaining why you would be the right candidate for this position.
VE Graphics
08 93315653
(Posted 16th May 2012)

(VIC, Prahran) Signarama Prahran seeks an experienced full time production assistant.
Must have experience in basic design and all types of production and installation. Manual driving licence essential. Open Mon to Friday 0830 to 1730. Only dedicated hardworkers need apply. Opens all doors to Signarama network worldwide. email with CV
(Posted 14th May 2012)

(NSW, Sydney) Sheetmetal Worker/Sign Fabricator for sign company in Kirrawee.
Fabrication, welding aluminium and steel experience necessary. Previous sign industry experience an advantage. Contact:
(Posted 8th May 2012)


(WA, Perth) Production Staff Required. Experience with Digital Printers and Rip Software. Vinyl plotters. Laminating and application of viny graphics to all sorts of surfaces and substrates.
08 9362 2222
(Posted 7th May 2012)  


(VIC, Melbourne) Area Sales Manager - Consumables & Hardware Melbourne
Spandex Asia Pacific is recognised as a total solutions provider to the Sign & Graphic Arts industry.  The role of our Area Sales Manager - Melbourne is critical to our commitment to excellence.  Your major challenge will be to grow and develop sales in a designated territory in the Melbourne western suburbs and some country areas. You will need a strong commercial and sales related understanding of the industry, although candidates with experience in related industries will be considered.  You must be a team player & a good communicator.  We offer an excellent salary, commission structure & fully maintained vehicle. Apply to:
(Posted 3rd May 2012)

Long established Display and Exhibition CO. located in Osborne Park (Wester Australia)
Requires the services of a skilled printer to join our team.
The successful applicant must be experienced in the following.
Manage stock and printer consumables.
Meet customer deadlines.
Laminate and mount displays.
Able to use Adobe CS Suite.
Familiar with colour management.
Experience with Colorgate RIP
For further information please contact
(Posted 2nd May 2012)



This is only a partial list of vacancies. For the biggest and most up to date list of vacancies  available in our region, please go to Wide Format Online magazine. 

                     BUSINESSES FOR SALE/WANTED


(QLD, Mossman) Sign Co for sale, Port Douglas, Mossman, Qld,, Roland VP540i, Roland CX24,all benches, tools, paint, media, compresors, jeep Trayback 4wd, ladders, furnished flat on site, 3 computers, software, owner going over seas
07 4098 3818
(Posted 15th May 2012)  


(NSW, Inverell) Signwriting & Printing business, established 1993. Owner operated (couple). Excellent client base. Good turnover and plant list. Potential to expand. $135,000 Negotiable. Keen to sell phone 02 67221655
(Posted 7th May 2012)  


(QLD, Park Ridge South) Business for sale: Digital Printing - (Part Time) Price is $38K Good return.
Wide format printer/cutter + all equipment + training
Over 300 customer database including their artwork
Brisbane/Gold Coast - contact
(Posted 1st May 2012)

(QLD, Ipswich) Ipswich Area QLD. excellent offset & wide format printer is seeking a financial partner to set up new business. I am extremely hard working, looking for the next step up.Tel: 0411 078 769
(Posted 1st May 2012)

(NSW, Erina) Custom T-shirt Printing Internet Business For Sale: Established in late 2006 with a turnover of over $330000 this business has a huge potential particularly if you are a screen printer. We do the Direct to Garment and Digital printing in house and outsource screen printing. The advantages: - Top 5 position on Google for many key words; - Few websites established; - Large database; - 2 DTG + dig Roland + Cutter + presses; The price: $100,000 + GST if applicable, can be relocated very easily, not opened to public, would recommend someone in a large capital City to take advantage of Google place.
I'm focusing on a new business so can't exploit this business to full potential, however can stay as a consultant to help you bit your competition with advise on online marketing. Email:
(Posted 29th April 2012)  


(NSW, Camden) CBD office unit sale/lease - $249,000 Ex GST See link on homepage "" Phil 0419484392 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(Posted 19th April 2012)


(TAS, Hobart) Signwriting business: Includes Roland VP300 Printer/Cutter, Roland CM300 Cutter, PC, Camera, Materials, Data Files, Contacts & Handover. Ideal Springboard for a good qualified signwriter. Reluctant Sale. Offers over $20,000. Email
(Posted 29h March 2012)

(VIC, West Melbourne) Small Sign shop, cheap rent, roland printer, multicam cnc, ezetaper,welding equ, guillotine, plenty of media, hand tools,ladders and equipment,est business 5yo, good customer base,ongoing work $50,000 call for more info 0404 005 667
(Posted 22nd March 2012)     


(QLD, Brisbane). TURNOVER $400 000+. Great location and every piece of equipment. Great customer base and incredible growth. Brain tumor is stopping me from going on. Need $280000. Martin 07 32760588
(Posted 15th February 2012)

(NSW, Condell Park) Sign Manufacturing Business and Building for sale.
Training provided, W.I.W.O. or owner willing to stay on for a period of time.
All machinery, stock included. In operation for 25 years. regular customers, simple to run 5 day operation,
suit husband & wife team. P.O.A . Ring Brett 0418 290 590
(Posted 24th January 2012)

(NSW, Bowral (Southern Highlands)) Trophy Centre,
Engraving including glass, Quality Business for sale, Training provided, W.I.W.O. All machinery, stock included. In operation for 19 years.P.O. A . Ring John 0248622388 or 0412806202
(Posted 23rd January 2012)

(NSW, Liverpool West) General Printing-Screenprint_Embroidery
good Customer Base. Would Suit Graphic Designer -Working Couple-Sign Maker
Plenty Of inquiries Re Signs.Estimated Turnover 2012 $300,000. WIWO $150,000 0428 259 606
(Posted 23rd January 2012)

(QLD, Gold Coast) "WANTED " Cash Buyer Looking For Sign Business
For Sale in GoldCoast QLD Region.Please email your details & asking price to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or text your details to: 04500-39938
(Posted 23rd January 2012) 


(QLD, Yeppoon)General Sign Shop in Coastal town Yeppoon. All Equipment, roland printer ezytaper, and everything needed run shop. Cheap rent. More than 700 clients works completed in past 5 years. On a high traffic street. Husband and Wife team with a couple of casuals. Owners have another business and can't do both properly... There is plently of room to improve. The town is growing quickly and is the signage shop with a shop front. $75,000 inc stock Ph Owner 0413398749
(Posted 15th January 2012)


(QLD, Park Ridge South) Sticker & sign business.  Database with lots of customers. (SE Queensland)(Can service most customers from anywhere in Australia -On Line) Includes:  SP540 Roland printer - Ezy Taper - GX24 Vinyl Cutter - Neolt Trimmer -  Trolley with all tools needed - Javelin- Computers -  all up $28K ono. Email for further info. Full Training included   UP TO 1 MONTH !! Owner retiring.
(Posted 7th December 2011)

This is only a partial list of Businesses for Sale/Wanted ads. For the full list please go to
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