Issue No. 13February 2011
PF&R Announces Upcoming Firefighter Recruitment  

PF&R will open enrollment this summer for the application and testing process to become a Portland firefighter.  A new testing format will be implemented for this year's enrollment and testing process. 


PF&R will be hiring candidates both with and without fire experience. Those candidates with fire experience that have an EMT-Basic or higher certification are encouraged to apply for the Firefighter EMT/Paramedic Exam.   Candidates who have an EMT-Basic or higher certification with NO fire experience are encouraged to apply for the Firefighter Trainee Program.  Those candidates with no EMT Certification must apply for the Firefighter Trainee Program.   


Beginning April 18, 2011, downloadable study material for the upcoming test will be available on PF&R's website.  Applications will not be accepted at this time.  Interested candidates are encouraged to download the material and begin studying for the multiple choice exam.  The downloaded material is one of the four components that make up the multiple choice exam.  The other three components are general knowledge questions that include math, reading ability, and mechanical aptitude. 


Open enrollment will begin June 20, 2011, at which time applications will be accepted.  Access to applications will be through PF&R's website or through the Bureau of Human Resources Current Job Openings website.  The first 4,500 applications submitted will be accepted and enrollment will close when that number is reached. 


The actual exam will be held on August 1, 2011, at the Oregon Convention Center.  Candidates whose applications are accepted will be invited to take the test.  Those who score the highest on all four components of the multiple choice exam will be invited back for the subsequent phases in the examination process which include: Physical Agility Test (PAT) and if passed, the oral interview. 

Inside PF&R's Station 19  

Station 19, located at 7301 E Burnside, serves the Mt. Tabor, Montavilla, and Madison South neighborhoods.  The station serves a large response area, east to I-205, west to 47th Avenue, south to Division Street, and north to Tillamook Street.


The station was originally located at SE 61st and Stark and was moved in December 1953 to its current location.  The original building still stands and is now occupied by Cooper's Coffeehouse.  Station 19 will mark 100 years of serving the surrounding community in March 2011.  A 100th Anniversary celebration for the public is planned for March 26th at Station 19.  Keep watching PF&R's website and Fire Blog for details on the upcoming date/time for the open house.


Station 19's crews are prepared to respond to single family dwellings, apartments, commercial buildings, railroads, freeways, and the Mt. Tabor and Rocky Butte urban interface areas.  In addition, Engine 19 answers a large number of medical calls.  This station averages over 3,300 responses per year and is one of PF&R's busiest engine companies.  One paramedic officer and three firefighters are on duty at all times.


Station 19 is actively involved in community outreach.  They regularly participate in fire safety presentations in both public and private schools in their Fire Management Area, and invite school groups in to tour the station.  Firefighters tailor their safety presentations to the age of their audience and aim to make it interactive and fun for kids.  Other activities they are involved in include the annual Adult Soapbox Derby held each August in Mt. Tabor Park, safety fairs, and many block parties in the summer.


Station 19 takes great pride in serving the citizens in their community and looks forward to welcoming the public to their station when they celebrate their centennial in March.

Family's Fire Escape Plan Saves Mom and Kids  

On January 12th, a fire occurred in a Southeast Portland family's home while a mother and her two young daughters were in the house.  Thanks to a well rehearsed family fire escape plan and working smoke alarms, they all got out safely through the upstairs bedroom window shown above. 


This incident illustrates why every family should have - and regularly practice - a home fire escape plan.  Parents and guardians should work with children to:    


          Rehearse escape routes and exit strategies from each room in the home.  Set up a cone or other object representing fire and place it at different exit points in the house, allowing your child to start looking for other options in case their first option doesn't work.

          Ensure that they know how to open all latches and bars on windows, and which windows are a good means to escape if the door is hot

          Have a designated meeting place nearby

          Make sure they know how to test doors, doorknobs, and to crawl under heavy smoke 

          Never hide in a closet in the event of a fire

          Never to go back in for a toy, as a toy can always be replaced

          Remember that firefighters may look scary when in their full personal protective equipment, which contains a self-contained breathing apparatus.  Remind them that firefighters are friendly and there to help.


It's largely up to parents and guardians to instill good fire escape skills in their children.  The proactive learning that occurs at home will help children know what to do in the event of a fire and greatly increase their chances of survival.
PF&R Budget Update 
On January 31, 2011, PF&R submitted its proposed budget to the Office of Management & Finance.  The budget complies with Council's directive for public safety bureaus to identify a .75% one-time reduction, which equates to $671,910 of PF&R's general fund discretionary resources.


Community Budget Forums regarding the proposed budget are scheduled for the following dates, times and locations and members of the public are encouraged to attend:


          Thursday, February 24 - 6:00-8:30pm

David Douglas High School, 1001 SE 135th St.


          Tuesday, March 1 - 6:00 - 8:30pm

Wilson High School, 1151 SW Vermont St.


PF&R's entire budget submission can be viewed at:

Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Requested Budget
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Firefighter Recruitment Announced
Inside PF&R's Station 19
Family's Fire Escape Plan Saves Mom & Kids
PF&R Budget Update
Emergency Response Statistics
Firefighter Stair Climb Fundraiser
Station 22 Helps Roosevelt High with Video Project
About PF&R
Emergency Response Statistics (January 2011)

Total Incidents:                          6,314
Medical:                                     5,128
Fire:                                           196
Other:                                         990
Major Fires:                                15*

*Major fires are those with over $10,000 in estimated fire damage.
PF&R Firefighters Participate in 20th Scott Firefighter Stair Climb

The 20th Annual Scott Firefighter Stair Climb is set for March 6, 2011, at the Columbia Center in downtown Seattle.  The event is held to support the mission of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Money is raised through individual and department fundraising as well as sponsorships and entry fees.  Funds raised go toward blood-cancer research and patient services. 


Stair Climb participants climb 788 vertical feet, 69 floors and 1,311 stairs.  Last year 1,500 firefighters participated and were able to raise a record breaking $780,000. The Scott Stair Climb is the largest of its kind in the country.  Portland Fire & Rescue has eight firefighters participating in the stair climb this year. 


Good luck to the following Portland Firefighters participating:


Stew White, Brian Dundon, Liz Thompson, Scott Berri, Roi Gershom, Marc Ham, Patrick McMahon, Nicholas Karaffa


You can help Portland Fire & Rescue raise money for this worthy cause by showing your support through a donation.  If you would like to make a donation or want more information, visit the: Scott Firefighter Stair Climb Website.


Click on "Donate Now" and select your favorite firefighter(s) or make a donation to the entire Portland Fire & Rescue Team.

Station 22 Firefighters Help Roosevelt High Students with Presidential Video Project 

On February 22nd, firefighters from St. Johns Station 22 maneuvered the truck's aerial ladder through the trees in front of Roosevelt High School and sent a firefighter up the ladder with a video camera to capture footage of the students from above. 


This was done at the request of the school's administration to help them produce a video for a Presdidential Education Campaign.  PF&R will post the video on the Fire Blog once the final cut is made available to us.  

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