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Typically, there are fewer phenological changes to witness in the summer. But there is still a lot to observe! Please observe your plants or animals 2 times per week through the summer. And don't forget to enter them online.  In fact, this a great time to log online any spring observations you have saved on paper datasheets. Happy observing!   


What's in this issue 

What's your spring data say about hummingbirds? 

Regional species recommendations for lively summer tracking  

Observer's pet project 

July phenology monitoring workshops in CA  


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Hummingbird migration falling out of synch with wildflower blossoms 

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Please observe
2 x week in the summer.
(Don't forget to upload your data online.)
Hummingbird Graph aHummingbirds' Future

What your spring data says 


There was no significant difference in arrival dates of ruby-throated hummingbirds between 2011 and 2012. This information may indicate big changes on the horizon for long-distance migratory birds.  


Check out a full-size view of the graph to find out what Nature's Notebook hummingbird data suggest. 


Common Sunflower
Common sunflower. Photo: Joseph M. DiTomaso, Univ. of California-Davis,
b Recommendations

Species for summer 

Rebecca Kao
Rebecca Kao, the Nature's Notebook participant who entered the most lilac records online in May.
Photo by Jennifer Ramp Neale.

cObserver Q&A

Her pet project to make plant identification easier 

Rebecca Kao submitted the most lilac records online in Nature's Notebook in May, winning her 2 cloned lilacs that she planted at the Denver Botanic Gardens for her own special pet project.  


Read a Q&A with Rebecca to find out if her endeavour could help you more easily identify your plants.   


CPP Workshopd
CPP July Workshops

Boost your observing skills!  

Whether you're a novice citizen scientist or you've been monitoring species for awhile, taking a phenology monitoring workshop through the California Phenology Project is a fun way to brush up your skills! 



Sequoia National Park--Friday, July 6
Bay Area, various locations--July 19-21


For workshop details or registration information, click on "Sequoia NP" or "Golden Gate NRA" under Recent News here on the CPP website.

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