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Spring arrived early in many places across the country this year. Was this an anomaly or the new normal? And what might this mean? 


USA-NPN scientists are in the process of looking at what your data say about this very question. Stay tuned for the findings. Thanks for all of your effort this spring, keep it up! 


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Data show observer contributions WAY up

Kudos to you -- 1 millionth record reached 

Earn FREE lilacs this spring

Expanded Species List


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Ways to boost impact 
of your observations

>Observe 2 - 4 times per week in the spring 


>Observe focal species


>Add more species or more individual plants to your species list



 Please continue the momentum!


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A1graph  aNature's Notebook data on YOU

 Observers have been the most active ever lately


Click on the graph to view a full-size version of it.


The number of daily records entered into Nature's Notebook this year so far is more than double the number that were submitted in the early part of 2011. 


Find out how the rate of data submitted this year compares to that submitted over the last four years.  

Steve Potter
Steve Potter from Long Prairie, MN observes cloned and common lilacs. He was the top lilac observer for April. Photo courtesy of Nancy Potter.

We're awarding FREE lilacs all spring 

2 will go to top lilac observer every month  


Be the observer with the most lilac records entered online during one of these time slots and you'll receive 2 free lilac plants (cloned or common - your choice).


April 1 - April 30 Winner: Steve Potter!

May 1 - May 31 Will you be the top lilac observer this month?

June 1 - June 19 (last day of spring)



Why you should consider purchasing a cloned lilac this month: Data on cloned lilacs have been collected for decades. Some of these plants have died. We need to replenish the pool! If you'd like to purchase a cloned lilac to monitor, you can buy cloned lilac from our friends at Jung's Nursery today (2 for $20).


Steve Potter shares why he observes

"My wife and I are cooperative observers for the national weather service and we record weather data everyday, so it seemed like a natural fit to include phenological observations."


Your lilac data are getting used! Find out what your lilac observations have to do with the White House.

d400 NEW species were added for you 

Review expanded Species List for more to track


If you've ever wanted to track species that were not on our list -- search for species to see if we've added them! There are nearly 900 species available now.

Lucille Towers
Lucille Tower

bA big day for science!

Nature's Notebook team reaches millionth record


THANKS TO YOU and the rest of the Nature's Notebook community, USA-NPN hit a major milestone on April 30 by reaching the millionth observation record. 


 Read about Lucille, your fellow observer who entered the milestone record, or about the significance of our 1 millionth observation.


You can view the total Nature's Notebook record count in real time on our home page.

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