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Ahhh, summer... the season of marking Yes to "Leaves," "Open flowers," "Ripe fruits,"...  what's happening in your part of the country? Are you aware that you can explore geographic and temporal patterns in plant and animal activity using the USA-NPN Visualization Tool? Check out this plot I made using observations of red maple submitted to Nature's Notebook, comparing 2011 and 2012. The impact of the early spring sure is clear - flowering and fruiting occurred weeks earlier in 2012 than in 2011!


Thank you again for your support of the USA National Phenology Network. We're continuing to make improvements to better serve your needs... here are some updates of the most recent of these. As always, if you have ideas on how we can better work together, I'd love to hear from you! And if you are new to Nature's Notebook or to the USA-NPN's Partners Newsletters, welcome! 


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Single-day datasheets now available in Nature's Notebook

Upload photos of your plants in Nature's Notebook

Come meet us at ESA this August!

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ASingle-day datasheets!

An enhancement to Nature's Notebook


Up until now, Nature's Notebook datasheets have been set up to accommodate observations for a single individual plant or animal, at a single site, on many dates. If you have a bunch of plants or animals you're tracking, you have had to lug a big packet of data sheets, and flip through a lot of papers to find the right sheet for the right plant or animal. Well, your paper-flipping days are over. We now offer single-day datasheets! You can now generate datasheets with space to observe all of your registered plants or animals on a single date on a single sheet. This data sheet format will be helpful not only in reducing the amount of flipping through paper you need to do to make your observations, it should also be easier for folks just getting introduced to Nature's Notebook, such as visitors to nature centers or arboreta, to understand.


You'll find the option to create single-day datasheets when you click on the "Create Datasheets" button within Nature's Notebook.

BAdd photos of your plants!

Further customize your Nature's Notebook

You can also now upload photos of your individual plants to Nature's Notebook. At the present, we can only accommodate a single photo per individual. You'll find the "Add Image" button under "Add or Edit Plants" within Nature's Notebook.




CUpcoming meetings

We'd love to meet you!


If you will be attending the Ecological Society of America conference this August in Portland, OR, please come meet us! We'll have a booth in the exhibitor's hall. We'll also be hosting a brown-bag phenology lunch on Wednesday, and a field trip to a phenology trail in Forest Park on Tuesday evening. Finally, several staffers and affiliated individuals will also be presenting talks or posters. Check out the details on the ESA page of our website.


Other meetings that might be of interest...


- Conference on Public Participation in Scientific Research

- Phenology 2012


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