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Spring is just around the corner so we're checking in with some updates on the USA-NPN and Nature's Notebook. Thanks to all of you who participated in our Observer Survey - we got great participation and will share our results back with you soon. Many of you asked reminders to observe; we'll be starting to send those out every other week in mid-March. If you don't want to receive these reminders, manage your subscription preferences (you'll be able to choose to receive just these quarterly updates, just the biweekly reminders, or both).
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Observer Leaderboards

The top 100 observers in Nature's Notebook are now posted on our website (by first name and state). Check out our leaderboards by year, month and week. We've also posted the animals and plants which have been most observed. Hope you enjoy this new feature, and let us know your thoughts for improving it.

We're also looking for observer stories for upcoming newsletters. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in an email to [email protected] Thanks!

Three flowers on a dandelion.
How many open flowers are there on this dandelion?

Changes coming to our interface

We're getting closer to releasing our "Abundance and Intensity" enhancement to our monitoring system and interface. This will enable observers to give us a measure of the intensity of the phenophases they're checking. You'll be able to report what percent of the tree canopy was filled in with leaves, how many open flowers or how many bees visiting flowers you saw.

Dynamic Visualizations
Explore dynamic data visualizations on the USA-NPN website.

We're proud to announce that the first round of dynamic data visualizations are available on our site. You'll be able to find your observations along with those of other observers, both mapped and graphed. Let us know if you have any feedback on this tool.

Explore dynamic visualizations.
YourGardenShow.com logo
YourGardenShow.com is using USA-NPN protocols to collect phenology data.
Exciting New Partnerships...


We've been working with YourGardenShow.com, a group focused on building community and sharing knowledge about gardening across the country. As part of their Citizen Science initiative, gardeners will now be able to submit data on phenology, along with their garden logs (glogs).

Science for Citizens 
 We've also been connecting up with Science
ScienceforCitizens.net Logo
Science for Citizens features projects within Nature's Notebook on their website.
for Citizens, a group dedicated to helping regular citizens participate in real science by connecting them with projects and activities. Sci4cits features several USA-NPN projects, and invites our observers to contribute to their active Member Blogs.
Happy Spring!

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