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It's that time of year again when we're reflecting on our growth this past year, and working behind the scenes on changes for next spring. We look forward to your feedback on our survey, and to your participation this spring.
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Nature's Notebook Observer Survey
To help us take stock, please take our 2010 Observer Survey - and to thank you for your time, we'll send you the USA-NPN gift item of your choice (a thumbdrive, tote bag or coffee mug). You'll need to be logged in to take the survey - but no personally identifying information about you will be kept with your answers.

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Three flowers on a dandelion.
How many open flowers are there on this dandelion?
Changes coming to our interface

This spring we'll be enabling observers to give us a measure of the intensity of the phenophases they're checking. You'll be able to report what percent of the tree canopy was filled in with leaves, how many open flowers or how many bees visiting flowers you saw. We've also worked to make the interface run more smoothly and quickly (and are grateful to all of you who've helped us identify bugs along the way).
Observing grass phenology in Pima Canyon, Arizona.
Recruit a friend to Nature's Notebook
Spring 2011: Recruiting New Observers

We're also looking forward to an outreach campaign this spring, to recruit many new observers to Nature's Notebook. If you have ideas for how to get the word out, send them to [email protected]. If you enjoy participating, this spring would also be a good time to 'recruit a friend' to our program.

If you would like to help us recruit, check out the outreach materials we make available to our partners on our website.
Best wishes in this holiday season,

USA National Phenology Network National Coordinating Office

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