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If you head outside this fall you're likely to see maple leaves turning to their late season colors, osprey migrating south and bucks locking antlers. All three of these events and more are key to fall phenology and important life cycle events to observe and record. Let us know what you see by submitting your observations to Nature's Notebook! Nature's Notebook LogoYou can now check (or analyze) your own observations by downloading your data as an excel file, in the Nature's Notebook main menu.

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Celebrating Phenology

Map of festivals.Phenology plays an important role in human culture, as well. Festivals around the world celebrate annual phenological events from whale migrations to cherry blossoms. Explore our interactive map or list of festivals. If you know of a phenology festival that's not listed, you can add a new one (you have to be logged on to our website, first).
Seeking Observers

.Pollen cones on a juniper...for Juniper Pollen Cones

We'd like our observers from Oklahoma to Arizona to be on the look out for juniper pollen cones this fall and winter. We're partnering with many organizations to predict allergy outbreaks by tracking juniper phenology.
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...and for a Forest Phenology Project

A graduate student is seeking volunteer observers for a forest phenology research project in the Central United States. Volunteers are needed to visit research sites at least once a week during the spring and fall,  document phenological changes with photographs, and collect data. Read more about this opportunity or email University of Minnesota graduate student Rachel Putnam ([email protected]).

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We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your observations this season!

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