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Preliminary Results from 2009
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Thank you for participating in the USA National Phenology Network's first season of data collection. By observing and reporting the timing of plant life cycle events you are contributing to an exciting new effort that will provide valuable information to scientists and mangers as they work to understand and adapt to climate change. We had a great first season, and are grateful for your continued enthusiasm for the project!

Preliminary results from spring & summer 2009
Map showing first observations of forsythia in bloom.
The USA-NPN's first official season of phenology monitoring began on March 2, 2009. We now have 2,200 registered observers and sites across the nation.

The map to the right shows results for observers who monitored forsythia plants  in spring 2009. Observers saw their first blooms on forsythia later in the year at more northern locations. While this doesn't yet tell us much about how forsythia might respond to warmer springs, it does show a good coverage and quality of data for the first season. We hope to have your observations on this and other species in 2010. Click on the map to see the full size version.

Check our website for dynamic data visualizations coming this spring!
Polly's keeps an eye on phenology...
Graph showing leaves changing color earlier in New Hampshire.
Polly's Pancake Parlor, in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, has been keeping an eye on leaf phenology since 1975. Here, the day the leaves started to change color is plotted against the year. Although other parts of the country are seeing leaves change color later in the year, in Sugar Hill, fall is arriving earlier than it did in 1970.

With more observations of fall color we'll be better able to understand how climate change is impacting plants through the fall. Observers like you can help researchers predict changes for local economies, including New England's fall tourist season.
Send us your feedback!
Observer Survey
We are preparing for next season here at the USA-NPN and we need your feedback to guide us. Take a few moments to fill out this online survey about your participation in our monitoring program. The responses are for internal use only, and your entry is anonymous. Thank you!
We have been making improvements to our website throughout the year, including the addition of six short training videos on how to participate. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or need help getting your monitoring project off the ground.

Thank you for your interest and participation!

The USA-NPN National Coordinating Office