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'strengthening working relationships'October 2010
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Can a bully change their stripes?
Communicating the vision
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Extroverted and introverted elephants 


Elephants, like humans, have strong individual personalities that affect how they interact with other elephants, how others perceive them, and how well they are able to influence members of their group. They distinguish themselves differently, with some being popular, showing strong leadership qualities, some are highly social extroverts, while others are less social introverts.


As part of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project they completed a Personality Questionnaire form (developed for people) for the adult members of Echo's family - looking at characteristics such as: active, aggressive, apprehensive, confident, curious, deferential, eccentric.



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The months of 2012 are already flashing before our eyes with organisations focusing on change. It seems that there is an increased level of energy to invest in the people areas of the business and employee engagement continues to be at the top of the agenda for many.


Employee engagement encompasses so many different aspects of the people agenda - in this edition we look at it from two different angles. Firstly, considering ways to change behaviours when bullying or aggressive behaviours occur. In this edition we look specifically at addressing the behaviours of the bully, recognising that bullying can also be a cultural issue.


We then explore how to tackle an important aspect of employee engagement - communicating the vision and strategy in a way that is meaningful. Whilst most acknowledge this is important it seems that many organisations haven't yet cracked ways of doing this that resonate and make sense to the employee.


Enjoy the read and if you have any suggestions for future articles, let me know.


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Can a bully change their stripes?


I'm pretty sure that most people don't want to be perceived as bullies, yet more and more bullying is a topic of discussion in schools and in the workplace. With this heightened awareness about bullying comes increased social pressure and social stigma on those deemed as bullies. An area of tension and an opportunity for change in the workplace occurs when someone who has been identified as a bully, either formally or informally, considers whether or not they can or can't change their stripes. Is it true that once a bully always a bully, or is change possible?



The relevance of a strong vision for employee engagement


In a recent blog I wrote about the importance of onboarding for employee engagement. One aspect of successful onboarding should be that employees clearly understand the organisations direction, vision and purpose. Whilst we all have heard this many times before and know it to be relevant, it seems to be an area that is paid lip service in organisations. Is it time to revisit this and put more energy in to communicating the vision?

In the Rogensi Global mindset survey they state that "Organisations without a clearly defined and communicated vision and strategy will be consistent in failing to achieve exceptional performance. Current uncertainty in economic conditions around the world and more competitive marketplaces, will further exacerbate the issue