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'strengthening working relationships'October 2010
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Is collaboration useful?
Even Dream employers should communicate better
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Having a memory like an elephant


Is it fact or fiction that elephants have great memories - research would suggest its fact.  


Their long memories have been known to help them survive in the wild - one example being a study of elephants in Africa who lived through a terrible drought from 1958 to 1961. In 1993 a second severe drought took place. Some elephant groups left the park, and it was identified that these groups had members who remembered the earlier drought. Whereas groups that stayed in the park were composed of younger elephants. The elephants that left the park in 1993 lost only 10% of their calves compared to 40% of its young for the groups that stayed.


This suggests that elephants have memories strong enough to remember stuff from their childhood.


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Welcome to Kandula 

In the July edition of Kandula Konnects we looked at one element of employee engagement, the Employee Value Propositions. Since then the evidence about the importance of employee engagement grows. In this edition we go in a different direction and look at the results of the Dream Employer survey.


We also look more specifically at one element of communication that can build or destroy engagement - the ability to collaborate effectively. A concept that seems to make sense for leaders yet isn't always used to good effect.


This will be the last Kandula Konnects for 2011. It seems to me that this has been a year where more and more organisations understand the importance of managing and engaging their people. And with this comes recognition that individual and organisational communication is fundamental to building engagement.


I'm already excited about the prospect of working with you in 2012, supporting organisations to further strengthen working relationships.


If you think others may be interested in reading Kandula Konnects and getting to know Kandula please on.

I hope you enjoy the read.



Is collaboration useful?


At a conference recently I was asked to pose the question "Is collaboration useful in your business?"


My instinctive response and I think one that many others have, is that of course it is. And then as I began to think some more I questioned this assumption. I realised that there are times when it is and that it can sometimes be a hindrance. So in my presentation I went on to look at what it means for leaders to firstly decide whether or not to build collaboration and having decided to do so, what does it take to make it effective.


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Even Dream employers should communicate better


A great report came out recently looking at the Dream employers in Australia and New Zealand (Insync Surveys and RedBalloon.com.au), analysing what makes them the dream employers.


There is a great deal of consistency in the findings about the things that people are looking for in their work and how the Dream employers deliver on these parts.


The top 3 reasons for choosing the Dream employers are:

  • Pay, benefits and conditions
  • Work-life balance
  • Culture


This is further supported by research that proves that a people centric organisation is key to gaining a competitive advantage in the employment market (Pfeffer 1998).


The research shows that culture is so important yet at the same time it reveals that only 45% of workers are satisfied with their current job. And the top 3 things that they want to see improved are:

  • Systems and Processes
  • Communication
  • Pay and Benefits 
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