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Making decisions

Given elephants ability to communicate, lead, build relationships and work as a team I was interested to explore how decisions are made.


As we know the matriarch will often take charge and be the one that makes decision, particularly at times of crisis. And at other times the group will discuss things and negotiate before making their minds up what to do.


And surprisingly in some incidences the matriarch will put forward suggestions that aren't taken forward by the group. This would tend to happen for the day to day decisions


More often than not elephants are able to distinguish between the different types of decision making process that is needed. In some instances collaboration and consensus is acceptable and at other times the leader/ matriarch will use her position and leadership skills to decide.


Sound familiar?


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Welcome to Kandula 

The last few months have been a busy time for Kandula. During this time I'm beginning to see a shift in the discussions that are taking place.


2011 seems to be the year of Employee Value Propositions. As employee engagement becomes more critical to businesses, having an effective EVP is being recognised as critical to this engagement. Having worked on a number of EVPs the article below gives some musings on ways to introduce an EVP and make it work.


In this edition we also look at the way communication skills can be developed to improve the EQ/ IQ balance.


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Making your Employee value propositions work


There seems to be a certain amount of mystery around an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Questions are being asked about what it is, what the benefits are to an organisation and what the benefits of having it are to the employee. Yet more and more organisations are developing their EVP


Here are some thoughts and my interpretation of what it is and isn't and how it can be used effectively.  

  • The employee value proposition is a representation of what you stand for as an employer.
  • It shows employees what it is like to work in company X, what is expected from them and what they can expect
  • It's the glue that brings together the multitude of experiences and touch points that create the employee experience
  • It's relevant to employees throughout  their lifetime with company X
  • It's relevant to future and previous employees
  • It's an articulation of the reasons why someone joins company X rather than company Y
  • It's (hopefully) the memory of the experience you had as an employee once you leave
  • It's a combination of words, a look, an environment and supporting policies
  • It engages and has meaning for  employees who are different ages and are doing different things Read more

EQ/ IQ and their connection to strengthening working relationship


A lot has been written about EQ and IQ, with Daniel Goldman being at the forefront of thinking about Emotional Intelligence. Over the years the argument has grown that both EQ and IQ are relevant in the workplace. This has a direct impact on the way relationships exist in organisations and what people are expected to do in different roles.


Nearly 60% of the employers who responded to a study by the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) stated that there is a greater focus in the workplace on open communication and that managers need to have a greater focus on leadership and performance management skills. This in turn has an impact on the type of people recruited as people with both emotional intelligence and the relevant technical skills are required.


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