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'strengthening working relationships'June 2010
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I just can't face this conversation
Teams don't stand still
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Ever been told you have a memory like an elephant?


Knowing that there are similarities between humans and elephants, I was interested in exploring where this phrase came from and if elephants really do have good memories.


There are a number of reasons why this phrase has come about. Here are some facts about the elephant's brain:

1) An average elephants brain is 4.8kg, the largest among living and extinct animals. A humans' is 1.5kg

2) It has the greatest volume of cerebral cortex available for cognitive processing of all land mammals. This is the thinking and perceiving part of the brain.

3) The neocortex is large and highly convoluted. This is the area in humans where working memory, planning, spatial orientation, speech and language are done.

4) They accumulate and retain social and ecological knowledge, remembering the scents and voices of scores of other individuals and places for decades.

5) They use their long-term memories to "keep score" and to extract "revenge" for wrongs done.

So it would seem that elephants really do have great long term memories; so if you are told you have a memory like an elephant, take it as a compliment.

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Welcome to Kandula Konnects.


Kandula's aim is to strengthen working relationships within businesses; so we are constantly looking at areas where relationships may not be working effectively and what the results are. In this edition we explore some of the things that get in the way of us having strong working relationships - looking particularly at issues that arise when difficult conversations need to take place to move things forward.


We also look at what happens to teams when the structure and people within the team changes. This is a time when real focus should be given to the working relationships and how they can be strengthened to drive the teams' performance.


With this in mind, Kandula are pleased to announce an alliance partnership with Morstone, an executive search company that deliver the highest level of professionalism and integrity to the executive recruitment process.


Once Morstone have found the right executive for a position, Kandula provide services that enable the executive to strengthen working relationships with their team, peers and stakeholders to deliver outstanding results.

If you think others may be interested in reading Kandula Konnects and getting to know Kandula please forward this email on.

I hope you enjoy the read.


I just can't face this conversation


"We don't seem to talk about the things that matter"

"Last time I raised this I was critcised so I'm not going to try again."

"We don't have time to talk about this issue so we carry on as though it's not a problem"


Ever find yourself saying this or something similar to justify why you avoid having conversations that are difficult or confrontational.


As I talk with people in business about the challenges they are facing, it often becomes clear that they are avoiding the difficult conversations or using them as an opportunity to attack others. Which ever path is taken, it tends to mean that you have no chance of achieving the results you want.

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Teams don't stand still


2009 was the year when many people sat tight in their jobs (if they had a job to sit tight in) and others who were impacted by downsizing went through the roller-coaster of looking for new roles and then facing the challenge of establishing themselves in a new organisation.


By contrast, 2010 is proving to be the year of movement and re-engagement. With over 50% of  people looking for new roles this year we are already seeing a significant shift in who works where and what role they fill. Merger and Acquisition activity is also increasing and restructuring is happening in many business functions and teams.


This movement in the market means that many teams are changing and reshaping in some way. For some this is on a large scale due to some kind of transformation program or it could be on a smaller scale as several people in a team leave and are replaced. What impact is this having on teams, their productivity and the businesses ability to create sustainable growth?

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