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'strengthening working relationships'October 2010
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Who is the leader of the pack?


Traditionally the matriarch, the female leader runs the elephant family. There has been debate over whether or not this is a given role i.e. are they natural born leaders or do they have to earn the position?


Research shows that the role of the leader is based on personality, relationships and history


The style of leadership also varies from one matriarch to another. In some families they are autocratic yet in others they involve others in making suggestions.


The most successful leaders are confident, well-connected individuals who command the respect of others through their wisdom and charisma. They also prove over years that they can be trusted to make wise decisions. They are known to have social skills, compassion and courage.

All aspects of leadership that we look for in businesses today.

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Welcome to Kandula

Kandula is often asked to work with clients where various relationship, communication and performance issues present themselves and different solutions are needed. Some of the recent issues included poor team performance, a project team experiencing significant resistance from the business, lack of clarity and engagement to the company's strategy and a potential disciplinary situation.Vastly different situations yet each time working relationships needed to be strengthened and different communication strategies were required.

In this edition we look at more ways to strengthen working relationships by improving communication.Firstly we look at ways to improve team communication to make your year end strategy and planning workshops meaningful and beneficial.

We then put the spotlight on some of the things that prevent us from communicating at a truly effective level all of the time. You may find that you limit your communication in some of these ways. Or do you have examples where you've been brave enough to change your communication style and achieved great results? I'd be interested to hear about your experiences.

If you think others may be interested in reading Kandula Konnects and getting to know Kandula please forward this email on.

I hope you enjoy the read.


Same, same, same


Different, valuable and engaging?

The clocks have changed, summer is approaching and for many it's a time to plan and look forward to the long days and end of year activities. It may also be the time when your thoughts are turning towards all that you have to achieve before the end of the year. And for some, you will be extending your thoughts to plans for 2011.

Traditionally this is the time of year when thousands of dollars are spent on strategy workshops, team building events and Christmas celebrations. No doubt as a leader you will be considering the value of this investment on team performance and business outcomes.

Real value will come from these events if the team spends time cogitating, creating and engaging in discussions that matter. With some forethought and independent support you can make these events a success. Here are Kandula's top 5 tips:

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A moments thought - can we really improve the way we communicate?

Over the last month or so I've presented at a couple of conferences and run a number of training programs looking at different aspects of communicating. At one of these sessions I was asked whether or not I thought that everyone could improve their communication skills; my response was a resounding YES. Later on I reflected on this answer and thought about why I have this belief. 4 reasons came to mind:

Finding ways to connect and communicate with a range of people in different situations is an art

We all have a preferred style for communicating

Communication is more than words

Communication is often limited by our fears and beliefs

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