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In our last newsletter we looked at the phrase - there's an elephant in the room.

This time we ask the question - what should we do if there is an elephant in the room?

The phrase elephant in the corner is used when people focus on small and irrelevant things rather than addressing the issue that really needs to be discussed.
Research shows that 80% of the time people don't talk about what's on their mind. So what stops us from actually talking about the Elephant?
The main reason for not talking about the big issues is fear:
Fear of retribution
Fear of embarrassment
Fear of spaeking up
Fear of conflict
As a leader you have a role to play to create the environment for the elephant in the room to be brought out and discussed. Create an environment where there is trust, an opportunity to speak and to make mistakes with out retribution.
It is likely that one by one the elephants will come out and many of the issues look more like a mouse than an elephant.

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Welcome to Kandula
Hands up - who else watched the Australian Apprentice? 

I admit that I became hooked by the show as it unfolded week by week and focused on different characteristics of leadership. I enjoyed seeing the dynamics and motivations of each of the contestant.  Last week the winner was announced with a close battle between Morello and Heather.

The winner Morello was given the role having shown skill in working with others, motivating others and building relationships with his team, his competitors and his customers. Whilst Heather, who showed great strength in getting a task done herself, lost out for not having the same skill at building relationships. Ultimately her contribution was seen as being of less value to the business.

This was an obvious example showing the benefits of strengthening working relationships for business and individual success.

In Kandula Konnects we will provide insights and ideas in to things you or your team can do differently in 2010 to strengthen relationships, improve communication, make decisions that work and build teams that deliver.

If you think others may be interested in reading Kandula Konnects and getting to know Kandula please forward this email on.

I hope you enjoy the read.

Is your team ready to achieve awesome results in 2010?
2009 has been a tough year for businesses and the toll is beginning to tell on teams.
Many teams have been under pressure this year with high expectations on results when; costs have been cut, revenue has reduced, team members have changed and fewer people are expected to achieve more. When teams under perform, are disengaged or unclear on what they have to do they have a direct impact on business results.
Research and recent commentary suggest that many in the workplace are apathetic, dissatisfied, under performing, disgruntled and disillusioned. Right Management recently produced a white paper indicating that 64.3 per cent of Australian employees are disengaged.  If this is happening in your team, what impact will it be having on productivity and what can you do to harness your teams' full potential?

To decide or not?
If you were a fly on the wall in your meetings what would you see happening? What is the quality of the discussion, how are decisions made and what is the likelihood that these decisions will actually be actioned?
As an observer at a series of meetings recently I was able to see how an Executive team interacted and the impact this was having on their decision making and the companies' performance. Being aware of some of the hazards of decision making and what to do about it is a starting point for success.

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