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5 Excellent Ways
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1. Recognize that the most important person is the one right in front of you.
2. Learn the difference between Fair and Equal.

3. Connect and collaborate.  Five together have ten times the power of one alone.
4. Walk their course before you criticize their path.
5. Shield those behind you, that they might continue to push you forward.

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Creating An Engaged & Motivated Workforce


If you really want to find the keys to engaging and motivating your employees, start your research with companies who embody Customer Service Excellence practices.  Recently, I was enrolling in a great new online service, and during the enrollment process was asked to agree with their 5-point terms of service.  The first four points dealt with their rules of business conduct, but the fifth and final point really grabbed me: 5. Be excellent to each other.  Not, 5. Obey these rules or we will refuse you service, nor 5. Obey these rules and be nice to each other.  No, their final term of service for their customers was to be EXCELLENT to each other.
Think about what your organization would look like if your code of conduct included a policy of excellence.  How might interactions change between employees - manager to manager, peer to peer, manager to staff? 

Be Excellent To Each Other. 

In their book The Enthusiastic Employee: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want (Wharton School Publishing, 2005), authors Sirota, Mischkind and Meltzer tell us it's about giving workers what they want most, summarized in their Three-Factor Theory: to be treated fairly; to feel proud of their work and organizations; and to experience camaraderie.  In their book, the authors prove statistically that an organization's ability to satisfy the Three-Factor Theory will directly correspond with that company's profitability. 
But how do you get there?  By treating your employees as your first customers - by being excellent to each other.   In a recent Harvard Business Review blog, venture capitalist Anthony Tjan writes about his company's Three-Minute Rule for gaining significant customer understanding.   According to Tjan, "to do this, ask what your customer is doing three minutes immediately before and three minutes after he uses your product or service...Customers seek solutions, but it is likely that your offering is only part of one. The three-minute rule is a forcing mechanism to see the bigger picture and adjacent opportunities." 

Thoughts To Build On

What are your employees, peers and managers doing three minutes before an encounter with you, and what are they doing three minutes after? 

Do they perceive that they are being treated fairly? 

Do they feel proud of the work they do and the organization for which they work? 

Do they feel part of a team, a cohesive collaboration of contributors? 

Is an encounter with you a motivating or a de-motivating event?

Are you being as excellent to your employees as you are to your customers?

Just One Thing:  What one thing can you do differently, starting right now, to be excellent to those around you?

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Is your resume current and updated?

Does your resume clearly present your talents, experience and accomplishments?

Will your resume get you an interview for the job you want?

In today's highly competitive job market, you should be able to answer a resounding "Yes!" to each of these questions. With four generations of qualified workers sometimes competing for the same position, and most companies utilizing web-based application systems, the right resume can make all the difference when it comes to getting the all-important interview opportunity - even one within your current organization!

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