Quality of Life is Everyone's Business
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Did you grow up in the kind of place that people tend to leave? Is it the kind of place you've often thought of returning to ... 

  • If you could find the right job?
  • If you started your own business? 
  • When you retire?
  •  On your next vacation?

    In some popular circles this need to return home is called "The Boomerang Effect."  Many cities around the country are finding that their best and brightest want to come back home. What draws them back can range from the need to satisfy their nostalgia to the need for a place to exercise their creativity.   


    Maybe what you remember about your hometown's uniqueness is its cultural heritage, hospitality, unspoiled waterways, forests, natural resources, infrastructure, and / or recreational choices.  I'm sure that you'd agree that these kinds of assets when combined with a thriving economy should make a lot of cities in our state among the best places to work, live, play.   

    If you're contemplating a return to your hometown, you might be interested to learn about some of the quality-of-life improvements that are in the works.   


    Join us at 10a.m. (CST) on Tuesday, March 22, 2011,  for an eye opening discussion about communities that are working with the Mississippi Development Authority's  Asset Development Group.  This team works with a community to develop a vision on what the community wishes to become in the next 10 to 20 years and helps to develop a plan to make that happen.  Community leaders who decide to go through this process can benefit from the hands on expertise of the group, as well as take a way from the process an inventory of assets they already have along with suggestions and ideas on how those assets can be transformed into economic opportunities.


    Why participate?

    • Meet  MDA's Asset Development experts.
    • Hear a Success Story.
    • Learn how to bring the team to your town.
    • Ask about opportunities to work, live and play.


    Registration for this event is free.

    Click here to register. For more information, contact Shanda Barrett or

    Joy Foy. 

  • This free web seminar will be presented by Mississippi Technology Alliance and Mississippi Development Authority and is partially funded by U.S Department of Labor.

    Mississippi Technology Alliance
    134 Market Ridge Drive
    Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157