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The Pushcart Prize Nominees, Write This, & mean confession

Official October 2009
Pretend Genius is pleased to announce this year's Pushcart Prize nominees. Go here to see the list: the list
Pretend Genius is also pleased to announce the publication of another mean book of poetry: mean confession by the one and only Dean Strom.
And this month Write This brings you the ghost stories issue. It's not what anyone expected. Not even the authors.
Write This 
Reminder:  as you know the Willesden Herald Short Story Competition opened on Sept 1. Keep submitting. December 18th is the closing date. Zadie Smith and Rana Dasgupta pass the judge's baton to Richard Peabody. 
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Willesden Herald International Short Story Competition
Here in Willesden we're getting set for the annual moonshine competition, when all the rugged, gruff mountainy women and eye-fluttering, blushing valley men bring their finest distillations to the story fair to be tested by discerning judges who live year round on nothing but the angels' share of finest cognac. So let it bubble a while more but don't burn the good out of it, then get into town from September, at www.willesdenherald.com. These old topers generally taste the liquor and project it forthwith into the testing spittoon, but what you want is to make them not just taste, but to drink the whole bottle and wish they had it to drink again. That doesn't happen too often and nobody knows how or why but they can be seen flopped out on the floor, simpering and gurgling afterwards.
Write This
volume 4, issue vi
 the ghost stories issue 

A spooky thing happened on the way to the October Issue. We collected the submissions in the usual way by downloading and feeding them into the pretend genius mainframe. On selection day the editors convened in the viewing room like we always do. We had our cookies and goat's milk. Nothing unusual. Exchanged pleasantries. Made ourselves comfortable and we're ready to get down to business. We have dozens of monitors set up around the room and normally each submission is opened on its separate screen while we go to work with yammers and whistles. But this time when we flipped the switch on... if I were to describe to you what happened it would read like bad Halloween fiction. It would include these sorts of words:
Café Hopeless
Shakespeare, Joyce, Sartre...we've interviewed the forgotten 'titans' of popular fiction. In their heydey these so-called 'hacks' penned snappy little tales of everyday life. Criticized for being superficial and trite, critics said they wouldn't have the staying power of an U.R. Umberton or a Richard Momy, but the people loved them, keeping them on best sellers lists for weeks, often months at a time. Why have they been forgotten?  We didn't ask that particular question but we asked others when we sat down with their books at Café Hopeless.

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