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Official June 2009

The new issue of Write This is waiting for you.  Please go read it and tell us how much you love it.
There is pretty big news about the Willesden Herald Short Story Competition this month and we're pretty sure you'll be pretty happy about it. 
Also, we are now bored with the way that we're writing these Dear (insert name) messages and will most likely adopt a new tone in the future. 
We also need new donations and sponsors.  So help if you can.  It's tax deductible and makes the whole world less dumb.
Just wishes,
Pretend Genius
We have a judge for next year's Willesden Herald Short Story competition!  Read all about it and other interesting changes about the competition below.
The latest Write This issue is now up and running.  And we're still accepting submissions and we're still paying $50/30 for accepted work (payable via PayPal or check).  
Please visit the Write This website for details.
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Write This, volume 4, issue 2
 pretend genius presents:
 In March of 2009, the scientific-literary quarterly began work on its 13th and final issue.  Started by a group of academic outsiders dissatisfied with the monopolistic control universities held over intellectual discourse in all fields, from physics to poetry, from psychology to anthropology, from literature to philosophy, the founders sought to recognize the simultaneous absurdity and validity of the sometimes seemingly impenetrable technical jargon employed by quantum physicists, literary theorists, post-modernists, poets, and the like. Read more
Willesden Short Story Competition - Announcement
Changes for the next Willesden short story competition: a small entry fee will be introduced to cover running costs. Any extra will be donated to a charity and the accounts published online.  As you know, this is not the first time we have donated to a charity.  Last year we donated $10,000 to Comic Relief (I think most of you have read about that exciting time in literary history).  If we can't make money, the least we can do is give it away.
Here's the plan, transcribed from the back of whatever "a fag packet" is:
"Online entry fee: 4. Because of this we guarantee to choose a winner and shortlist of at least nine. Prizes: 1st 500 plus 9 x 100. Winner and all shortlisted to be included in the anthology." What do you think? Let us know. The new rules will be finalised and published in good time before the opening date of 1 September 2009.

New Judge:  Following on from Zadie Smith and Rana Dasgupta, the esteemed Richard Peabody has kindly agreed to choose the winning entry for the 2009-2010 competition.
Richard Peabody is an author and poet based in Washington, D.C. A native of the region, he is perhaps best known as one of the founding editors for Gargoyle Magazine and editor for the anthology series Mondo. He also runs a small press called Paycock Press; aside from acting as the official publisher of Gargoyle Magazine, Paycock Press has released a number of anthologies and works by individual authors.
Peabody's own fiction and poetry is often set in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding region and is often noted for strong influences from the Beat Generation and experimental authors of the 1960s like Ken Kesey. During his writing and publishing career, Peabody has taught fiction writing for the University of Maryland, the University of Virginia, Johns Hopkins University, and the Writer's Center. He currently resides in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and two daughters. (Ref: .
You can read an interview from 2003 with Richard at Write This

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