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Official May 2009

Thank you for making the re-launch of Write This a success.  We received many excellent submissions and are still reading.  The selected pieces will appear in the Jun 21 issue.
Pretend Genius has also published a new book of poetry by poet Elias Miller.  It's a fascinating, thought-provoking, and stunning collection.  Please support this poet by purchasing a copy of his book:  here.
Best wishes,
Pretend Genius
New book of poetry "Belt Loops & Bird Food, Collected Poems 2002-2009" by Elias Miller is now available for your enjoyment.  Visit Pretend Genius for more details. 
Write This now accepting submissions and we're paying $50/30 for accepted work (payable via PayPal or check).  The theme for the next issue is something that you won't see anywhere else.
Please visit the Write This website for details.
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Belt Loops & Bird Food
Cafe Hopeless - The War Diaries
High praise for New Short Stories 3
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Belt Loops & Bird Food
Collected Poems 2002-2009
Poetry, once only the domain of the upper class and educated caste, is now a way for everyday people to see the world, to interpret the mundane into something deeper, perhaps even a universal identification of the human experience. The poet Elias Miller has the ability to compress meaning, create word play, soundscapes and generate insights in a small space. Belt Loops & Bird Food establishes a context of common experience that anchors meaning and builds an identification with the reader in ways that are moving and often stunning.
Cafe Hopeless - The War Diaries
Last month we interviewed "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare" and came to the conclusion that no one will agree about William Carlos Williams vs. Wallace Stevens.  This month we bring you an interview with the War Diaries by Jean Paul Sartre.  In Paris.  Zizou.
High praise for New Short Stories 3
The title story in New Short Stories 3 "Work" has received enthusiastic reviews.
"Work" is a characteristically understated title for a story that concerns itself with the very ordinary, and manages to find there philosophy, politics, and great vistas of melancholy feeling. I admire it intensely: Jo Lloyd is somehow able to write everyday paragraphs that lift off into flourishes of quiet wisdom - a wisdom whose warmth and sensitivity is in poignant contrast to the cold world she describes.
Like all the best short stories, this is a capacious work of literature, and it confronts the reader with big questions. High-flown captions come to mind: it is about the degradations of capitalism, the nature of contemporary friendship, the meaning of work, of risk and of loyalty - but the story itself prohibits such ungainly representation. Jo has found for it a voice of memorable clarity and simplicity, and it speaks perfectly, beautifully, for itself.
Rana Dasgupta
(If you don't haven't heard about Rana Dasgupta yet, you soon will. Speaking about Rana's latest novel "Solo", no less a person than Salman Rushdie said: 'A novel of exceptional, astonishing strangeness, Solo confirms Rana Dasgupta as the most unexpected and original Indian writer of his generation.')

Things we're tracking...
London Event
PG author, Stephen Moran contributed the closing story to the Willesden Writers last anthology, which won a major national literary prize (3,000) in the UK. You are invited to the launch of their latest collection, "What we were thinking just before the end", at 8 pm on May 28th upstairs at The Space, Willesden Library center, London NW10, with special guest: Joe Dunthorne ("The teenage voice is funny and dead-on" New York Times review of his debut novel). Admission is free. There will be an interval when refreshments will be provided and copies of the new book will be for sale.
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Views and Reviews 
"Concentrating on a relatively small list of authors and...a quirky, literate audience who aren't afraid of straying off the beaten track to something a little less mainstream, pretend genius are the complete antithesis of the soulless blockbuster publishing houses that currently have a vice like grip on the book industry."
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"In that sometimes dim world of the independent press, it (pretend genius) occupies sparkling prominence, provides the proof of outstanding achievement and the promise of equally meritorious future accomplishments."
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"they (pretend genius) have put their money where their mouth is, by producing high quality..."
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