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April 2009 
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Dear reader,  
We write to you of a new way. pretend genius [press] is under new management and will soon be a non-profit organization (for a brief history of how we got here, please read this). To this end, we will rely on the kind and generous tax deductible contributions of our readers and partners in order to bring you what we've been bringing you and even more.  But we also have more to offer you than ever before.
In addition to the many authors and books we have published and the New Short Stories series in connection with the Willesden Short Story Prize that many of you already know about, pretend genius will now start paying writers for work that is accepted for publication in its literary e-zine as a show of support, encouragement, and appreciation for those writers and readers who have supported us and will hopefully continue to support us in the future: $50/£30 per piece. 

We've also added Café Hopeless (although we are hopeful) to our galaxy and we're sure you'll enjoy spending time there once you see what it is.   Eventually, we may accept submissions to Café Hopeless as well.  Additionally, we'll be sponsoring pretend genius events throughout the year and will let you know if a scheduled event will be near you.

We hope you are encouraged by what you see in the coming months and that you are able to contribute to this lost, literary cause of ours. If you are already intrigued by what you see and would like to support us in these endeavours, we kindly ask you to help us so that we may continue to promote books, the authors who write them, and the literature that is found in them. 
Your contribution allows us to make the New Short Stories Series and the Willesden Herald Short Story Prize bigger and better;  it also allows us to reach out to more authors via our e-zine Write This.  If everyone of you contributed just $5-$10 (the cost of 2 cheeseburgers--Steve says falafels), we would meet our operating costs for the year.  Please contribute

Thank You,
pretend genius

Cafe' Hopeless
we interview books
ladies and gentlemen, it's not everyday that you get the kind of inside knowledge you need to survive in the 21st century.  pretend genius brings you raw, uncooked literature straight from the pages of books.  we get the real story at Cafe' Hopeless.
New Short Stories
New writers, new stories...
Every year, in conjunction with the Willesden Herald Short Story Prize, pretend genius publishes an anthology called New Short Stories that includes the winning story and those that made the short-list.  We invite you to take a look at these books and read some of the new authors who will undoubtedly make a name for themselves in short time, if they haven't done so already.  Link
pretend genius Events
independent book fair
pretend genius will be at the independent book fair located near the writer's center in the washington d.c. area on april 18th.  stop by if you can.  we'll be looking for you.  link
pretend genius
a new formulative non-descriptive

pretend genius has published 15 books of poetry and literature that include dozens of writers and poets.  We have tried our best to reach an audience for all of the writers who have passed through our doors and have done so quite successfully.  But we need your continued help and support to keep doing so successfully.  Without the support of readers and writers, independent publishers wouldn't last very long.  We ask you to support good literature and help us bring it to the world:  contribute.
Write This 
oh boy are they back...

writethis.comThe boys over at are back and are they gooder than ever.  The seminal e-zine which has been on hiatus for over a year has returned with some encouragement from pretend genius [press].  With a new look and payment to writers, Write This continues its tradition of doing whatever it wants.
things we're tracking

A collaboration between David Meltzer, poet, musician, essayist and more, and Michael Rothenberg of Big Bridge Press. Rockpile is a road trip project through 8 cities in the US to perform poetry/prose, composed while on the road, with local musicians and artists in each city.  Link

Willesden Herald Short Story Prize
Willesden Herald, pretend genius, and bring you the Willesden Herald Short Story Prize.  The submission window for 2010 has not yet opened. As many of you already know, the winning story of the 2009 Prize was the excellent piece "Work" by Jo Lloyd.  Please visit for the rest of the short-list and other details pertaining to the Prize.  Judges in previous years have included Zadie Smith and Rana Dasgupta.
We'd like to thank you all for helping us get this far and we hope that we have earned and continue to earn your support and encouragement and that we have in some small way repaid you in kind.  Stay in touch.
pretend genius