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Issue: 12December 2010
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Have Yourself a Dandy Digital Christmas!

Greetings!Wilma Hartmann, Internet Marketing Consultant

It has been a wonderful year for Digital Daisy Inc. and we could not have done it without our clients and friends alike. 

It's been a year filled with good work, tonnes of fun and laughter, and promising partnerships.  As a team, we thank you for your support and kindness in 2010!

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2010:  The Year of Social Media Experimentation
Social MediaThis past year will no doubt be remembered as the year of social media experimentation. 

Small business owners felt dispair at the thought of keeping up with all the emerging social media channels.

Leading the Pack
Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr rose to the top as the leading social tools.  Groupon, FourSquare, Facebook Places and soon Facebook Deals followed hot on their heels.

Becoming More Selective in 2011
Well, we think that there is good news.  In 2011 we'll see specialization.  The market is realizing that it is impossible to keep up with every social media tool and channel.  After experimenting with a few, it is becoming clear to businesses which ones deliver the best results.  So.... if you were one of the business owners gasping for air, relax. 

In 2011 there will be less of a need to show off, and more of a focus on selecting what brings the best results.
Top Trends for 2011 for Web Marketing

2011 Trends for Small BusinessAccording to Mashable these are the top 5 trends we can expect for small businesses in 2011:

1.  Increased Spending on Websites

Realizing that we have moved beyond the brochure style website, businesses will look to improve design, incorporate customer service features (such as reservation systems), integrate social media (blogs and links and widgets for other social media channels), and improve search engine results.  Websites will become friendlier resources and less of a brochure.

2.  Mobile Marketing

Smart phones will invoke the biggest change for 2011, changing the way all businesses  reach customers. Websites will become mobile-friendly and businesses will continue to tweet on the go.  Mobile advertising and location-based marketing will gain prominence.

3.  Social Shopping and E-commerce

Small businesses will increasingly use e-commerce through their own website or online stores such as, or services such as Social shopping is a growing phenomenon and services such as Groupon and Living Social are reaching vast markets with unique offers. 

Ebay launched its Group Gifts service this year, enabling social networks to buy gifts together. Group buying is based on invoking group discounts when a group of friends purchase an item and is a trend to watch out for.

4.  More Focused Social Media

This year's social media experimentation is paying off and in the year going forward, businesses will start to concentrate on those channels that are truly working for them.


5.  Cloud Computing

Small business are starting to use more and more cloud computing services, from Google Docs to Freshbooks (invoicing), Batchbook (social CRM) to Dropbox (online storage). As office mobility increases, so will the demand for productivity software that can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet computer.


This sums up what we see as major trends for 2011 for small businesses in the online world. Join us on Facebook to share your thoughts on where 2011 will take us.

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your support in 2010.  We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wilma Hartmann

Wilma Hartmann & the Digital Daisy team