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Good Shepherd Center Project                                    November  2011
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Mid-Century LA

MidcenturyLA imports mid-century modern furniture from Denmark and Sweden for sale in United States. Their items range from unique, high quality items such as credenzas, dining sets, and lounge seating to examples by renowned designers of the period such as Hans Wegner, N.O. Moller, Erik Buck, Arne Norrell, Kai Kristiansen, Arne Vodder, Illum Wikkelso, Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen, Peter Hvidt, Orla Morlgaard-Nielsen, Yngve Ekstrom,etc.


MidCenturyLA was a big part of this Shelter Project.  Thank you David for your Kindness & Philanthropic nature.   


Erica Islas Featured in Standard Magazine for her Charitable work
Article on page 91 

Standard Magazine cover

Click on Photo Below to see HGTV's video of our room at the Good Shepherd Center , we are talking tips for small spaces!



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See EMI's Good Shepherd Room featured in

A BIG heartfelt ThankYOU to everyone who donated products to this wonderful cause.   Special Thanks to Vanessa De Vargas and Vanessa Kogevinas who organizied this project & brought 30 Amazing designers together for this wonderful charitable project.

For more info on Products Donated, log onto :



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his past July, I joined

Erica Garvey Office Mustard Dress

30 very talented designers in designing rooms for the Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children.  We each designed one room and made these spaces into li'l sanctuaries and

retreats for the many women who will transition from this space to

their very own home one day.


Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the help of the many generous vendors and tradesmen who donated their time and products. I was very fortunate to work alongside these talented designers with the common goal of giving back by doing what we do best!  Here is the press we received for this project, you can view them by clicking the links on this newsletter. 


But first take a look at the "before" photos which these articles and video do not show. I always love good "before" and "after" shots.


I hope you will enjoy!



All the best,

Erica Islas

Before Photos of the Good Shepherd Charity Design Project.

  Now go check out the transformation!   
Good Shepherd Center
Good Shepherd Charity Design Project Blog
Visit this blog to learn more about the project , including participating designers.

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