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March 2011 Newsletter

I have to be honest, what I thought was going to be a monthly newsletter, turned into a bi-monthly newsletter and now it has turned into a quarterly newsletter. What can I say? We've been busy! 

So don't think you missed February's newsletter, there was none. But March is Here ! Enjoy!

Sicis Mosaic Bath
Alta 1
All Photography by: David Young-Wolff
Alta 2
One of my favorite tubs is this infinity tub from Kohler, it is simply spectacular.  What you can't see from this picture is that it has chroma-therapy ( meaning, there are light bulbs in the tub that change color , you can check out my Blog for that video here.
Then there's the Purist ceiling tub spout , which fills the tub from up above. 
The mosaic tile I selected for this bath is from Sicis.  It is a blend of blue, white, 24K gold, copper, and Platinum mosaic tiles.    The shimmer and sparkle of this bathroom is complemented by the honed limestone floors and the warm Quarter-Sawn Walnut wood vanity.
Funny, but true, all projects have surprises.....and I will never forget this one.
So the new bathroom is designed , they demo the existing , construction starts , plumbing, lighting, all rough is set, the usual headaches here and there, tile is layed, vanity goes in, all is working out nicely.  Then , when we go to order mirror, we realize that the LARGE almost 9 foot by 5 foot will not fit in the elevator, NOR will it fit up the stairs , unless there is a seam or a couple of seams in the mirror. 
Well, that wasn't in my plan and I did not want to see ANY seams.  I am typically not a stubborn designer, but I just couldn't have seams.  So Sam the Contractor and I put our heads together for days.....and finally the suggestion was made that we crane it up thru the alley onto the balcony and into the room.  I wasn't there when it was brought up , so I am not sure exactly how it all went down, but Thank goodness for contractors who are willing to TRY !  The result, is this bathroom mirror without Seams!  Hooray !

 Alta 4
This wonderful project here is the result of a group collaboration. 
Thank you so much to everyone involved.
Gabriella Toro - Cippananda, Sam Malmazada A-Class Builders , Eclectics Cabinetry , Sicis
Special thanks to our client who allowed us to be so creative with this space.  It was a pleasure.
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Modern Bath
Design Tip
Resource of the Month
Quote for Success
Cool Find
Design Tip
Looking for the right fabric that will hold up to your kids and pets?
We have a design tip .....Read all about it on our Blog. See what we spec out and and how our clients love it. emiinteriordesign.blogspot.com
Resource of the Month
One of our favorite online magazines right now is Standard Magazine.  If you haven't had a chance to check them out, you should. Shhhh...don't tell them we told you they happen to be a "green" Magazine. Their mantra is "Green is a Standard, not a Style".  So talking about what's green in the magazine is not their practice, everything in the magazine just is.  We love this about them & has inspired many of our recent projects!
My Favorite feature this month is the "Live and LIVESTRONG" article.  Go on ,check it out and read it.  The 4th issue went live today ! And it's Great!
Quote For Success

Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. -David Frost

Cool Find
You've all seen the West Elm catalogue and some of you have wondered who makes that great wallpaper in the background.....well look no further.....it's from MADISON & GROW  an incredible wallpaper company.


Check out their website for more incredible patterns.  It's a fantastic way to bring some life to any room. 

Madison&Grow Paper




Before Photos
It is hard to appreciate the hard work involved when you don't see the before photos.
So here's are a couple before photos of our main feature.
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