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Yup, that's right!
Sites like Craiglist can be the easiest way to "go green". How?  Well, it's one of the simplest forms of re-using, along with going to swap meets, yard sales, antique shows and looking thru the Penny Saver. Not only is it re-using but you are also buying local, which also helps, because it doesn't pollute our air with fuel exhaust from shipping. Not to mention buying second hand will save you some money, a big plus during our current economy.
Check out this cool corner table we found for our recently purchased Big Bear Cabin. We will refinish with a laquer by Safecoat  and Viola ! We're on way to help in saving the environment.

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Click Here to see howI "Easy it is being green"
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Food For Thought
"It's the little details that are vital.  Little things make big things happen." -
John Wooden

Mother of Pearl dressers

These amazing dressers are handcrafted with mother of pearl The detailing is incredible. Would love to use on our next project.  Anyone interested ?


I'd like to welcome  to our design team our talented intern Robyn ! Robyn will be with us this summer from Fresno State -Interior Design program.  Welcome aboard Robyn!


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me in kitchen

Recreating the nostalgic charm to this 1920's Spanish Bangalow was a delight for Erica Islas.  Her expertise and attention to detail is evident  in every square inch of the home. 
Bringing our client's original 1927 Spanish style back to it's roots without going over budget was the priority when renovating this kitchen.   Client wanted charm but functional for today's lifestyle. Oh! and of course not without Erica's special touches .
EMI Interior Design, Inc

"Back To Its Roots"

This Charming California Spanish bangalow was in dire need of a makeover.  After searching high and low and interviewing over 9 interior designers, this homeowner came across Erica Islas of EMI Interior Design, inc. thru HGTV .  Homeowner immediately fell in love with Erica's design aestheic and approach to design. 
This kitchen renovation is charming down to every detail.  Removing the wall at the end of the sink counter, opened up the kitchen and made the space more inviting  and perfect for a breakfast nook.   The seat cushions for the built-in nook have been tailored to have a special matress edge and stiching.  "It's all in the details" , Erica says.
The vintage one of a kind 1920's pendant for over the breakfast table is the perfect compliment to this kitchen and was an incredible find at a local Vintage Lighting shop.
Adding architectural details is always important to Erica in her designs, here we extended the soffits around the room with recessed lights.  A Spanish Teal color is used as our accent color throughout. 
The exquisite floor pavers "San Felipe" are from Arto a company that has a long standing commintement to Stewartship and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.  So not only are they Gorgeous, but they are built to last and are sustainable. See photos below  to see how this trasnformation took place.    
     Christmas Kids Happy   
Christmas Kids Happy
Cheviot Hills Progress
Work In Progress
    AFTER                                        photography by : David young-Wolff
Design Tip 
Perenials Fabric
For durable,stain resistant breakfast nook cushions: I always use an outdoor fabric like the ones pictured here from
Perennials or Sunbrella.  These fabrics are tough and hold up to spills really nicely, perfect for breakfast nooks , especially if you have children.  I especially love the velvet outdoor fabrics because they are super soft.
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