Christmas Kids Happy
May 2010 
Christmas Kids Happy
The Dragonfly......
I have always admired the beauty and colors of the dragonfly.  It's gracefullness and it's strength. It is why, 10 years ago when I opened my business I chose the dragonfly as my logo.
The symbolic meaning of the dragonfly changes with each culture.  Most commonly it represents change and tranformation since it is a creature of the wind.  Which in an interior design world this is what we do ....change and transform spaces.  However, that's too easy !  The main reason I chose the dragonfly as our logo was because to me, the dragonfly represents TIMELESS Design.
Dragonflies have been on the planet since long before the dinosaurs.  They have survived for hundreds of millions of years with relatively little change and I find THAT to be incredible. 
We strive for timeslessness in all our projects.     
I have been qouted several times in different interviews that " I look for color inspiration in anything from nature" and these dragonflies are a perfect example. They come not only in red, fuchsia, orange, pink, blue, gold, saffron, black, emerald, maroon, earth tones, and more, but also in metalliccolors. Some have colored, spotted or banded wings; others may have clear wings. 
They are striking creatures and I do Love them !  So there you have it.  My story on the dragonfly.-
- Erica 
Antolini Agate Stone Fireplace Wall 

Christmas Kids Happy

Traditional NO MORE !

pellico fireplace during

Remove existing mantel surround. Keep same firebox.  Remove brass and doors.  Change out from "Faux" wood burning fireplace to Fire glass burning fireplace for a more contemporary approach.
Christmas Kids Happy Bronze Metal Edge Detail 
Christmas Kids Happy
This Custom Fireplace has transformed into a piece of art work using this mouth-watering stone from Antolini.  It is trimmed out by bronze details and a new custom mesh door. 
*** This fireplace project is a complete custom project with lot's of detailing involved.  It was a collaborative group effort between client, metalsmith and two designers !  Thank you Laurent Pingault for all your imput and for the incredible resource of the top noch metalsmith.
And so our new adventure begins at our new office.......
Issue No. 10
Christmas Kids Happy

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Antolini Agate Fireplace
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Food For Thought...

 "Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness."
-Frank Gehry
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Haas Entertainment is southern California's leading audio and video solutions provider for your home, vehicles, and business. We attribute our success to the heartfelt referrals of our discerning clientele to others in their circle who appreciate quality and intense customer service. Haas Entertainment is equipped to manage the electronic requisites of your Los Angeles area home or business, or your second home and branch offices, as well.
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  Lunada Bay Glass Tile
Glass Tile 1
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