February 2010
Some of you like to follow my work a little more frequently, so I started a blog just or you !  I will be posting up once a week (hopefully),  anything from a jobsite visit, a tile installation, furniture find , what ever I'm working on that week , that can not wait to be on my monthly newsletters. Hope you enjoy.   And please feel free to comment.
Upward Bound Update 
Here are some photos from the Probono project we did.
It was an amazing experience to do something so great,
we put our hearts in it. I can't describe the emotions we felt
doing this. It was touching to be able to be a part of it, and see everyones generosity to help out.
The thought of families living in cars or on the streets, here in our own city, here in America,one of the richest countries in the world,
just doesn't sit well with me.  I was constantly thinking about my own family and think what would I do , how would I feel?  What would the kids think or feel? 
I would love to think that, like the movie ( La Vita e' Bella), "It's a Beautiful Life", the parents "make-believe" this transition is an adventure , so that the children don't realize what is actually happening. But that is my own naiveness and wishful thinking.  It's probably far from the truth.  And like in the movie with Will Smith " The Pursuit of Happiness" , these families have endure many hardships, and will come here in pursuit of their dreams of a better life for their familiy.  One of the things that made this project worthwhile was the many success stories I heard from the program directors of UBH, and case workers. 
It will be here at UBH, where their new lives begin and I was honored I could partake in making a room that would inspire them, make them feel happy and make them a little hopeful. 
Christmas Kids Happy
Concept Board
My Approach to the room:  Creative Space Plannning.
Find a way to make the space architecturally interesting by Adding custom pieces to make partitions in the room.
Separate eating area and sleeping area and even create a small living area in a small 350 Sq.Foot Space.  
Make Storage.  Use different heights in the room , so that your eye does not stay at one level.  Room must be Kid friendly, warm and inviting.   Easy to upkeep, there will be many families passing thru.
Custom Bookcase (By Eclectics) used to Divide space from Living/Sleeping area and Kitchenette/Dining area.  Accessory Preview floor Lamp, next to green club chair, perfect for a parent to read to their children as they sit "criss-cross apple sauce" on area rug . Custom Kitchen upper cabinets for storage and visual height.
UBHDining Small Dining area, compact
Dining Lighting By Zia-Priven
Custom Wood Shutters for window (SunriseShutters). Keeps clean with Children and is contemporary and timeless.
Christmas Kids Happy 
"Enjoy Life" painting by Contemporary Artist Mark Hobley adds the perfect uplifting message and color scheme to brighten up anyone's day.
Custom Zebrawood Parson table over HVAC unit, utilizes what would normally be dead space.
A BIG Thank You to EVERYONE who donated to this great Cause.  The room turned out great thanks to all of YOU.  And there will be Four Very happy families this year thanks to you all ! We could not have done this without you.
My assistant Lynnea Schwieters also did a beautiful room whom I am soo proud of.   Her hard work, late nights, early mornings, paid off !
See below.....
Thank you David Snow and Dara Lasky (Upward Bound House) for the opportunity and for trusting that all of us 18 designers could pull this off in two weeks.  It was lots of fun!
Thank youVanessa De Vargas / Turquoise, for coordinating this HUGE project, and getting all your "peeps" involved.  You were right...."ask, and you shall receive".  I'm glad I was soo persistant to do a Shelter with you!  We did it ! Love you Girl !
For more Photos of the other rooms, see LA Times Article.
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LA Times Press: 
Upward Bound House
Great write up in the Los Angeles Times on the project.
Resource of the Month  :
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Design Tips
Can you tell what the color scheme is in this UBH room?
It's important to throw in a third color to rooms. 
Basically what you are doing is adding an accent color to a monochromatic room.  It makes things more interesting.
In this room, we used a grayish/green tone paint color for the walls called "Misted Green" by Benjamine Moore. 
Then for the bedding we used a Gray/ White and Yellow Duvet.  The "pop"/ "accent" color is the Kelly Green, seen on chair and also on pillow on Bed and vase in bookcase.
The woods do not count as color, they serve as a neutral base in room, even though there is two tones, and several species of wood, they all work together.
The custom cabinetry is made of Wenge and Zebrawood by Eclectics.
List of Donors
Gregg Smith- Eclectics 
Jason and Yvonne Lee
Mark Hobley
Bay Street Refinishing
Rick Fletes/ SunRise Shutters
Dr. Teresa Reder
Ricky Gonzalez
JA Electrical
Zia-Priven Lighting
Accessory Preview
Thomas Taubman
Santiago Moller
Frank Loera / Loera Cabinetry
Alveranga Family
Tony Islas  & Laurie Down
Penny Moller
Jamie Zeleda & Eloisa Romo
Alex & Martha Reynoso
Lorena & Josie Alvarado
Eric Gallardo & Eric Robinson
Brian and Liz Layne 
Nillson & Estrella Ramirez
CPK Mortgage
Hector Padilla SWI Realty
The Rug Warehouse
Nina's Kitchen & Bath
Green Property Investments
Isidro Luna
Tres Morgan
Fleur Hervas
DHL Rein
Juanita Moller
Heather and Tim Dickson
Malisa & Martin Ojeda
Paige Morrow Kimball
Danina Uy
Quilts From the Heart
Johnathan Alder
Duralee Fabrics 
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