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February 2012
Jason Alexander shares his personal story about hair loss and choosing non-surgical hair replacementJason Alexander Before and After Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Santangelo's offers the same process that Jason refers to with our Hair for Life program.  
Call 716.681.7120 for more details.  
We have our own client success stories!Catherine S. Before and After Working with Santangelo's

Santangelo's has helped thousands of men and women experiencing hair loss by providing them with non-surgical hair replacement solutions like the one Jason Alexander references.  

Recently, one of our clients decided to share her story about her journey through weight loss surgery, hair loss and how working with Santangelo's changed her life in hopes of helping others make the decision to do something about their appearance.  

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"George" Gets a New Look
Client Success Story
Does Laser Hair Therapy Work?

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Does Laser Light Therapy for Hair Loss Work?  The iGrow Works
Does Laser Light Therapy for Hair Loss Work? The iGrow Works

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