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Tracy L. Darity
Tracy L. Darity's Newest Release Addresses HIV/AIDS Among Teens
St. Petersburg, Florida - March 19, 2012 - Author Tracy L. Darity released her third novel, The Red Bear Society, on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, to coincide with National Black AIDS Awareness Day.


In her powerful new novel Darity pens a fictitious drama dealing with a very real issue, HIV/AIDS amongst teenagers age 13 - 19.   


The Red Bear Society is a must read for every parent, teacher, community leader, and teenager.  It is a true-to-life story about students at an elite academically driven high school that opens its new school year amiss controversy over the reassignment of their long-standing principal.  Her replacement comes in with high hopes and even higher goals. Number one on her agenda is to introduce an after-school program that addresses issues teens are facing every day.  But a string of events unearth some dangerous secrets about the students, and forces parents to realize the angels they have at home, may not be so innocent when with their peers.


Many parents live behind the mantra, "It's somebody else's child," but after reading the Red Bear Society they will realize it can be anyone's child including their own.  The statistics on HIV/AIDS, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, drug & alcohol use, and suicide among teens is staggering. It is Darity's hope that through contemporary literature an open dialog can begin in schools, churches, and throughout the community that will shine a light on the evils preventing our kids from achieving their desired goals.


Available where ever books are sold. For more information visit: www.TracyLDarity.com.


ISBN-10: 1466409002

ISBN-13: 978-1466409002

ASIN: B0075MDDIC (Kindle)



About Tracy L. Darity
Darity is also the author of He Loves Me He Loves Me Not! and Love...Like Snow in Florida on a Hot Summer Day.  She currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.  For book signings and speaking engagements email info@TracyLDarity.com.
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