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August Newsletter

The summer is slowly winding down and I have been working diligently on completing my second release, "Love...Like Snow In Florida on A Hot Summer Day," due out in late September.  It has been a task finding time to write, while also promoting my first work, "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not!"
With the economy being in the state it is today, I decided to dedicate this months newsletter to book-publishing side-hustles.  Earning money as an author, especially a self-published author, is a task, but as I go through this process I am exposed to some other opportunities that can render financial gain.  But like most things, success is measured in the time and energy we devote to the project.  So as I chug along with my writing, I leave you with some ideas that could create some cashflow or open the door to a career path with limitless possibilities.
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Ever dreamed of being the next Oprah or Wendy William, or producing a radio show like The Michael Baisden Show?  Do you think you have what it takes to bring in listeners and provide them with topics that peak their interest, then BlogTalkRadio may be for you.   .
BlogTalkRadio is a provider of thousands of Internet talk radio shows. Their streaming and archived shows can be  produced by anyone that wants to be an Internet radio host.  The key is content and the law of attraction.  Connect your show to a website, sell ad space, create a product line, and promote, promote, promote, and before you know it, we could be watching you on the tube or listening to you live on the radio.  Below are shows that I have been interviewed on. 
Note:  You can listen to my interviews by visiting Tracy's Book Club.
Organize A Book Event
Do you have good organizational skills and follow-thru?  Are you a good communicator?  How about creating a book fair or festival in your city.  One thing readers love more than reading books, is meeting the people who wrote them.  A book event can start with something as small as a free event at your local library and blossom into something that can grow into a million dollar multi-day event that draws 10's of thousands of attendees.  Vending space at these events can range from $30 a table to $2500 for a 10 x 10 booth.  Sponsorship is important, and generally cover the vast majority of the costs.
For a list of Book events taking place around the USA, visit The National Book Event Registry. 
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Become A Book Reviewer
Although charging to review someone's book for a fee may cause a conflict of interest, being a book reviewer can net side income.  If you are passionate about reading, enjoy various genre's and can be objective, reviewing books can have it's perks.  You may never have to buy another book, is the biggest.  In addition, you can charge for ad space on your website as well as partner with on-line booksellers like Amazon, who will pay you every time someone is directed to their site from your site and makes a purchase.  The purchase doesn't even have to be the product featured on your page. Remember, the key is content on your site and promote, promote, promote.
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Organize A Book Event
Become A Book Reviewer
E.Lynn Harris
Become A Promoter
Become A Editor and more
What Not's

E. Lynn Harris 06/20/55 - 07/23/09

The passing of Author, E. Lynn Harris was a shock to the literary world.  It was yet another reminder that the next second isn't promised to any on us. 

 On Wednesday, July 23rd, at 5:26 Mr. Harris posted the following message on his Facebook page "OK FB family send prayers up. I'm off to my meeting with one of Hollywood's most powerful ladies. Got the suit on and the new scent I purchase yesterday and I'm ready for my close up."  I was enroute to Atlanta and was showing a friend how FB worked.  The next morning my phone was blowing up with text messages saying he had passed away.
The message I will take from both Mr. Harris's and Michael Jackson's deaths is that we have to live each and every day doing what we love, pursuing our dreams and achieving our goals. 
The saying use to be tomorrow isn't promised, but a more accurate statement would be, the next second isn't.   If I have to go in my prime I want to do it doing what I love, and surrounded by people whose lives I have made a positive impact on. 

Become A Promoter
Now this side hustle requires that you be a people person and can travel.  Aside from having a dynamic website that readers visit to learn about great books, and up and coming authors, you need to be able to go beyond cyberworld. 
Many new authors can't afford to travel to various book events, or pay booth rentals.  But imagine if there was someone willing to do the traveling for them, to distribute promotional pieces to their targeted audience, to present their work at networking events, and to industry professionals.  That person could be you.
Become A Editor, ProodReader, Graphic Artist and more...
Let's be real with these services.  You must know what you are doing or you may cause more harm than good.  But these are all services that are in high demand and require little or no set-up costs.  But you must be skilled at your craft.
What Not's
My August Blog is up.  The title is "Does Everyone Loathe Authors.  Click Here to Read
 The Friday House, by D. K. Gaston was the only book from my July Bookshelf.  Visit Tracy's Book Club to read my thoughts.
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