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12 Reasons Not To Attend Your Family Reunion
White Readers Meet Black Authors: ...Who?
June Book Thoughts
30 Books in 90 Days...Summer Reading Challenge
Remembering Farrah, Michael, and Billy, and others
Arlington Loft Greetings,
Happy July!  As always, it is my prayer that my monthly musings finds you well and in the best of health and happiness.  There is a lot going on in the world but I hope you are taking time out to enjoy yourself.
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Tracy L. Darity is the author of "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not!"

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12 Reasons Not To Attend Your Family Reunion 
Happy 4th of July!  With summer upon
us so is the tradition of Family Reunions.  It's time to travel to grandma's house or the hometown of our parents beginnings.  I wonder, and maybe you have too, what would happen to the family relationship if there were no family reunions.  What if family members just went about their lives as they grew older, started families and moved about the country, or even the world, and never looked back?
In reality, that is what many people do already and the numbers seem to be growing.  There was a time when people felt such a connection to their family that even though they may have moved to another city or state, they still longed for home, and the favorite dish of their mother's, regardless of any negative events that may have occurred through the years.  I guess with the induction of the "Dysfunctional Family," and talk show hosts telling us that although we didn't pick the families we were born into; we can surely choose not to deal with is easier for people to move on and not look back.....Click here to continue
1. The last reunion I attended I didn't know (enter percentage) of the people there.
2. We're in a recession and I can't justify spending (enter amount) dollars to travel across the country to spend time with people I will not see or hear from again until the next family reunion.
3. I live less than (enter number) miles from many of my family members and never hear from or see them, so why should I travel to another city/state to bond with them once a year.
4. I am never invited to special occasions, I learn about my family member's weddings, births, graduations, etc by chance when I log into Facebook or Twitter.
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White Readers Meet Black Authors: ...Who? By Carleen Brice

Horton Hears a Who? The Whos were little creatures screaming to be heard. They all banded together and yelled, "We are here. We are here. We are here. We are heeaar!" And Horton heard them.

That's what I do on this site. And that's what I'm currently doing to promote my new novel, so I feel like my screaming voice is a little hoarse right now. So I don't have much to blog. 
Just wanted to remind all readers whether you're looking for high quality literary fiction or fast-past juicy beach reads, Black authors are here and we're writing what you like.
You might have to search us out, but find us, read us.
We are here!
Carleen Brice is author of the novels Orange Mint and Honey (which was optioned by the Lifetime Movie Network) and Children of the Waters:
June Book Thoughts
Click here to read my thoughts and ratings on my June Book selections
One In a Million by Kimerla Lawson Roby
She Had It Coming by Mary Monroe
Dubious by Tina Brooks McKinney
30 Books in 90 Days
Summer Reading Challenge

 Written Magazine has issued their summer reading challenge.  Read 30 books in 90 days.  The challenge runs from June 15 through September 15th (sorry for the late notice).

 If you are an avid reader, and up for the challenge, make your list and post it at 30 books in 90 days.  This is a networking site and will require you to join, but there are no fees and it will be a great opportunity to interact with other readers and share in all the fun talking about the books.

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Remembering Farrah, Michael, and Billy, and others
Farrah Fawcett - 02/0 2/1947 - 06/25/2009
Yes, I was a huge fan of Farrah Fawcett.  Sat on my sofa and cried during the airing of Farrah's Story. A documentary created by her to squash tabloids from capitalizing on her fight against the cancer that ultimately took her life.
Farrah was the favorite Charlie's Angel for most of us, and let's face it, the majority of us rocked that "feathered" hair do as best we could.  So, in memory of Farrah Fawcett, I have dug through my picture trunk and retrieved my ode to Farrah...I have no explanation for the shades...LOL 

 You can stop laughing now.  Next, I have to pay tribute to the "King of Pop"
Michael Jackson 08/29/1958 - 06/25/2009.
When I heard the news of MJ's passing I couldn't wrap my mind around it, and told my daughter to stop playing, it was Farrah Fawcett that had died.  We bantered until I was able to get to a television set.  And there was Wolf Blitzer, of CNN telling the world that Jackson had suffered Cardiac Arrest and was at a California hospital.
Like CNN, I refused to believe he was gone and I wasn't going to believe it until Randy, Jermaine, Janet, or someone from the Jackson clan walked out those doors and said it.  As time passed and other reputable news outlets began to confirm his passing, we had no choice but to accept it.
Now, I am not going to sit here and profess to have been a big MJ fan, a lover of his music, a follower of his life, because the truth is, I have never owned a Michael Jackson record, CD, or video.  However, what I will share with you is the memory of my parents taking my sisters and I to see the Jackson 5 in the summer of 1971, at Curtis Hixon Hall, in Tampa, Florida.  Man, back then, I thought I was one of the most fortunate kids in my neighborhood.  Then I grew-up and realized I was. 
R.I.P. Michael, you will be missed.
My last tribute goes to the "Pitchman" Billy Mays.
Billy Mays 1959 - 06/27/2009
Although I am not one to order merchandise "as seen on tv" I was always amazed by Billie Mays ability to push products with so much enthusiasm and energy.  Obviously milions of others were moved from the couch to the phone by his salesmanship, because Billy Mays was an icon in his own right.  I just wish I had known he lived less than 20 miles from me, cause I could have used him to pitch my book.  Seriously (smile).
To the families, and fans of these three wonderful people, as well as Ed McMahon, Fred Travaleno, Johnny Palermo, and others who have passed in the last week or so, may God and the love of family and friends, and fond memories, lighten your load and help you through your sorrow. 
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