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June 2008
Greetings!  Arlington Loft

As always it is my sincerest hope that this latest musing finds you well and in great spirit.  This journey of continues to thrill me and I am grateful to share it with you.  In this month's edition I have my Father's Day Blog, which is a tribute to my own dad; my thoughts on book piracy; the Espresso Book Machine; a brother's ode to the black woman, and so much more.  As always, please share with others and do not hesitate to provide your feedback.
Much Love,
Tracy L. Darity is the Author of "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not!  For more information please visit
Happy Father's Day!Arlington Loft
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He Loves Me
He Loves Me Not! 
By: Tracy L. Darity
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Paperback: 444 pages
ISBN-10: 1439204659
ISBN-13: 978-1439204658

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Author's read also...
I've been asked many times if I read books by other authors.  I chucckle then reply, yes, I do read. 
Since I am asked this so often, I have decided to start sharing my personal thoughts on the books I read.   You can find my comments at Tracy's Book Club.
 May Reads:
Basketball Jones
E. Lynn Harris
Rating: 3.5
Life is Short But Wide
J. California Cooper
Rating: 4.0
Blood Colony
Tananarive Due
Rating: 4.0
Book Piracy
First movies, then songs, now books...
Sometime last year I briefly glanced at a story about a popular search engine that provided readers with free access to 1000's of books.  The purpose was to assist them in deciding if they wanted to purchase the book or not. Then about two months ago I began receiving email with a PDF version of a very popular book attached.  I had not purchased the book but had a friend who owned it.  So, I decided to show her the PDF to see if it was the actual book.  I was concerned because the PDF contained everything from the front cover to the back cover.  Later that day my friend confirmed that it was indeed the book she had purchased, all the way down to the copyright page.
As an author, this did not set well with me.  People may think that it's okay because the artist, the publisher, or whomever has made their money and won't suffer because a few people accessed their work with out paying for it.  I have even had people say to me that it all balances out in the end because the person who saw the work may tell someone else about it and that person may actually go out and buy it. 
I have also heard that it is no different than someone buying the book and then passing it on to other readers.  Although I understand that analogy I have to disagree.  I disagree because the person that may buy a book is not going to share it with a hundred other people in their address book, which opens the door for each of them to share it with everyone in their address book and so forth and so on.
The movie industry as well as the music industry seem to have weathered the storm; but I am not so sure the book industry will have such luck.  Even if the major publishers were to combat this growing issue, where does it leave independent presses and self-published authors like myself.
I do not know your stance on the subject but I do ask that if the opportunity presents itself that you would put yourself in the shoes of the artist and simply press delete.
Father's Day Blog
Beyonce' Knowles recorded a song on her debut CD Dangerously In Love entitled Daddy. No matter how many times I listen to this song, by the end I am in tears. This song captures every emotion I feel for my own Father. (To listen, visit Tracy's Book Club.) Anyone who knows me knows that no other man on this earth could ever replace the man God brought forth to be my dad, which is probably why I have never been married. He has set the bar so high...LOL
My dad is the epitome of fatherhood. He and my mother have been married for almost forty-six years, and although time has taken its toll and my dad has suffered several strokes and is in a constant battle with high blood pressure and diabetes, he still wants to be the head of his household and provide protection and comfort for his family.
Growing up, not once did I ever imagine I would come home and my dad wouldn't be there. I never worried about being hungry or homeless, or not having clothes on my back. I can not remember what age I was when I realized that not all children had fathers like my dad; not all children had dads in their home; and not all children had dads who loved and provided for them the way our dad loved and provided for us...Continue 
My Upcoming Events
Tuesday -June 9, 2009 ( 8:00 pm est) - Interview on Literary Pizzazz with Host Pam Osbey  Click for more info

Wednesday - June 10, 2009 - (6:00 pm est) Interview on ArtistFirst Radio  Click for more info
Sunday - June 28, 2009 - Book Signing - Tampa Bay Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women's Gourmet Gents Culinary Fanfare; 2 p.m.; Higgins Hall 5225 N Himes Ave. ; 813 - 671-9884  
Readers Comments 
One of the things I love about sharing this journey with everyone is the exchange between readers and myself.  Below is excerpts of recent emails from readers of "He Loves Me He Loves Me Not!.
Tracy--- I love, love, love the book.  The ending was perfect and one that was very unexpected.  I can see your book making an awesome movie one day.  Now I was wondering are you making spin off books from that book?  I saw the opportunity for you to expand on some of your crazy characters in other books where they would be the main character mainly Meredith, now she was a straight loony tune. The first husband and all of his drama would be another.  Aaron seemed a little boring book wise but the ex-fiancée now she was a lil number.  Now Tracy, once you get the movie deal, if I haven't made it to celebrity status don't forget to let me audition for the set (acting or doing hair cuz you know I am straight crazy).  I was going to sleep reading the book and picking it up first thing in the morning to see what mess she would find herself in next.  Oh and that man she was blessed with in the end all I have to say is....I want one of those!  I can't wait for your next page got skills girl you got skills.
Natasha Telfair
"Your book was awesome. I just finished it today. It is the first book I have read through completly in two years!! I typically take forever, read half and then just don't read the rest. When is the sequel coming out?"
Ivyia Washington Adams

For more readers comments visit Tracy's Book Club
Espresso Book Machine
Select, Print, Read...
What if purchasing a book was as easy as using an ATM machine?  Well hold tight because coming to a bookstore near you may be the Espesso Book Machine (EBM).
According to
the Espresso Book Machine® ,  provides a revolutionary direct-to-consumer distribution and print model for books. It automatically prints, binds, and trims, on demand at point of sale, perfect-bound, library-quality paperback books. These books, which have full color covers, are indistinguishable from other books sold in bookstores.
These books are actually printed at a cost of about a penny per page. "EspressNet," the EBM's proprietary and copyrighted software system, assures the security of publishers' titles, automatically tracks all jobs, and remits all royalty payments. The EBM produces books using letter sized (8.5" x 11") paper, and  (11" x 17") coverstock, toner, ink and glue. Ultimately, the EBM will make it possible to distribute virtually every book ever published, in any language, anywhere on earth, as easily, quickly, and cheaply as e-mail.
The EBM was on display this past weekend in New York at BEA (BookExpo America).  I would love to hear from anyone who had the chance to see a demo.  I heard from someone that it has been in use for over a year in Melbourne, Australia.
NOTE: Image is not the actual machine.
Poetry Corner 
Black Woman You Are...
By Jerald Howard  

I couldn't care less about your hue or complexion What I really love is your strength and direction  
For centuries you've found a way to overcome You make no just get it done  
Black woman I love you in every way
Black woman I love you everyday  
Black Woman  
You're filled with love and pride...determination and resilience I admire your courage, your beauty, and your brilliance  
AKA, SGR, ZPB, or DST It really doesn't matter what's your sorority   And no disrespect to my sisters with your wondrous calls But the truth is I couldn't care less if you pledged at all  
Because no Greek letter or word can define who you are That's not what makes you such a shining star   It's your essence and grace that sets you afar Your love and your beauty makes you better than par   Black Woman  
You've been lied to, raped, and beaten...cheated on and mistreated But no matter how others scoff, you're still there when you're needed   And we don't say it nearly as much as we need to But black women, your men appreciate you  
Lemonade out of lemons you continue to make Even when we are the lemons, you refuse to forsake   Whilst we moan and complain and fuss and cuss You continue to believe in and encourage us  
And we love you so much more than we could ever show Even though I use this poem to try and let you know  
These words that I speak only begin to capture An inkling, of how you cause such rapture   Rapture in the sense of pure ecstasy Move brisk like the wind and stand next to me  
No matter how I confabulate, articulate, verbalize or vocalize My words fall short of what you are in our eyes  
Black Woman  
Will Smith is not is you who are legend You are our who are destined  
Destined for greatness...destined for success When God gave us you, he decided to bless  
To bless us with your bless us with your grace If excellence had one, you'd be its face  
Black Woman  
I love your lips. I love your hips. I love your attitude Let me see where else I dare allude  
Maybe to your sweet and lovely thighs Thighs when spread, they set forth cries  
Cries of passion...cries of bliss The cries of my baby boy's lips I kiss  
The cries of our children pushed forth from your womb The seeds we plant; the flowers you bloom   Black Woman  
You're my grandmother, cousin, auntie, and niece You're hope, you're love, you're happiness and peace   You're our mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives You're the reason we're are our lives  
You are our triumph and celebration...the reason we gloat This is for you black women. The realest thing I ever wrote