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May,  2012Issue No . 25
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Explore the Mitten
Nursery Nook
Music Minute
Learning with Crafts
Book Review
KDLville Play Spaces

Explore the Mitten

Sunsets. Lakes. Wildlife. Lighthouses. Sand dunes. Snowflakes. KDL is where you can explore what makes the Great Lakes state great! This family program will offer a roomfull of fun activity stations including windmill and lighthouse crafts, a scavenger hunt, a Michigan teams tabletop game and much more.


Check the online event calendar for dates and times.

Nursery Nook

Rickety Rickety Rocking Horse

Rickety, rickety, rocking horse

Over the hills we go!

Rickety, rickety, rocking horse

Giddy-up, giddy-up




Bounce child on your lap or on your leg during the first three lines. 

On "Giddy-up, Giddy-up", bounce even faster! 

On "WHOA!" stop bouncing and tip child backwards or lift them up higher or some other fun, unexpected movement to make your child giggle and beg for more!

Music Minute

You might remember They Might Be Giants as a quirky band from the 90's, but did you know they also make fun and educational music for kids?  They have a number of albums of children's music full of humor and fun for the whole family.  Check out Here Comes Science and Here Come the 123's and other albums for catchy tunes that will have kids and adults alike singing along. Dance, sing and have fun with your children for a fun bonding experience that can also boost memory and listening skills! 


If you enjoy their music, you may want to check out their illustrated picture book Kids go!


Kids Go!





The Kent District Library is here to provide you and your child with the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. KDL's Early Lit Bits newsletter is full of FUN and simple activities that will help foster that growth.  For more information regarding the skills your child needs before he or she learns to read, visit the Play-Grow-Read section of the KDL website.  You can also stop by any KDL branch to speak with one of our helpful youth librarians. We hope to see you soon!

Learning with Crafts

Window Greenhouse:

Growing a garden is a wonderful way to help children learn about the world around them. Gardening teaches patience, nurturing skills, and even builds vocabulary as children learn the names of different vegetables and plants. Here's an easy garden craft to make with your child.



Seeds (fast growing seeds such alfalfa work best)

Sponge (dampened with water)

Empty clear salad container


To Make:

Sprinkle seeds on damp sponge and place into the clear plastic salad container and place in a sunny window.


To Use:

Observe the seeds sprouting and growing .

Label the greenhouse with the plant's name and have your child draw a picture of the plants.

As the seeds sprout, talk about the different parts of the plant: the roots, stem and leaves.

If your plant is edible, talk about how the plant tastes.


Other Ideas:

Consider planting seeds in other fun containers such as old shoes, empty egg cartons, and even empty egg shells. Plant edible herbs and vegetables and encourage your child to taste them. 

Book Review

Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman


After a chance meeting in the woods, a boy and robot become fast friends.  Later when Bot's power switch is accidentally bumped, Boy believes Bot is sick and tries his best to mend him.  The roles are reversed when Bot discovers Boy asleep, and tries to "reactivate" him.  The humor of the mix-up will be a hit with adults and children, and the pictures are large enough to share with a group.  With vibrant illustrations and a heart-warming story of friendship, this book begs repeat readings.  As you are reading, pretend you are a robot and talk in your best robot voice.  Ask your child what kind of robot he or she would like to be.  Would a robot be a nice playmate?  Break out the cardboard and duct tape and construct a robot costume together.  Pretend play is an excellent way for children to practice telling stories, which also gets them ready to read!  

Boy + Bot 

KDLville Early Literacy Play Spaces

At Kent District Library the art of play is serious business.  If you visited KDLville at the Grandville Branch you would hear the glorious sounds of kids at play.  And if you listened really hard you would also hear the sounds of minds at work, growing and expanding.  That's what KDLville is all about-engaging kids in purposeful play. 


The Grandville Branch launched its KDLville space in August 2011 and ever since it has been a place of destination for families with young children in this part of Kent County.  Thanks to generous donations from our Friends group, we have been able to rotate our early literacy activities three times throughout the year.   


On tap for KDLville this summer is our market stand where kids can pretend to shop for good wholesome food, a barn with play tractors and animals, puppet stage, dress up area, and much more.  Our art table and writing center is out year 'round with activities that strengthen creativity and build pre-reading and pre-writing skills. 


Stop into the Grandville Branch and bring the kids next time you're in town!


Grandville KDLville
Katie L