Early Bit Lits
August,  2011Issue No . 16
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KDLville Ribbon Cutting Parties
Nursery Nook
Learning with Crafts
Book Review
KDLville Play Spaces
KDLville Ribbon Cutting Parties

Celebrate with Katie L. the elephant as she cuts the ribbon and welcomes you to KDLville, KDL's new early literacy play space! Party and learn with crafts, games, balloon animals, and a tasty treat as you get acquainted with the interactive stations that foster all six of the pre-reading skills. Catch the festivities at our Spencer or Grandville branches.

Nursery Nook 

There was a little turtle

There was a little turtle,

He lived in a box.

He swam in the puddles.

And he climbed on the rocks.

He snapped at a minnow,

He snapped at a flea,

He snapped at a mosquito,

And he snapped at me!


He caught that minnow,

He caught that flea,

He caught that mosquito,

But he didn't catch me!



  • Draw a box in the air for "he lived in a box"
  • Swim with your arms for "swam in the puddles"
  • "Climb" with your hands for "climbed on the rocks"
  • Clap for "he snapped"
  • Point at yourself for "he snapped at me!"
  • Make a catching motion with your hand for "he caught"
  • Wag your finger back and forth for "he didn't catch me!"

The Kent District Library is here to provide you and your child with the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. KDL's Early Lit Bits newsletter is full of FUN and simple activities that will help foster that growth.  For more information regarding the skills your child needs before he or she learns to read, visit the Play-Grow-Read section of the KDL website.  You can also stop by any KDL branch in order to speak with one of our helpful youth librarians. We hope to see you soon!

Learning with Crafts


There is a strong connection between music and early literacy. Research has shown that phonological awareness can be improved through music. You can easily encourage this connection through singing, dancing and playing music with your children. Children can also enrich their musical experience by playing instruments. You can use these simple directions to make a a few instruments at home with your child. 


Water Bottle Maraca: Take an empty water or pop bottle and wrap it with masking tape. Decorate the bottle with markers, stickers, paint, etc. Next, fill the bottle with popcorn kernels or beans. Replace the cap and you are ready to shake it to some music!


Oatmeal Can Drum: Decorate an empty oatmeal container or ice cream carton with paper and your choice of materials. You can use pencils or spoons or something similar as drum sticks. If you make drums in a variety of sizes you can talk about how different shapes, sizes and materials make different types of sounds.  

Book Review

Are You Awake? By Sophie Blackall


Edward can't fall asleep and it is way past his bedtime.  He is feeling talkative and he has many questions for his mom.  This is a familiar situation for parents and children who will find humor and poignancy in this new picture book written and illustrated by Sophie Blackall.  The book is small (for little hands) and perfect for sharing one on one.  The colors are soft and ideal for setting the bedtime tone.  There is even a fun flipbook feature showing a stuffed animal rolling around and eventually falling asleep.  Sharing books like this with your child is a great way to encourage the early literacy skill of Print Motivation.  Print Motivation is about getting your child excited about reading.  The best way to achieve this is to have many positive reading experiences with your child.


Are You Awake? 


KDLville Early Literacy Play Spaces


The Wyoming branch launched its KDLville play space in the fall of 2010. So far the area has featured a play market, kitchen, restaurant, and a bank. Housed in the library's Toddler Tower with its beautiful two story windows, KDLville has become a popular space for families to enjoy playing together and for children to make new friends. We've recently added a display of books for grownups next to KDLville for the enjoyment of parents and caregivers. Be sure to check for fun new activities in this space each time you visit the library!




Magnetic Gears