June 2010


Memorial Day has come, and that means summer is just around the corner! It's busy business as usual here at Dryvit, so we invite you take a moment and have a look at this latest edition of the Penguin Press to see for yourself what we've been up to lately.
As always, we are pleased to have the opportunity to reach out to you, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.
From the Marketing Igloo
Dryvit has debuted another new biweekly e-newsletter, a systems update and resource devoted to the residential market, both new and remodeling. Along with the updated Dryvit Homes microsite, this electronic update will bring you news and information on Dryvit's products, exciting projects, and recent case studies that will help you better sell your next residential project.

Check out the inaugural issue here, or visit www.dryvithomes.com for even more cool stuff!
In the News
Tim Wies, president of T.J. Wies Contracting, Inc. out of Lake St. Louis, MO, was the lucky winner of the New England clambake for 12 people that Dryvit donated to the AWCI Foundation Auction, held April 23rd at the INTEX Expo in Denver, CO. Congratulations Tim, and bon appetit!
Product Showcase
Dryvit's Specialty Finishes continue to be very popular amongst architects and designers. To help make it easier for you to promote and sell these finishes, Dryvit is pleased to introduce a new brochure, which features and highlights the benefits of:
  • Custom Brick
  • Lymestone
  • TerraNeo®
  • Tuscan Glaze
  • Reflectit
This brochure can now be used to sell all of them instead of passing out a separate brochure for each. You can find a pdf of the brochure on Dryvit's website.
Project Showcase
Delta Grand Casino, Kelowna British Columbia
Dryvit Systems Canada Wins "Project of the Year" with Reflectit™

Last summer, Dryvit Systems Canada used Reflectit to complete a major addition to the Delta Grand Casino in a high-profile waterfront building in downtown Kelowna. As a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to the metal panels initially planned for use, Reflectit was designed in a custom color; approved by owners, architects, and the City; and applied with great care to spectacular reviews.  

Case in point: the project was awarded the Northwest Wall & Ceilings Bureau's "Outstanding Project of the Year" for commercial exteriors!  Congratulations to Kodiak Drywall & Glen McKillop, John Powers, and all at Dryvit Systems Canada who were involved!
Family Matters
Mike LeRoy, Dryvit's regional sales manager, and his wife Kristen are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Rocco. He arrived at 8:18 am on May 17th, and weighs 8 lbs 7 oz at 20 inches long.

Baby only

Donna Santo, Dryvit's legal secretary, is proud to announce the birth of her second granddaughter, Avery, on April 21st. Everyone, including big sister Cadence, is doing well.

Santo granddaughters

Pedro Fernandez, Dryvit's director of sales and business development for Latin America and the Caribbean, is proud to announce the arrival of his first grandchild, Gianna Elisse. Gianna was born on April 26th at 10:08 pm, weighs 7 lbs 6 oz, and is 19" long. Mommy and baby are both healthy and very happy. Grandpa is ecstatic!

Alverez baby 

Gene Lavalee Retires from Dryvit Systems Canada
Gene Lavalee officially joined Dryvit Systems Canada as a technical sales representative for the prairies in March of 2000. Prior to joining Dryvit, Gene worked with Dryvit's distributors Kenroc Building Materials (Alberta) and Design Wall (Manitoba).
Gene has had a real influence in our marketplace through his participation in the Alberta Wall and Ceiling, Alberta Building Envelope Council and CSC. Gene is also the recipient of our Maggie sales award.
Many have felt the passion Gene holds for this industry and for Dryvit in particular. For that, Gene, we thank you. We know your integrity and hard work will be remembered for many years to come.

Gene Lavalee retirement

(Pictured are Gene and Carole Leamen, General Manager, Dryvit Systems Canada)
Off the Beaten Track

When can recycling be entertaining? When this very talented D.C. drummer uses empty pails to hone his talent and entertain the passers-by.  Why did he choose to use the Dryvit pail to collect tips instead of using it as one of his drums?

We can only assume he knows that Dryvit = money!

Project of the Month

The famous Pella Tulip Time Festival, held every year by the Historical Society in Pella, Iowa, is the most anticipated annual event held by the organization. For the 75th anniversary of the festival last month, Dryvit helped the society create a new float, called Mareah's Tea Time, complete with 5-foot rotating tea cups and an 8-foot animated pot made to appear as if it pours tea. With afternoon and evening parades for 3 days in a row, the float had to hold up to wind and weight for multiple rides.  Originally built to seat 3 or 4 small children each, the teacups were strong enough to hold even a 240 lb. dad and his 3 kids without the slightest crack. "Dryvit tough," the float will be stored and likely used another 10 years.

Teacup float

Dryvit applicator Loren Steenhoek of Steinstone used Standard Mesh (up to 3-4 layers in some places), with a Genesis® base coat, a second coat of Genesis smoothed with foam brushes, and two heavy coats of Demandit® before the final coat of white paint that allowed the artist to complete the Dutch Delft work.  Fantastic job!

Web Talk

eSubmittals Updated to Include Outsulation LCMD
Online users can now create a professional electronic submittal, complete with custom cover page, for Dryvit's Outsulation LCMD system in less than 5 minutes on www.dryvit.com. Email it, print it, or save it to your computer: anyway you need them, eSubmittals are just a click away.

... Panzer® 20 provides 10 times the impact resistance as Standard mesh? For a small amount of money (approximately $2/sq. ft), the building owner can get the security and comfort of knowing that his building will be 10 times more impact-resistant. It makes sense to promote Panzer 20. Oftentimes we hear an owner say that he never knew that Dryvit offered a higher impact mesh. Include it in your presentations; carry a small sample of Panzer 20 mesh with you, and have the cost comparisons ready so that when the architect/GC asks the question, you can quickly demonstrate that the small increase in cost - compared to the overall cost of the building - is well worth the protection over the life of the building. See the chart below. The red bar represents Panzer 20 when used in conjunction with Standard Mesh (required installation).

Mesh-Panzer chart
For high traffic areas, specify 20.5 + 4.3 oz of mesh, achieving 352 inch pounds of impact resistance.


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