April 2010


April showers bring... lots of activity at Dryvit! We're looking forward to a sunny spring, and in the spirit of the season, we have lots of exciting news to share in this edition of the Penguin Press.
As always, we are pleased to have the opportunity to reach out to you, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.
From the Marketing Igloo
Dryvit has introduced a new biweekly electronic newsletter, the DyrvitCARE Update, which is dedicated to the restoration and renovation of building exteriors. In addition to sending you a copy, we will also send a copy to all architects, GC's, and building owners in our contacts.
According to the US Department of Energy, there are over 80 million buildings in the US that are more than 30 years old, and most of them have little to no effective insulation. It will not be long before serious renovation is necessary in order to retain function, and DryvitCARE is the perfect solution.

The DryvitCARE Update provides project highlights, environmental news, and other resources for our customers working on renovation or restoration projects, and we welcome everyone to take a visit to our new www.dryvitcare.com microsite for additional resources. We want to help you sell your next project!
In the News
Dryvit president and CEO Peter Balint participated in the April 8th inauguration of the University of Rhode Island's new president, David Dooley.  Dooley is only the 11th president in the 118-year history of the University.

Peter acknowledged that "it was a great honor to be chosen to represent the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, my alma mater, in this celebration. URI has used Dryvit Outsulation® on a number of its campus buildings, and we look forward to doing more in the future."

David Dooley's inauguration
Product Showcase
Custom Brick™ is our product of the month. Custom Brick continues to be a very popular finish for Dryvit systems, thanks to its ability to give the owner and design team the look they want without breaking the bank. If you haven't looked at Custom Brick for a while, take the time to click here and catch up on the supporting data Dryvit offers, including brochures, template options, case studies, energy comparisons, and more.

Custom Brick

Project Showcase
Lexus Dealership, Tulsa, OK
Dryvit Reflectit Gives Lexus a New Look

This Lexus dealership in Tulsa, OK was recently completed with approximately 18,000 sq. ft. of Outsulation.  The dark brown/bronze color represents approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of Dryvit's Reflectit™ coating, and the color was specially formulated to match the window frames on the project. The rest of the finish is Sandpebble®, also a custom color.

Tracy Ward of Best Building Materials in Broken Arrow, OK, sold the project. According to Tracy, this was the first project to incorporate the new Lexus design with the Reflectit coating. According to the GC, Reflectit was substituted for metal panels and the owner saved about $150,000! The applicator on the project was Alain Rosellini, president/owner of Designer Stucco. Great job, Tracy and Alain!
Family Matters
Linda Nolin, Dryvit's Warranty Services Representative, and her husband Bert celebrated the wedding of their son, Jimmy, on March 6th in Newport, RI.  Remarkably, it was a beautiful day for March with warm, spring-like temperatures. Congratulations to all!

Pictured from left to right are: Shawn (brother of the groom), Karen, Jimmy, Linda and Bert.

Nolin family wedding
Off the Beaten Path

Looks like our country isn't the only one in the middle of a census. Check out the latest news on the first-ever emperor penguin census, happening right now using satellite imagery from U.S. intelligence. 
... Although something tells us it might actually be easier to count these guys up than to get all of America to fill out our surveys and mail them back.
Emperor Penguin Census
 Read more from the Wall Street Journal here

Bright Ideas

The engineering documents that Dryvit provides to our customers now have a consistent, more professional look and feel. We've designed a cover page to accompany each of the reports, including WVT Analyses, Plan Reviews, Energy Comparisons and LEED reports. If you would like one of these reports prepared for an upcoming project, simply contact our engineering department at 800-556-7752 ext. 420 or at engineering@dryvit.com

Being GREEN and making a difference...

In the last six months, almost 9,000 eSubmittals have been created on our website. Since they can be emailed to customers, we estimate that during that six-month period, eSubmittals have eliminated the need to print and ship over 400,000 pieces of paper, saving gallons of ink, thousands of trees, and reducing carbon emissions to boot!

As we mark the passing of another Earth Day, we encourage you to visit our eSubmittal section and give it a try.



For Sale - Datacolor 110 Color Matcher
Cody LaBure at Premier Plastering Supply has a Datacolor 110 color matcher for sale. The unit is lightly used and in great shape.

Click here for more info on the machine, or contact Cody at (713) 880-4940.

... Dryvit's Photo Gallery has over 150 project profiles and photos for you to view? They can easily be sorted by Market, System, Finish, Specialty Finish, and Architectural Shapes for your convenience. If you want to use one of the photos in a presentation or to email it to a customer, simply right click on the image (use largest image provided) and select "copy". Then you can "paste" the image in the document of your choice (PowerPoint, Word, email program, etc.).

You can also send in your own project information with photos, and we will add them to the Photo Gallery. Your project will be seen by the thousands of visitors that come to our photo gallery every month. Just look for the "Send Us Your Photos" button and click!

... as a service to our customers, Dryvit emails approximately 25 bid leads from the The Blue Book to our distributors every day? Some of the projects do not have EIFS noted on them, but may still be opportunities to sell Backstop NT on the exterior walls. And since so many of our distributors sell a multitude of products (i.e. drywall, steel studs, etc.), these may increase your selling chances. Dryvit values our partnership with our customers, and we want to help you increase your business. Good luck and good selling!


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