March 2010


Happy March! Spring is just around the corner, and we have plenty of news to celebrate the season.  We hope you'll take a moment to take a look at this edition of the Penguin Press
share in our exciting activity.
As always, we are pleased to have the opportunity to reach out to you, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.
From the Marketing Igloo
We've all seen tradeshow attendance take a big hit over the last few years.  In an effort to counter this trend, one very creative media outlet has created a whole new virtual tradeshow.  Green Builder Media's GreenExpo365 already focuses on residential construction and is expanding to include commercial construction, as well.

GreenExpo Virtual Lobby

GreenExpo365 is free to all attendees and is open 24/7.  Visitors simply need to register once, and then can return as many times as they like.  At Dryvit, we were excited at the opportunity to showcase our residential value proposition at the show, thanks to the site's full-time availability that acts as another online resource with product and system information for our customers. GreenExpo365 will also promote and host a quarterly live event, which consists of a 3-day "open" show that allows visitors to chat with online exhibitors and attend webinars - all for free.  The first live event was held March 1-3, and saw over 200 attendees drop by Dryvit's booth.

One of the greatest benefits to our participation in the virtual tradeshow is its environmental friendliness.  Green Builder Media estimates that over 5 million lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved on air flights alone, and the numbers will only increase as the event grows.

GreenExpo365 Virtual Hall

Visit GreenExpo365 and take a spin around the first virtual tradeshow for our industry.  Please also feel free to forward the link to your customers, and let us know what you think!

Dryvit is proud to share this vision and leadership in environmental sustainability.  We hope you join us in promoting this program. 

In the News
1.  Dryvit Scores Big in Builder Magazine's 2010 Brand Use Study!
In an annual survey conducted by Builder Magazine, Dryvit topped the charts in the EIFS Siding category in each of the four questions asked:
Siding: EIFS
  • #1 Brand Familiarity
  • #1 Brand Used in the Last Two Years
  • #1 Brand Used the Most
  • #1 Quality Rating
 This is great news and is a testament not only to Dryvit and our products, but also to our dedicated distributors and listed applicators who promote and install Dryvit products every day.  Congratulations to all!

2.  Dryvit is pleased to welcome John Buckalew to the Dryvit family.  John was named Sales Manager with Architectural Wall Systems (AWS) on February 1, 2010.  Prior to joining AWS, John was with The Standard Group and brings over 23 years of experience in the building materials industry.  AWS is Dryvit's exclusive distributor covering the NJ and NYC area.  Welcome, John, and best of luck to you.
Product Showcase
Dryvit TAFS (Textured Acrylic Finishes) present a variety of final aesthetic appearances for properly-prepared substrates, including ICF, stucco, CMU, tilt-up concrete and brick.  Now TAFS "II" also provides an ideal option for use on the Koreteck Panel System, composed of a corrugated steel panel encapsulated by molded EPS.
Read more about TAFS on Koreteck
Project Showcase
Melbourne City Hall, Melbourne, FL

Dryvit Custom Brick™ Leaves an Impression

The Melbourne City Hall in Melbourne, FL, recently received a stylish makeover courtesy of Dryvit's Outsulation Plus MD System with Custom Brick (Quarzputz® Red Clay color),
Sandpebble (Pearl color), and Sandblast® (China White color) finishes. All of the detail work was created using EPS foam. Applicator NLS Wall Systems of Tampa, FL wowed architects at DNA Architecture with the sophistication of Dryvit's finishes.  NLS also completed a 5-story parking garage right next door that is just as stunning.

Family Matters
Dawn Hodge, Dryvit's Administrative Assistant, and her husband Wes celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on February 22nd.  What did they do?  They went to Foxwoods Resort & Casino (a beautiful Dryvit-clad project, of course)!  Congratulations to Dawn and Wes!

Dawn and Wes
International Flavor

Edinburgh and Perth & Kinross Schools, Edinburgh & Perthshire, Scotland

Edinburgh school

Dryvit Outsulation is currently being installed on 11 new community campus sites incorporating 14 secondary and primary schools across Scotland.  One of the schools is pictured above.

Bright Ideas

John Mandigo, distributor representative with NexGen Building Supply in Schaumburg, IL, is in the spotlight this month.  Like many other distributors, John is putting an increased emphasis on promoting Dryvit's Backstop® NT under non-Dryvit claddings, such as brick and stucco.  He was looking for a sales piece to use to promote this opportunity, so we have updated our "Why Backstop NT" flyer and posted it to our website for use in any sales situation.  Thanks for the great idea, John.

Being GREEN and making a difference...

When it comes to going green, we at Dryvit know that every little bit helps.  Our constant commitment to environmental responsibility is characterized by everything from improved office recycling initiatives to the electronic eSubmittal process designed to move us all away from our reliance on paper.

We have yet another suggestion to help all of us extend our dedication to green: an e-card, created by our penguin friends especially for you.  Check out the sample at the link below:

Simply type in your special message and watch these guys do their work.  And don't forget to check out any of the other electronic card resources on the web the next time you need to send a greeting.  As we move together toward building a more sustainable world, please join us in considering the earth whenever you can.


Web Talk

1.  eSubmittals Updated to Include the DryvitCARE Program
Online users can now create a professional electronic submittal, complete with custom cover page, for a DryvitCARE project in less than 5 minutes on  Email it, print it, or save it to your computer: anyway you need them, eSubmittals are just a click away.
2.  Dryvit Website Updated to Highlight Renovation
Dryvit has increased its focus on renovation and restoration, and is making it easier than ever to let our partners do the same.  Visitors to the homepage are now greeted with a banner across the top that reads "Improve the Engergy Efficiency of Your Building by Renovating with Dryvit."  By clicking on the "Residential" or "Commercial" buttons, they are redirected to one of our microsites focusing on renovation.  We encourage you to do the same on your websites, as well.  

... Two equals eight?  According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), 8" of batt insulation has a rated R-Value of R-25, but its effective R-Value is only R-7.8.  The effective R-Value of 2" of EPS used in an Outsulation System is equivalent, which means 2" of EPS on an exterior wall is just as effective as interior fiberglass batts four times as thick!

... the 2009 International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) now permit a Type III vapor barrier (also referred to as a vapor retarder) when using EXTERIOR insulation?  Dryvit's Backstop NT qualifies as a Type III vapor barrier, has been tested as per ASTM E96, and meets air barrier criteria in accordance with ASTM E2178 and E2357 (refer to Application Bulletin 09-02 dated May 12, 2009, located on the Distributor Community of Dryvit's website).

Individual states have started to adopt the 2009 IBC, IRC and the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code).  To see which version of the code your state is currently following, click here.  They will all eventually adopt the 2009 codes, so keep promoting Backstop NT under Dryvit systems, and other claddings as well!

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