September 2009 

Welcome to the September Issue of the Penguin Press. We hope you enjoyed your Summer! Since many of you took time off in August, the Penguin Press took last month off; so you may have noticed that you did not receive an August newsletter. Look for the PP each month in your inbox.
From the Marketing Igloo
The Penguin Is Stepping Out . . .
and into the big, new world of Social Media.  That's right.  The infamous Dryvit Penguin has joined Facebook and Twitter. 
Find us on Facebook and become one of the penguin's fans.  It's a new way to stay in touch with Dryvit and all of the current topics and events that surround us and our industry.
The Dryvit Penguin will also be 'tweeting' its Twitter followers to notify you when we make changes to our website, plan regional or national events, find related articles we think you should see, and much more.
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In the News
Commercial Building Products Survey
Recent results from a Commercial Building Products survey show that Dryvit is the preferred brand in the category of Exterior Walls/Cladding.  Great news!
RPM's Massive Contribution to the town of Greensburg, KS
On the night of May 4, 2007 a record 1.7 mile wide tornado ripped through the town of Greensburg, KS, killing 11 of its 1,400 residents and leaving most homeless as 961 homes were destroyed. 
Penguin Chopper Tour Update 
Thank you to all our friends for your support! Next, the Penguin Chopper is headed back to California and Nevada for a few more events.  Click here to see when the Penguin Chopper will be in your neck of the woods! 
Bright Ideas
NexGen Building Supply's Great Idea!
Thanks to Bruce Brodzik and John Mandigo, from NexGen in Schaumburg, IL, and Dryvit's John Powers, a very informational and creative Point of Purchase display was created!
Product Showcase
Backstop NT
Extra...Extra..., Backstop NT is now available for use under claddings other than Dryvit Outsulation.  
Project Showcase
Another Great Project from NexGen Building Supply.
Located in St. Charles, IL, the St. Charles Office Complex was recently converted from an old bank into a restaurant with a new addition to be office space.
Dryvit's Home Exterior Remodel Give-Away is well underway.  Old, dark wood shingles have been removed from two elevations and an energy-efficient Outsulation RMD System is being installed.  

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Web Talk
Did you know that Dryvit has a whole section on our website dedicated to COLOR ?  If not, visit to take a spin on our color wheel.  You'll find:
  • Color Charts
  • A Color System (got you curious now, huh?)
  • Reference data to help you sell more Dryvit finishes

Don't wait until you're feeling blue, visit our COLOR section today!
International Headlines
Dryvit Systems Canada was presented with a plaque and Kurdish Community T-shirts by Omer Eroglu for their participation at the 6th annual Kurdish festival in Earlscourt Park in Toronto.  Given the strong presence of Kurdish EIFS contractors in Toronto, Dryvit Systems Canada has been a regular contributor to their community celebration the past number of years. Representing Dryvit Systems Canada were Sasha Donskov, sales representative for Eastern Canada and Darren Whitters, sales representative for the residential segment of the Greater Toronto Area.  

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Family Matters
Thanks to the efforts and support of many Dryvit employees, their families and friends, Dryvit will once again sponsor a team for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on Sunday, October 25th. Team Dryvit is open for all to participate. To join the walk, or make a donation, please go to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer website, click on Home/find an event, click on Rhode Island and follow the link to "Join a Team," from there find Team Dryvit. Please help to support this cause!
Ocotber 5-7
Washington, DC
Booth #3507 
November 4-6
Orlando, FL
Booth #28
World Energy Engineering Conference
November 4-5
Washington, DC
Booth #519
Design Build
November 5-7
Washington, DC
Booth #513
Custom Builder Symposium
November 6-8
San Diego, CA
November 10-12
Phoenix, AZ
Booth #1125
Build Boston
November 18-20
Boston, MA
Booth #529
Photo Contest  


  Sioux Falls Residence
Outsulation RMD 
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Any other pertinent facts?



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