June 2009 

Welcome to the June Issue of the Penguin Press. We encourage each of you to send in your suggestions of items to include in the newsletter. As you read, you'll notice that we have a Photo Contest that will be part of this publication each month. We encourage you to send in these photos and ideas at any time
From the Marketing Igloo
Most if not all of you are aware that a few years ago, Dryvit embarked upon a plan to complete third party energy efficiency as well as LifeCycle research on our Outsulation systems, and develop a message of sustainability that could stand alone or be part of any of our other marketing intitiatives. 
In the News
Dryvit Selected to Represent RI at the Green Jobs Leadership Summit, DC
Dryvit was selected by the US Senate Democratic Steering & Outreach Committee to represent RI at the Green Jobs Leadership Summit that took place in DC on Wednesday, June 17, 2009.
Bright Ideas
Reaching Through Newsletters
That is exactly what George Blanco, with L&W Supply in Ripon, CA, is doing. George puts together and sends out a newsletter 4-6 times a year to keep in touch with his customers. This is a great way for George to interact and communicate with his customers as well as update them on any news changes, additions, events, etc.  Great job to George for finding a fun and informative way to keep in touch with his customers. To read George's most recent newsletter, click here.
Product Showcase
Dryvit's TerraNeo finish is beneficial in many ways. For example, TerraNeo has visual appeal that creates an attractive, unique and expensive appearance for building exteriors. TerraNeo has variety that can be custom blended to match any design. TerraNeo is readily available, with suppliers in 120 locations in North America. When used in an outsulation system it provides an energy efficient cladding solution, which can reduce heating and cooling costs for the life of the building. Last, but not least, TerraNeo can reduce the total construction  and shipping cost because it is 1/35th the weight of granite. Click here to read about more of the great benefits of TerraNeo.
Project Showcase
A New Look For Albertson, New York, Fire Station
A leaking, brick fire station, in Albertson, NY was in quick need of a solution to improve the buildings' performance.

El Cerrito City Hall awarded the Green Building of America Award.
The Real Estate & Construction Review's editorial board is currently reviewing the nation's outstanding new "green" projects. Owners, architects, consultants, and general contractors have submitted the top LEED projects to be considered for a Green Building of America Award.  Seeking the LEED Silver certification, El Cerrito City Hall, in El Cerrito, CA, has been awarded the Green Building of America Award. El Cerrito City Hall is completed with Dryvit's Outsulation Plus System and finished with Sandpebble. Thanks to Calply, Dryvit's distributor in Hayward, CA, for being a part of this great honor!
Web Talk
Want to find a quick summary of Dryvit's system warranty?
Just click on the "Systems Info" link in the left-hand column, on the website, and you will see the "Warranties" link. It's as easy as that. Click link below to see image description.
International Headlines
Dryvit UK...Outsulation Makes the Grade
Currently there are 330,000 sq.ft of Dryvit Outsulation being installed on 11 new community campus sites incorporating 14 secondary and primary schools across Edinburgh & Perthshire in Scotland, UK. The UK Government is committed to...
Family Matters
Congratulations Sean Amodeo for winning the Canadian National Brain Bee Competition!
Sean Amodeo, son of Canada's Senior Sales Rep, Joe Amodeo, competed in the Canadian National Brain Bee Competition which took place the weekend of May 30th. Sean went head-to-head with high school students across the country. His answer for success: "Understand instead of memorizing." Sean is now headed to represent Canada at the International Brain Bee to be held in August! We wish you all the best! Good luck! 
Congratulations Team Dryvit in Canada!
The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario sponsored the Heart & Stroke Big Bike Competition in April. Team Dryvit won the Team Spirit Award with 1745 spirit points as well as raised $2109 towards heart disease research. Way to go Team Dryvit! 
Congratulations Dryvit UK Employees
Congratulations to Chris Donovan as he is promoted to Operations Manager. Chris has been with Dryvit UK for 8 years, and over that time has taken on a great diversity of additional functions which have contributed to Dryvit UK's ability to grow successfully and service their customer needs. Chris' promotion will insure the smooth interaction of the office and warehouse functions. Best of luck to you Chris!
 Congratulations to Heather Turnball as she is welcomed to Dryvit UK as Order Transactions and Financial Systems Administrator. Heather has first class knowledge of Dryvit's systems and will be a valuable addition to the Dryvit UK team. Heather will work alongside Chris to ensure streamlined and seamless procedures are implemented to better enable service to customers and simplify internal working methods. Best of luck to you Heather!
School Building Expo 
June 2-3, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
Booth #416
Commercial Construction
June 3-4, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Booth #1207 
Hotel Interactive  
July 12-14, 2009
Aventura, FL
Green Building Focus
July 28-29, 2009
Birmingham, AL
Booth #208
Hilton Owner's Orientation
July 30-31, 2009
Memphis, TN
Photo Contest
This month's winner is...
Bob Olson, sales representative, from Texteriors Premium Wall Products, located in Bozeman, MT! Bob won a $75 gift certifccate to the Dryvit Company Store!
Congratulations Bob!
Project Name: Alliance Title
Project Location: Kalispell, MT
System: Light Commercial MD
Finish: Quartzputz (field), Freestyle (trim and window) surrounds and
Freestyle Custom Brick.
Bob also stated that, "If you look at some of the pics, you can see they used 4" Foam over the rest of the system to replicate the thickness of an actual brick facing as well as Foam pieces for the 'precast' looking shapes.  It's an extremely authentic Brick look, but with all the benefits of a Dryvit Outsulation System"!
If you have a winning photo,
please submit today!

E-Mail your picture(s) and
 project information to
The information we will
need is:
Project name?
The City and State the project is located in?
System used?
Finish(es) used?
Color(s) used?
Any other pertinent facts?


Did You Know?
For each distributor change (name, address, email, etc.), 430 electronic files are affected. This just emphasizes the point that when you make a change to your contact information, the sooner we are notified, the better. This information has a long way to travel through our electronic maze before coming out on the other end.
  • Dale Serroka, Capitol Building in Virginia, is in the market for two used tint machines (Corob D600) for a couple of their locations. If you would like to discuss with Dale, he can be reached at (703) 631-6633 

If you have something you are looking for or would like to sell, please email me at jennifer.harris@dryvit.com and we can add it to our next Penguin Press.


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