May 2009

Welcome to the May Issue of the Penguin Press. We encourage each of you to send in your suggestions of items to include in the newsletter. As you read, you'll notice that we have a Photo Contest that will be part of this publication each month. We encourage you to send in these photos and ideas at any time
From the Marketing Igloo
Happy Anniversary Dryvit!
Happy 40th Anniversary - 2009 marks Dryvit Systems, Inc.'s 40th year in business.  This is an amazing accomplishment.  Just think about where the building industry was 40 years ago compared to where it is today.  Dryvit has a lot to do with the changes.  And just think about all of the energy that the country has saved over those 40 years by building with Dryvit systems!
Help us celebrate this momentous occasion by spreading the word.  We will begin to incorporate our 40th anniversary logo into everything we do.  There will be some surprises along the way as well - stay tuned!!!

In the News
Local TV Station & Dryvit Team Up To Offer Free Exterior Make-Over
The Free Exterior Home Make-Over contest is gearing up for the final home selection.  Over 75 homes were submitted, and they are being evaluated to see which lucky homeowner will win their dream of a free Outsulation RMD remodel.  The local TV station has told us that the commercials that aired about the contest were some of the highest rated for their show, and the click-throughs to Dryvit's website have been extraordinary.
Stay tuned to see which home is selected for this exterior make-over.
Bright Ideas
Listen Live...From the Radio
M&N Wall Systems, located in Mountain Home, Arkansas, recently started a 3 month radio ad in Northern Arkansas.
Stimulus Updates... 
It's Working...Money is flowing!
"GREENING Your Portfolio" Challenge
USGBC has recently challenged each and every member of USGBC to identify an existing building within their own portfolio to "green". Take existing buildings that need renovating and "green" them up; to start with the LEED for existing buildings. 
HDR Architecture, Inc. signs 2030 Challenge
HDR Architecture recently signed the "Architecture 2030 Challenge." This challenge is designed to achieve a reduction in the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by changing the way buildings and developments are planned, designed and constructed.  
Product Showcase
It's in the Bag...
Project Showcase
Congratulations to Great Lakes Gypsum and Supply for winning the 2009 INTEX Award for best EIFS project! 

Web Talk
Did you know that Dryvit provides a running log of updated literature posted to the Dryvit website?  Well, now you do.  You can find it by clicking here?

International Headlines

Tallest Outsulation Building in China


Project Name: Shimao Splendid Yangzi River
Developer: Wuhan ShiMao JinXiuChang Jiang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Nanjing AoShen Project Co., Ltd.

Completed in May, 2008, this building is the the tallest EIFS project in all of China, totaling 58 stories in height.  Located in the city of Wuhan, Central China, the developer had confidence to use "Dryvit"  due to our brand name recognition and excellent 3rd party testing that was presented during the bidding process. Mr. Wu, project developer for the building, stated, "Knowing this building would be  the highest EIF's project in China to date we had the confidence that only the products supplied by Dryvit Systems could do the job."
Family Matters

 Jody Brown from Osprey Building Materials, located in Lehigh Acres, FL, for passing the
 LEED AP exam.
Roger Barton from Calply, Albuquerque, who has been a Certified LEED professional for some time.
Who else has passed this very rigorous test?
Let us know!
Congratulations to Corey Handfield, shipper at the RI plant, for the birth of his first child, Emma Rose.  Born on May 1, 2009, Emma Rose and mom, Holly, are doing great.
          Choice Hotels International Annual Convention
May 11-13, 2009
Washington, DC
Booth #1452 
May 17-20, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Booth #4045 
School Building Expo 
June 2-3, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
Booth #416
Commercial Construction
June 3-4, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Booth #1207 
Photo Contest
This month's winner is
Jeremiah Masters, sales representative, from Lutz Company. Jeremiah won a $75 gift certificate to the 
Dryvit Company Store. 
Congratulations Jeremiah!
Project Name: Gold Luck Storage 
Project Location: St. Paul, MN
System: Outsulation 
Finish: Reflectit
Color: Tin Man
If you have a winning photo, please submit today!

E-Mail your picture(s) and
 project information to 
The information we will
need is:
Project name?
The City and State the project is located in?
System used?
Finish(es) used?
Color(s) used?
Any other pertinent facts?


Did You Know?
For each distributor change (name, address, email, etc.), 430 electronic files are affected. This just emphasizes the point that when you make a change to your contact information, the sooner we are notified, the better. This information has a long way to travel through our electronic maze before coming out on the other end.
Marketing in the 21st Century
With keeping up with our "Green" motto, as well as keeping up with the marketing "times", email marketing has grown much more popular. Each month, we send out various email blasts that go to distributors, architects, contractors, employees, etc. Sending out emails has been a great way for others to become more familiar with Dryvit products as well as special promotions, upcoming tradeshows, etc. Included in these emails are links to our website, sell sheets, product information and much more. Over the last month, 356 people who received one of our emails clicked through to our website!
Being GREEN and making a difference...
How much paper, and other resources, you can save by email vs. mail

Why save trees? 

 It's not just about trees. For every ton of paper made, not only are 24 trees used, but 40 thousand gallons of clean water is used during production. And among the byproducts of paper production are 5690lbs of greenhouse gasses and almost 20,000 gallons of waste water. And the byproducts don't go anywhere-they stick around and impact our planet.
How is your GREEN vocabulary? Take the GREEN Quiz! Click Here.




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